App Growth Series

Two in-depth webinars on how to market your app on the App Store and increase conversion on every step of user’s journey

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Pre-launch A/B Testing and Increasing Organic Downloads

You’ll learn to:

  • Validate new features and apps based on hard data, not gut feeling
  • Save time and money on brainstorming and developing new features
  • Increase visibility in App Store search
  • Grow conversion on search, category and product pages
  • Get more direct downloads from search
Presented by
Olga Sitnikova
Senior Account Executive, SplitMetrics
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5 Main Apple Search Ads Metrics and How to Optimize Them

You’ll learn:

  • How to split important and vanity metrics in Apple Search Ads
  • Practical ways to optimize Apple Search Ads performance, ROI and ad spend
  • Apple Search Ads industry benchmarks to compare your ad performance against
Presented by
Hanna Yurchuk
Account Executive, SearchAdsHQ
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