北美省钱快报 DealMoon - 折扣信息大合集

4.8 (87.8K)
110.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 北美省钱快报 DealMoon - 折扣信息大合集

4.83 out of 5
87.8K Ratings
5 years ago, litopeanut
Can’t live without this APP!!
Ive been using DealMoon for 10 years, it’s being a part of my daily life!! Not only checking deals before buying things, but also reading at all the useful articles like traveling, fashion, beauty, finance, parenting... everything you want to know, you can find the answer there, This is not a simple saving money APP, it’s more like a living assistant!!
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1 year ago, Yihang Wu
Good experience
I recently started using the Dealmoon app and I've been really impressed with it so far. The app has a clean and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find the best deals and discounts from a variety of online retailers. I've been able to save money on my online purchases. Also, I have seen some comments from other users about the authenticity of product through the app, I haven't personally experienced that for now, but hope u can improve the credibility of your content.
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4 years ago, disapponting customer
Delete negative reviews and comments from paid brands
I wrote some reviews and comments based on my personal experiences towards certain brands with an advertisement on DEALMOON. All of them are deleted. They only allow positive reviews as they collect money from the vendors. Therefore, all so called positive advertisements there are not trustworthy. Anyone who uses this app please be aware. Also, not only the commercial related reviews they also delete any political comments as long as they are against the party they stand for - even though no sensitive words and 100% neutral. They are very biased, basically a paid board for deals. Anyone who is searching for real good deal may want to use other more neutral and genuine website or app.
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3 years ago, AaronXue522
Kept deleting my replies. Rude and horrible management.
I was kept telling ppl not to forget the pandemic is still here so plz keep practicing your hygiene like keep wearing masked and wash hands often. Then they just go ahead and delete it without any reasons and a warning letter. The first time I was thought there is a glitch, then I rewrite then they deleted. I was very angry then I wrote: I just trying to remind ppl why are you kept delete my words? Am I hurt your benefits while reminding ppl like this? They just go ahead and delete it AGAIN! I felt like I was treated extremely rudely and unfairly. Very disappointing by this app.
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5 years ago, axiao810
Great info and cover every respect of my life
I use dealmoon daily and almost every time I need some information or need to make a decision of purchasing anything, dealmoon is my first choice. I trust it not only it has large Chinese community that gives me a sense of belongs also become the reliability and great promotion the app runs. I benefit a lot from using it, and saved tons of dollars.
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6 years ago, niolpS
Great APP
I love this APP!! It’s super useful for buying luxury bags and shoes, they have tonz of great deals for those stuff! Also they have a section where you can post and share your pictures and articles, it’s really fun to see how people dress and what kind of stuff they buy recently. :D highly recommend this APP for everybody!!
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3 years ago, 被逼来写评论的读者
Best deal app
I have been using this app for a long time. It is my daily app which I will go to check whatever great deal I can have. This app help me save money with great deal, but so make me want to spend money because those deals are so good. It is very helpful and easy to use. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, helokkkkkk
Great app and community with great users!
I’ve been using Dealmoon even before they have their app, love how this app has been improving since then, really love looking at moment posts that other users shared, also love how they got all the good deals!
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2 years ago, Sweetestpea78
I use this daily to get the best price as possible. Most of it is also in English. I navigate just fine. I’m mainly here for the beauty deals and I always find a bargain. Try it- you won’t be disappointed!!
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6 years ago, GlamoreAY
Love the deals in fashion and beauty
Great deals,some are exclusive, in fashion and beauty products... I just bought a Chloe for my wife and saved me $100+, big thanks...The app is also Easy to use. One suggestion though, Please also add more deals in tech and electrics for guys :)
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2 months ago, 杜擎啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊
Racist Chinese gathering on this app.
I enjoyed the discount info for the past almost decade, now they are having a lot of racist comments on their forum trying to have the Chinese users to engage with the app. It’s really disappointing and disgusting. I deleted the app for a couple of weeks because of the users’ hate on legal/illegal immigrants and was feeling a little bit comfortable of redownload it back coz I wanted to find some discount, and dammmmmmn, more racist comments
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6 years ago, Hanchin118
super good app
I’ve been using this app for more than two years. This is really a fantastic app, I got lots of new information about discount events from different brands everyday, especially on holidays. Quite convenient.
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6 years ago, sandradrz
Very resourceful
I have been using this app for 5 years and it always keeping me update to the most recent deals that definitely saves me a lot of money, and it’s a fun thing to browse this app!
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3 years ago, Alexiasbat
Auto refresh on main page and detail page
This issue has become more frequent after recent updates. Main page will get auto refreshed if I accidentally slide right or left. Detail page will disappear and the whole app reboot after switched to other apps and switch back.
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4 years ago, 风朱正
Timely Updates
It has updates for products, prices and news earlier than most of other medias.
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6 years ago, yuzusau
Love it
Really love this app!! Whenever I want to buy anything I always go on this app to find the deals I need. Also love the function that we can upload the products photos and write reviews.
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6 years ago, Shannoncai
Very convenient app, it automatically takes u to the website
Very convenient app, it automatically takes u to the website
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6 years ago, yanka925
Love this app
This app introduced a new beauty site to me, and just happened that their sale is higher than 20% even higher than Sephora . I’m excited to see what is more they offer me. Thanks DealMoon!
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6 years ago, Bigheadnana
No privacy settings
I noticed that it sends me some advertisements according to my location — I don’t mind if they are some general advertisements, but no, they are businesses around me. Well, I turned off my location service to this app from my privacy settings, but these advertisements continues showing up, which is annoying!
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5 years ago, IJustWantANicknamr
Really useful and excellent app for deal seekers, also you will be end up buying too much stuff that you really don’t need. So make the most use of it and be smart shopper. Enjoy:)
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4 years ago, Dinnerdena
Always freeze after updating
After updating my DealMoon, every time I switch from another app back to DealMoon app, the page just freezes and I cannot scroll up or down. After a while (like a minute, not several seconds), sometimes it turns back to normal, but the other times the app would just be forced close. It is really distracting. Please fix.
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1 year ago, by 羊
Good information
Almost everything can find in here
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6 years ago, 12b01
Unwanted subscriptions
The app sends me way more notifications regarding topics I don’t subscribe to that is annoying. I only wants to know whether certain items are on discount or not, but the app keeps sending me deals it thinks appealing regardless of I didn’t subscribe to the items
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6 years ago, wendypeach
PERFECT for Coupon queens
From the high end to daily consumptions, they have all the deals that you might look for. Saving $$$$ while Buying what you need~
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6 years ago, xylens
Love it!
This gives the most recent events on many stores and you can easily find what you look for.
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6 years ago, ivenstone
The better place to view
I can get all the information I need from this website
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3 years ago, cant get money
So so
I would give it a 5 star but I gave it a 3 star because the Bao Liao keeps on failing when you can still buy it.
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2 years ago, lilysebo
Disgusted by this app! Delete true comments and promote scam brands!
I had horrible experience with a scam brand Fangyan they promoting almost every day! They deleted all my comments and tons of other victims true comments. I think all the victims should get together and sue this scam brand Fangyan and DealMoon! Are the fake comments even legal since they misleading thousands of Americans customers?
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6 years ago, KikiSure
How to share deal with a friend
Better to have a easy function to copy the deal information to a friend
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4 years ago, donug_crazy
Delete user comments
I posted a comment suggesting putting the COVID news on the first top news. Right now it’s hidden after multiple shopping ads and I think it’s very important for users to be able to see news related to COVID. They deleted my comments right after!!! All they care is profit!!! Very immoral!!!
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6 years ago, Shepherd517
Pushes spam notifications without permission
The app constantly pushes spam notifications to lure users to open it and click affiliated links.
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6 years ago, susiezhang&he
Good deal
It’s a good app for shopping and sharing your experience with people. I love this. I always can find some good deals. I use it everyday.
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6 years ago, Dan_Ling
easy to log off
This app with the updated version so easy to log off automatically when I place something in my favorites.
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6 years ago, sddfregh
Can’t delete Comments
This app can’t delete any comments. Please be careful when you leave a comment.
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7 years ago, OliverZ13
Failed to login
The login function doesn’t even work
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4 years ago, ruby_sry
Not a place for deal but more for ads and money
The deals posted are not saving me money at all. I could find other places cheaper. The company posts so called deals for earning a lot of ad profit from the retailers. Not recommend if you really want to find good money saving deals.
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5 years ago, Sleepeat
Annoy Asking me to give a comments
Should have an option to forbid the notice.
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5 years ago, huohuohuoxia
No strict selection
I went to a beauty spa recommended by DealMoon, but this spa use illegal machine like cool sculpting and laser machine. The cool sculpting I did at that spa left a 10 cm scare on my left thigh. And I text the message to DealMoon’s online customer to hope that when they select recommendations they can pay more attention. But no one reply me at all! But... the discount information is really good!
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5 years ago, Calvin2530
Everything is for ladies
There are about 20 categories of commodity, only one of them is for men, but only has mens clothes, electronics and automobile. You cannot turn off any individual category, which means if you want see mens skin care or general home product deals, you have to browse tons of ladies cosmetic and apparel deals.
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6 years ago, pl955
Just 4 years drifting the platform too much, stealing from customers, cheating users...... No star should be the best reward.
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4 years ago, kathl1992000
They won’t let you comment true information. You have no freedom of speech on this app. Don’t use it. Don’t let them make any penny. People should have freedom of speech in the US. There are a lot of other nicer discount app. Such as Rakuten. That one gives you cash back.
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6 years ago, drampeaker
nice app. great source for deals
I use this app for years, highly recommend
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4 years ago, cherrrr111
App crashes on iPhone 11
I’ve been using it for over 5 years and never had this problem before but starting today the app crashes constantly on my phone and updating iOS system doesn’t help. Frustrated as a long time user :(
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6 years ago, zih ciao yang
Very nice website
On this website I can get the latest discount that is very good to me😘😘
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6 years ago, luna blingbling
服务很差 poor service
我在这里买了8张一元优惠券,显示距离有效期12/7还有7天,用时餐厅老板告知该券已过期.钱不多但是这个网站卖过期券太奇葩了。 I bought 8 pieces one dollar coupons here, and it shows there are still 7days left. But, when I used it the waitress in restaurant said it expired already and the DealMoon sell the expired coupons . And I cannot find any serive place to get money back.
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6 years ago, Yang-SN
Go get the lower price
I like this app and always find best deals from DealMoon!! Never miss any discount!
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3 years ago, OceanSolarFlare
Coupon is fake
I signed up for this app to get a coupon for Lego’s picnic mat. After the app took all my personal information, it gave me a fake coupon. Don’t trade your Personally Identifiable Information for a few invalid coupons.
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5 years ago, recommedthis
Cannot even delete my own posts!
I believe I should have the right to delete my own posts. However, with the new version, I cannot. Also, I cannot find a link to delete my account which I believe I have the right to do so as well.
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2 years ago, Xilinx123
Best app
Easy to use, brief interface,save money.
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6 years ago, HSKHSKHSKHSK
Strongly recommend to have specific time and date recorded and displayed when a comment is made on each single post.
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