2.4 (1.8K)
369.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wuhan Ouyue Online TV Co.,Ltd.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for 斗鱼直播-直播热门电子竞技平台

2.35 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Dsingoops
Chaotic and Messy Place
This platform has been having a very bad management on its streamers and affiliated agencies. From time to time I hear streamers had bad experience or got unfair treatment. However they can’t just leave otherwise they will lose months’ of salaries (douyu won’t pay them but can still get away!)
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1 year ago, Benjamin Brisk
the reviews for this app are very entertaining
I hope I can find entertainment watching another countries streams. Twitch is full of disgusting fake human beings and hopefully the language and cultural gap here will make that sort of thing unnoticeable. The poor reviews for this app seem like they're made by people that would enjoy top twitch streamers, gg.
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6 years ago, feiiiaa
Although it is indeed wrong if the platform supported a streamer that uses hacks while gaming however that does not change the fact that there are many entertaining streamer in this platform. Leaving a higher rating so it counters those that ignores all the good streamers.
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2 years ago, Big781989
Improved a lot over the years
fast connection / nice layout easy to use
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7 years ago, Shuaiqi Ma
WORST Streaming Platform EVER
This platform is full of cheaters. And Douyu is encouraging streamers to cheat to boost viewership. In case you guys don’t know, Royal White, once a LoL pro player, has been cheating since early October 2017 and Douyu does not even give a * about it when thousands of people are mad and furious about White. Just use other platform. 斗鱼全是外挂,而且默许甚至变相鼓励外挂。卢本伟从10月初就开始用外挂,被封号后斗鱼竟然依旧允许他直播。奉劝大家转到其他平台。
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5 years ago, Lily the lil T
Please optimize for iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 inch
Good app, since the HD version doesn’t support playback, I would love to see the app optimize for iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 inch
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5 years ago, mrzerovector
Please delete douyu
I won’t use this app anymore, cuz now we need to pay for watching dream league s11 which should be free for everyone. It doesn’t matter how much it cost. Value didn’t charge even one cent for watching lives and they claimed that uncommercial live is allowed but not commercial.
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3 years ago, ChrisQi1234567
APP has so many BUG
when watch videos if you fast forward it always fast backward this kind of bug has been around for years
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5 years ago, captain353
Fun to watch
Watched all day still entertaining.
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3 years ago, Yuanlin37
Good App but I hate someone reading my clipboard
Every time I copy something this app will paste to somewhere automatically. This will be a security issue when you just copied your password.
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4 years ago, Build The Bridge
Amazing Man
This is a good app. People share their interesting things. This app brings me joy and happiness.
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5 years ago, LilianMeow
cheating and shut some streamer's room for bo reason
斗鱼可以操控限流。只要主播不听话就限粉丝流量亦或者封号。操盘手。真心没意思。已卸载 Deleted already. It's a cheating app. They will control the amount of the viewers and shut down/block streamer's live room as long as the steamers disobey their will.
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5 years ago, f**kdouyu
Don’t ever download this stupid app. It blocks my favorite steamer with no reason. Unlike Twitch, it requires lots of money to join in and it can manipulate every steamer that it chooses the steamers that listen to its orders. This violates the purpose of a livesteam.
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3 years ago, AC tran
Useless irresponsible platform
Trash app that doesn’t allow you to report streamers that violate streaming rules. Irresponsible and useless. Pathetic trash company.
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7 years ago, RustyZhang
A cheater supporting platform
This website supports cheater which also is the most popular streamer of them. It's such an insult to other hardworking streamers. Shame on this money driven company.
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7 years ago, 404NotFind
DouyuTv is trash.
It is different than TwitchTv because it agrees that streamers can cheats in games. Lots of famous streamers in China from this tv use hacks in PUBG. DouyuTv didn’t ban them instead of popularizing them. This Tv is disgusting
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7 years ago, DeutschAndreas
Don’t use this app!
This app allows a really famous streamer using hack tool while playing Playersunknown Battleground! That is the reason why Chinese people use hack tool! 千万不要下载,抵制开挂TV,抵制五五开开挂行为,抵制谎言!
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5 years ago, GhoXtie
Trash Notification
Too many useless notifications. Pretending someone is reaching out to you. There's no need pushing such rubbish.
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5 years ago, X.x)?
Just don’t use it
Sooner or later you would regard how stupid you were and delete it.
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5 years ago, Robincq
Unreasonable watching fee
It now needs to pay fee to watch the Dota2 major games which should be free.
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7 years ago, hansimou
Not for iPhone x
Bad experience on iPhone X
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7 years ago, Trash seafood channel
Trash streaming app
This is a terrible stream server that poses high tolerance on cheating or hacking. It even encourages the streaming hosts to do so. So many scandals occurred in recent years based on this trash Douyu.
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7 years ago, Centerphere
They still have the fake streamer and cheating
The fake streamer is still there. This company is dead to me. Don't download this app. They have cheating streamers now.
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7 years ago, Charliejsi
Bad and let the most popular guy to use program playing battlefield
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7 years ago, Viktor Hellsing
Best streaming app for hackers!
Benwei Lu, ‘five-five Open’, is the most famous hacker in this website and they did not do anything to stop cheating.
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7 years ago, 盧本偉55開
Best platform to watch hacker's gameplay
If you would like to learn how to hack, douyu should be your first choice! 如果您想學習用外掛的話,立即下載掛魚TV!
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7 years ago, IqhTaylor
A nice stream app
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6 years ago, 垃圾游道易
Worst streaming platform ever
I can’t believe this streaming platform allow cheating gaming. That is an insult towards elite streamers
Show more
7 years ago, Yibo319
挂比tv 芦苇tv
This live streaming media supports hackers, cheaters, and other inappropriate behaviors in games.
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5 years ago, flyingtigr
Best streaming live show
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7 years ago, abc121cba
Douyu TV support cheaters do not download that app
Do not download this cheater TV, it supports cheaters for various of games. Do not download this app! Cheater TV 芦苇TV.
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5 years ago, kidrock_han
Shame on you
Shame shame shame
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7 years ago, DMdetails
So many game hackers
Welcome to Douyu game hackers university. You can do any game cheats, hackers, on this live platform.
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6 years ago, 不散和弦100
well everyone calm down,after all we should not be mad at a already-dead streamer
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1 year ago, &sandor
Very bad
Deception, We white people😠
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7 years ago, linllll1133
loading forever
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5 years ago, nlimpid
notify me to star, So I star one.
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7 years ago, Highhhope
One of the most famous streamer of this platform cheated in pubg
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3 years ago, fuvk nickname
Complete trash. Garbage products from a garage company.
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2 years ago, fxhhc
good to know app
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7 years ago, dianhu
Cheating TV
Never downloaded
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7 years ago, 然在
too many aimbot player
this platform has fake viewer numbers and many aimbot pubg players.
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6 years ago, weihebuken
too much ads and run background.
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7 years ago, Ch2837808
Cheater’s platform
Almost all of the PUBG broadcasters are cheater in douyu. Interesting
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7 years ago, asdakjaskj
Heaven for cheaters and hackers
Unbelievable, how could cheaters and hackers stream on this app.
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2 years ago, ikea stand up
Why so slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, shjwjqjs
World's Worst Live Streaming Platform Ever.
Full of cheaters and lies.
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7 years ago, CrisJust
Not bad
Not bad
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7 years ago, Wyrda.Tu
Worst company ever
Very horrible moral.
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7 years ago, 芦苇TV丢人丢到国外了
Most stupid TV ever seen, protect a game hacker. 祝你们迟早玩儿完
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