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Douban Inc.
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for 豆瓣

4.58 out of 5
18.1K Ratings
5 years ago, rooftin
Absolutely love it
I use this app for 7 years and still absolutely love it. It’s like the combination of a lot of things: IMDb, goodreads, Yelp, music radio, etc. in order to provide a best possible place for any kind of people to know the basic information, leave comments, and to rate anything. I particularly love that I can not only find & add books / albums descriptions which are less trodden to common readers, but though which I would discover a actually quite big rare-book-lovers community, which is precious. Yet it’s extremely helpful for scholars who conduct research on East Asian studies. Without Douban my academic life would be so dry and less creative. So thank you and wish DB a better future.
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5 years ago, ten-year Douban User
Best social website in China.
For me, the most impressive part of Douban is that it really respects its users. Except Douban, no any other website in China allows a user to totally delete account. And Douban never force or seduce user to provide one’s phone number and other personal information, until the authority asked them to do. Douban also is the last main website that provide RSS feed, which I used very often. Apart from these stuffs, I really love Douban’s atmosphere, in which there is no one who can be dominant with huge fans and every one here seems more independent and has a different view for this world. I really appreciate them and Douban.
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5 years ago, 123321qwerqwer
Far above average
Regardless of bots (which is not a problem of Douban, it’s the Chinese movie market), Douban remains as the most reliable movie rating app in China. It’s a great source of finding a good movie, and Douban no doubtly tries its best to protect the rights of all producers of the original contents, which is uncommon among the community. At the same time, another distinguishable feature that makes Douban stands out: there’re not many ads in the feed. The ads are reliable too, there’re not any fraud ads, e.g. fake health products or cosmetics. Overall, very happy with this app and will continue to use /recommend
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5 years ago, You (never) know who
Eight-year user review
I’ve been using Douban for more than eight years, from a senior high school girl to a young profession. Douban is like my secret garden — none of my families/friends/colleagues knows my account here and I can be completely myself. I made friends on Douban, purely based on common taste on movie and literature. We never meet each other in person but we know everything about each other. Some rumors about this platform go on these days, but I wanna say, that’s all because of users, and all social network platforms have bothersome users.
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5 years ago, lenasakuragi
10+ years’ user
I registered my account in the website in 2008 and I am actively using this app everyday. It’s amazing that with the rapid change of social media, this site still stands. Here I mark, rate, and review the movies, tv shows, books I want to watch/read or have watched/read. Here I follow users who share thoughts about cats, arts, academia, relationships, and depression. Here I find something interesting & “useless” about life. One thing I wish the website had is the review section of video games.
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5 years ago, 125690kta
I love this app
I’ve been used Douban for 8 years. It’s more like a community to me, where there are many good friends who are willing to share what books they read, which movies they watched and etc. I never thought of rating the app before. But recently weird things happen because of a movie whose name is Wandering Earth, where some strange people are unsatisfied with its score within Douban, so they decide to rate Douban app with 1 star. This is totally absurd. Shame on those people.
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5 years ago, PhilpBruce
Best online community in China ever
Many people who give one star are just Chinese alt-right trolls and the actors and movies they like are often extremely nationalistic and bigoted. They, by insult and even threat, want to mute their opponents. They have achieved so in many places like Weibo and Zhihu. Fortunately, the mechanism of douban successfully contains their influences and makes itself the most fair online community in China ever. Definitely worthy to use if you want to hear different voices.
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3 years ago, fortunecookie101
A perfect app to waste your time
If you are bored to death and just want an app that would make you regret your life decision on opening this app, this is the app for you. Before douban introduced “social” function as its core function, I’d say this is an amazing app. But now you just open this app and it recommends a whole bunch of stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with movie/book/music, and they hide their core function somewhere else for users to discover, I guess, to “surprise” you when 20 minutes later you realize “oh wait I opened this app to look for a movie or book, but instead I read people rant, how great is that!”
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5 years ago, ChuqiaoRen
Great app with lots of good memories
I have been using this app for over 10 years and this is my first time rating it. It has been part of my life over a decade, in which I found/met a lot of friends. It contains my memory all the way back when I was still a teenager. I will definitely support this app, and the creator who created this app, as the creator has a great intention and it has never been changed.
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5 years ago, Nora Sue
Douban is my home.
I have been on Douban since high school, which means I have been on it for more than a decade. I love it as a home, and I stay on it literally all the time if I’m awake. I have to admit that I use the website more than the app. But hey the app is still awesome and much, much better than most of the other stupid social networking apps (like Weibo) in China. Plus there are some really wonderful amazing people on Douban. I love Douban.
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3 years ago, ihfsxghn
My favorite app for a peaceful, pleasant and fruitful life
Douban is my favorite app and the best place to grow my spiritual living. Different from other social media that people are encouraged to show off for shallow fans, douban encourages genuine communication, close collaboration, online learning and self-growing, which brings an environment that is so fresh and peaceful. Whenever I use this app, I am reminded of the real beauty of life. Love it!
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3 years ago, 笨Robin
Privacy concerns
I’ve been using Doubaï for years for it provide a clean environment for Chinese readers. But this app is nothing like that. The app keep forcing me to allow it to access my personal data when it’s not necessary. For example, you need to let it access your photo album to update your profile picture in order to write a book review. I do not see the correlation. It also force you to provide phone number, WeChat accounts…. just to log in. Being a big fan of Douban, I delete the app because I find it have too many privacy concerns.
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4 years ago, 豆腐汤不放葱
I posted an article about the positive sides of life, there were so many negative comments replied to my article, I was mad and give response to those ppl with appropriate words, and I asked Douban to remove those negative comments and block those ppl, however those ppl can still give comments to my article and Douban keep deleting my comments???? It doesn’t make any sense! I wrote several letters to complain, Douban hadn’t replied to me, which make me so disappointed and frustrated. Honestly, there are so many ppl with poor personality in Douban, they regard it as a virtual world, so they can do whatever they want to harm others, and Douban has a really poor system to regulate those ppl and Douban can’t figure out what’s right or wrong, it failed to protect the right, even hurting the right. A bad app, strongly recommend you to avoid this app. 总而言之,豆瓣无法辨别是非黑白,豆瓣上越拉越多的用户非常没有素质,豆瓣的风气很不好,我再也不会用了,强烈建议大家不要使用,不然别人在你豆瓣发的帖子下面大放厥词,你被气得吐血,你也不能反击一句,因为豆瓣会删你回复,删多了你就被禁言了,大放厥词的人还可以很逍遥,因为他们懂得规避一些词语不让豆瓣发现,很烂的app
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3 years ago, Sephi7
Disgusting censorship
They claimed to provide place for ppl to discuss movies and books, but in fact they censored every single thing you say. Anything that do not matches the propaganda, they’d deleted and monitor you even more closely till they finally silence you for couple day. All I did was mentioned a word relating using VPN, I got silenced. Not to mention all the posts got deleted just because I mentioned a slight idea of feminism. You should uninstall this app if you have conscious of preserving Chinese culture and not bring back the same文字狱we had for all our history. Truly sad.
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5 years ago, Frenzie S
don’t be fooled.
Heard that this app had received a lot of one star rating recently. I’ve been a user since 2014. This app is a really inclusive place. You can read and create thoughts and comments about films,music and literature works. Many groups sharing info about events and exhibitions in various cities, updated frequently.
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2 years ago, C.H.Y.C.
To Douban Admin
I have been a Douban User for more than 5 years. However, last week my account was suspended for a reason which I don’t understand. I tried to contact Douban administrator, asking for an explanation for the suspension. They got back to me saying that I should contact another admin. That admin never responded to my messages. Until now, my account is still suspended, without any explanation. All my posts are deleted, without any explanation. 我是一个老豆瓣用户,今日我的账号被某豆瓣小组封禁。说我参与攻击他人。我没法接受这个理由,因为我没有攻击引战。我提交了反馈,并且附上了我的帖子。然后我的诉求像皮球一样被踢来踢去。我说,如果不能解封,至少可以让我把我的帖子下载下来。但是管理员删掉了我所有发帖,而且没有回复我。 To 豆瓣管理员,恳请回复我的诉求。
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2 years ago, Apple user 0829
Very unstable and cannot connect anymore
Have bought a lot of books in the store and recently the app just stopped responding, keep saying that there was a connection issue, please refresh but nothing showed up! All my other apps worked perfectly fine and this app was the only one not working. Did a quick google search and apparently I am not the only one who had this problem, many others complained about the same issue. What a waste of money and time!
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6 years ago, Hansi Solo
Multi-functional app
You can track your reading, write a film review, tracking your music history, and join people for activities in your city on Douban. It has a very user-friendly interface and it is easy to maneuver. I thoroughly enjoy using this app!
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5 years ago, diansvg685
Like the improvement of personal report stats
Like the personal movies, books and music reports. Might not be very accurate but It really matches my movie watching history and preferences. The server sometimes does not work well, but this is still my favorite app to record all movies I have ever saw and read comments from other users— either good or bad, agreed or disagreed
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5 years ago, Alex Aoo
Puzzling comment ranking logic
Every time I found a relatively good movie and wanted to see how people comment it then I would see most top comments were posted by those who gave the movie ONE star, and the comments were very unreasonable. Are you kidding me??? That gives me a ridiculous conclusion that people give this movie a high score, but vote to low score comments??? Why don’t you put the high score comments to the top and let me see what most people think? I don’t want to see those stupid one star comments. That is a WASTE OF TIME!!!
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5 years ago, Tututu007
Greatest app and greatest community I could ever ask for
Douban is literally one of the best, well from my perspective the best Chinese website ever. No matter what interests you have you could always find communities and have fun here. I’m sad seeing so many vicious comments and ratings abt this app recently.
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5 years ago, Sanueltoung.
In terms of apps relating to reviewing music movie books etc etc Douban is unequivocally the most wonderful user experiences. It is super easy to use, and it created a great network with many people of great taste to share and connect and exchange ideas and discuss art. I am so proud of it.
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2 years ago, An_iro
Doesn’t stay where you left off when switching back from another app
I am very frustrated with this app not the same page location of a post when switching back from another app (multi-tasking), it always went back to the initial page of the post when you clicked but not to the spot where you left off (with the app running in the background). Please fix this issue!!!!!!
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4 years ago, bigfontsizeneeded
The app stuck heavily upon using recently
From 2-3 months ago, the app stuck heavily and almost can't be used at all! 3-4 seconds open, the app will froze and evetually will force close. Please fix this!!!
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3 years ago, zhangweiming1898
A recent bug is that iOS input keyboard will exit automatically in the douban post when inputting words to a certain amount. And u click the cursor position to open keyboard, it just exit again and again.
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2 years ago, FWillowbark
Finally! Editor’s recommendation is back!
For a long time the app kept pushing meaningless and idiot post at the home recommendation page. This only led to one thing: good independent creators had no exposure and gave up updating content.
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5 years ago, Mintaaaaaa
THE best social media app.
I’ve registered Douban for 11 months and using the app over 2 years. It’s an excellent social media community. Douban has high quality users & content, and never filters content in order to promoting ads.
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7 years ago, Miserable college student
Good content and UI
Love it. I wish users could add tags to their liked content on the mobile app though. So far tags can only be added on the web version.
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5 years ago, elninore
ugly app
apple staff seems to delete my review,but I hope you can know that I am not water army. That is why you forced me installing the app for a second time to give the app a bad review. To tell the truth, I will give a minus five star for your deleting my review. 私、気にしていないから。これは君たちの質を悪さを示しすしかないから。 I am not make any review because I am using the app in China? I hope the person who deleted my review can answer my question. I will never give up my right to make the lowest point for the app.
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5 years ago, edge of knife
Fake news, gossips and idiots who think they are the most brilliant people in the world
Annoying junk advertisement makes me feel disappointed. Further, the rating and comments are becoming less reliable, the only reason I want to see the rating is to have a general idea of the quality before I see the movies, but now the rating standards just seems to be less consistent across movies.
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5 years ago, JuliaYZ
One of my favorite apps
I started using Douban in 2006. It helps me keep track of the movies/books I have watched/listened to. I was really happy when douban released its iOS app. It’s easy-to-use, stable and fast.
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5 years ago, Findmeinnewyork
Best app
Best Chinese social media. If you like art, movies, opinions ,books, this is the right app for you. Funny that so many people rated one star just because they complained about reviews on one single movie.
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2 years ago, 沉香cxy
Not fair
I have used this app for several years and it gradually loses the fairness. People try to use the score as a weapon to hurt some tv series and actors but the app admin has no strategy to distinguish and deal with it. As a customer, I am so disappointed and as a developer, I feel puzzled. Anyway, Immortal Samsara(aka 沉香如屑) is a really good Chinese drama which provides a great opportunity to get close to Chinese culture. Go for it!
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3 years ago, Violetmood
Can you please add support for IPad 4 IOS 10.3.3
Can you please add support for IPad 4 IOS 10.3.3? I recently updated to douban 7.7.0 the last compatible version, and it shows error "RexxarError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'o.map')" when I go to movies, TV shows, books screen.
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5 years ago, bigpan90
One of my favorite apps
I’ve been using Douban for over 10 year. It’s always my go-to website for book, song and movie reviews.
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3 years ago, Velvet_Donkey
This is a garbage site. Less than a day after creating an account, the site somehow accused me of spreading ads when I didn’t post anything and banned my account from posting indefinitely. I reached out to customer support to ask for help, no response. I wanted to delete my account, but the site said I have no authority to do so. Like what????
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5 years ago, asd8083
Like it said douban is my spirit world
Douban app is the only “social” app I use in my daily life. I have many good memories about it and it’s feel good to be part of it. Thank you for make this happen Abei
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5 years ago, Ran-dom-
The most innovative influential website/product to a generation
Not talking about the app , but the product as a whole.
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5 years ago, olala223
Superb! The best Chinese book/movie review community
I have been using douban since 2010, it's nice to see the update of this app. The diverse, friendly, equal and somehow liberal discussion in douban is remarkable. Wish douban could focus on the book/movie review, and also rekindle the xiaozhan function, integrate 小站into Mobile App. Although Group is another man function supported by douban, I still doubt the long-term value of group discussion.
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5 years ago, Dankexiaobao
Excellent app
As a 10-year long old user, Douban is more than an excellent app to me. I downloaded many friends and had lots of time on it.
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5 years ago, pibbyyy
Just like the other review says, this app is a combination of multiple apps/websites, which means this app and the website that backs the app are both copying from other apps/websites :) It’s just sad that users of this app are all talking about how shameful plagiarism is while this app is a living example of stealing someone else’s work and ideas and calling them its own :) What a shame :)
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8 months ago, xlil311
My favorite online community in the world
A safe place to share and be yourself🥺
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2 years ago, KittyGren
Block users for no reason, you will loss all your record
I marked thousands of books and movies in this app, wrote reviews for many of them. Then they just block me for no reason. They don’t care about users, they don’t care how much time you spent for marking books or writing reviews.
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3 years ago, jillianiii
Horrible experience
Horrible customer service, my account was permanently blocked with no specific reason right after I tried to update my password. Emailed to explain the situation but got the most unhelpful response. The customer service won’t specify what’s the reason for this permanent block. Be aware!
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5 years ago, 贼强的嘤嘤怪
Who actually made this app?
Compare to IMDb and Bad tomato, it’s obversely not that valuable; Compare to other similar apps which can only rate after you have watched that movie, it’s not really objective. So that end up to one question: Why would this app even exist? I don’t agree it can have over 4/5 rate in AppStore, so I will put 1/5 to support its developer :) good luck guys
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5 years ago, Hehehsusisi
Fake accounts. Fake movie reviews
There are lots of fake accounts writing fake movie reviews, backed by groups of internet marketer. They use fake accounts or pay other normal users to write fake and very bad movie reviews for those movies that they are competing against, trying to down rate them. You can tell from their pattern of behavior. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, agchai52
Support Douban
Thank you for this great platform which brings me a lot of pleasure! And I believe the justice of this platform. Why? Douban is famous enough and they don’t need these tricks.
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4 years ago, Freddie.G.1998
My spirit corner
Doubting is one of my spirit corner. I’m living in a country that I always feel angry and powerless. This is the only app which I can sometimes criticize something and I can talk with others.
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6 years ago, ROOONANNN
Contents not shown
Whenever I open a new page, including my own diaries, the contents popped up for a second and then disappeared. Tried different networks, tried re-opened the app, but none of them worked. Please double check on the bug and fix it ASAP!
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3 years ago, OiOi211
The worst update
This is by far the worst update. After the update I’m unable to find all the movies that I saved as “want to watch” only the one I watched are showing up on the page. So where am I supposed to find all the movies that I saved up now??? What’s the point in taking out that section??
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