Cinépolis USA

4.7 (4.5K)
48.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Boxoffice Company, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cinépolis USA

4.7 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Upgrayyed
Solid App
The app is overall very solid. I never have any issues with it crashing and I’ve never had any reservation discrepancies. So right away, it’s doing what it’s supposed to. I can’t say the same thing when it comes to other movie booking apps. In addition, as I’ve been using this app fairly consistently over the years, they’ve been seamlessly rolling out subtle improvements to the functionality and finding ways to better integrate with iPhone.
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6 years ago, DVFan101
Theater is great, app is terrible
This review and rating is for the app and it’s (lack of) functionality not the theater experience itself. The theater is great and I recommend the theater itself, just not the app. The biggest problem with the app is you cannot refund or change your tickets on the app. You can’t do it over the phone either, you have to go to the theater to do it and you DO NOT get a full refund, they can’t give you the “convenience” fee back. I used to use Fandango to get tickets where you can easily get a FULL refunds to the app to use on future purchases. I switched this app for the rewards. The rewards aren’t that great, it takes 20 movie ticket purchases to get a $5 reward unless you spend money on their pricey theater food. I will in the future trade the rewards for the convenience of a different app. So if you need flexibility and want to get all your money back if you need a refund, save yourself time and convenience and use an app that lets you return tickets.
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6 years ago, Drscubagirl
Great if it works-be wary of client help
I loved this app, never had a problem until I got new iPad. Then I couldn’t remember my password. When I clicked the reset password it said to contact customer service. I finally found an email, then I got an email back basically telling me to tell them what show I wanted to see and they would help me get the tickets. I said I needed an IT fix so I could reset password. Then I got this weird email from “Atencion A Clientes”, so not in English which seems weird. They asked me for my email and what password I wanted to use...seriously.? I refused to give to them, then they sent me back an email with a password for me to use. It all seemed very fishy. I think either the email address and the “IT service emails are hacks. I then Just tried going back to the app and now I can not password reset and it all worked normally.
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2 years ago, A CA Practitioner
Partially convenient BUT lacking much
App is convenient for checking movie times and booking tickets. However, it’s missing a lot of important features For example, users can’t save a common payment on file or use mobile pay options (like Apple Pay and google pay, etc.) entering the same payment every time gets irritating. There’s also no feature (like other theater chain apps) to add your Cinépolis membership card or tickets to one’s apple/google wallet. Also another miss. Finally, once one books, hope you don’t have to cancel or miss the movie. There’s no option to cancel tickets before showtimes and get refunded. If plans should change, and one can’t make a movie, the only way to cancel a booking is to drive to the theater in person and get a manager to manually cancel AND you have to have the card used to purchase or one will only get a gift card/credit to use at the theater. If one does not go to a theater in person yo cancel with a manager, bye bye ticket price even though one may have missed the movie. This is not the 1990’s or even early 2000’s.This app should have modern functionality to address these issues.
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7 years ago, JoseyBeGood
No Apple Wallet, no number keyboard... What a mess!
I didn't like that I had to click into finding my local theater on the old app. That's about all the new app fixed. Now I can't add passes to Apple Wallet. My credit card info was missing for quick checkout. When entering credit card, no numerical keyboard pops up for ease. The expiration date is not the typical scroll for iPhone. There's now a "no skipping seats" message that pops up (which by the way I have the option to do when selecting seats right at the box office). Oh, and (not that it's new) but you still charge a convenience fee to book through the app?? I'd think it cost more to staff a box office and worry about same day sales... Instead you punish your app users for purchasing ahead of time? I love my local theater, but fix the app, offer a loyalty program, and for Pete's sake, stop with the fees!
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2 years ago, Always filling up
App is hard to use
I like the ease of getting the tickets but the app does not let you auto fill anything and it gets very aggravating when you have to use a small keyboard on your phone and the numbers don’t always go in correctly. The app doesn’t let you see the numbers ( privacy I assume), so I just spend time blindly trying to retype the card. This is an easy fix on an app and everyone else lets you auto fill your info. This app should do it too. There are times when I just want to walk away from the process and forget going to the movies. It’s that annoying.
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6 years ago, JoeHoz
Good management
Attended a movie this afternoon at Cinépolis in Euless, Tx. Went to see Three billboards outside Ebbing, Mo. The movie was ruined by the language. We endured 20 minutes with constant use of the “f” word and using the Lord’s name in vain. Strongly recommend you save your money and not go see it. I asked for a credit or a refund and the management complied without question. Very impressed by the Cinépolis management. We go to Cinépolis frequently and after this incident will definitely make this theater our primary movie choice.
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6 years ago, Chopper Bob
Cinépolis Del Mar, CA
We have been spoiled, and can only see a movie here. The Valet attendant knows us by name, as does our favorite waitress in the bar area before the film. We like the reserved seating, the reclining seats, the ability to have an adult beverage in the theater, and better than average food choices. It gives “dinner and a movie” a whole new perspective. The place is clean, and a great environment for premium entertainment. Bob & Diana C.
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7 years ago, Beatlesgirl85
App won’t let me delete messages
Set up itself is pretty easy to use, and I really like that they now have a rewards program link into the app which makes it really fun over other options. But it won’t let me delete my messages. I got a message about my free popcorn for sign up in my message box since November, and I already used that popcorn. It’s not just that it doesn’t just get deleted, it keeps telling me I have a new message and that’s the only one in there.
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1 year ago, basegad
OK but lacks modern features
Password reset feature does nothing and doesn’t tell you this (wasted 30 minutes before just going to their website to do p/w reset). No facial recognition option for logon. God forbid someone should hack my account and look at my movie viewing history!!!! Otherwise, allows me to buy movie tickets which I could do just as (more?) easily on the website via Chrome on my phone.
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3 years ago, lynnsara1999
Works but could really use added features
This app sort of does the bare bones which is fine but it could really benefit from: - saving payment options! Have to type in all card info each time. No Apple Pay options or anything either. - an easier way to look at all tickets purchased for the future - this one is more aesthetic, but some nice images to go along with the ticket like the regal app would be nice. Just makes it look more put together.
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6 years ago, ChipsApps
Almost as good as going to the movie
The new Cinépolis app is much more intuitive than its predecessor. The thumbnail sketches of the various movies are much more extensive than the prior version’s series of uninformative 2-liners. Stored information makes it much easier to book than in the past. In short, a major improvement.
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7 years ago, KarenHeff
Impossible to log in
App doesn’t work at all. Can’t log in, when I try to retrieve my password, it says to contact customer service, but doesn’t not show any way to do that. No link, no email address, not even a phone number. What the hell?! I’m also frustrated that despite all the one star reviews, no updates have been made or even explanations given. Guess they don’t want our business. Cinépolis used to be my favorite local theater, but I guess I’ll have to go to one of my other local ones that will let me buy tickets online.
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8 months ago, Kevinskii
Just a thin crappy wrapper for the website.
The app is little more than a browser window for the Cinepolis website. It doesn’t use Apple Pay, and it has weird little glitchy behavior. For example, the “add to wallet” button doesn’t work on some screens, and it continually asks “are you sure you want to cancel your reservation” after the reservation has successfully been booked. Not worth the space. Uninstalling.
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7 years ago, DigiPay
Better, but missing payment options
The old app was horrible. This one is a bit better, but I still cannot believe they don't support Apple Pay or give you the ability to push a movie ticket into iOS Wallet. My credit card has been stolen eight times in the last five years. In this modern day and age, no one should be required to send the credit card number to a company when their device supports much more secure payment like Apple Pay.
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3 years ago, Shoppermomma
Ok but…
Why can’t I save my credit card information? I have to run and get my credit card every time I purchased tickets? Very annoying. Other than that the app works fine.
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7 months ago, Rose02181222
Unmanageable app
The password for the app has to be changed every time I try to log in, I can’t access my rewards and when booking movies it will book at any Cinepolis theater and not the one selected and no refunds for tickets purchased through the app unless 24 hours in advance. Which why i would check the location that the movie was booked for multiple times before the day chosen is kind of ridiculous to do up to 24 hours in advance.
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3 years ago, class19
You can do better Cinepolis. It’s the year 2021 and you have failed to use modern technology. There should be no reason why your checkout process should take 5 mins because you don’t offer APPLE PAY or the option to store card information for a faster checkout process. Your movie titles at checkout images are empty. Very outdated look for a so called “luxury cinema”. Rewards loyalty program a JOKE. I have 2,445 missing points don’t get updated.
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4 months ago, Jnice21
Can’t ever access tickets.
Need to screen shot when you first buy them because I have not been able to view my tickets after purchasing for the last couple of movies I’ve seen. If I don’t remember what seats I paid for…it can’t even check the app. Please fix this bug asap. It’s super annoying.
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7 years ago, crazymommy
Not happy !!
I have used this app for a few years and loved it super easy - don’t really like the fees to purchase here- now i went to use it and it had me logged out won’t let me log back in- i had to open a new account and it won’t let me buy tickets !!! I click in the movie doesn’t give me an option to pick how many seats- not sure what happened but it needs to be update like now !! Sad my party of 7 has to go to a different theatre because i cant buy tickets on the app!
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2 years ago, reaLtime60
App and web site are awful!
I often have problems logging in, pulling up my rewards info, buying tickets. The email does not allow me to add prepurchase tickets to my wallet when accessed on my phone. Trying to use my free rewards ticket is impossible. The site and app often bogs down and I just watch the icon spin while not getting me anywhere. Very frustrating.
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6 years ago, GreezyMonkey
Completely Useless
This app is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Half the time it won’t let you login at all. The rest of the time, once you do log in, you can’t see what movies are playing. It just says try back later. So that of course means you can’t buy tix either. The app says you can order food ahead of time. But that’s not true. It isn’t even an option. Worst app I’ve ever seen. Just use their website. It’s not much better, but at least you can buy tix that way.
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7 years ago, Outrightpilot
Good app, easy to use
I see some low reviews for this app but I’m a regular Cinépolis Luxury customer and almost always use the app for purchasing tickets without any hassle. Works fine every time and really enjoy the luxury experience (besides the app rating the app).
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3 years ago, chukztunes
Local theater not showing up…
I have a Cinépolis down the street in Carlsbad California and the only ones that show up in my location filter is Del Mar and Townsquare. Is that an indication that my particular theater will be closing?
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2 months ago, Tiny Ogre
Almost a good app but makes it hard to actually pay
Does not accept Apple Pay. Does not remember credit card details. Does not work with password managers. So every time I buy tickets I have to paste it from my password manager. Get with the 2020s already. Everything else works great.
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6 years ago, William Cook servant of God
Getting better
I have been using this app for more than five years I think and it is definitely getting better thank you for the improvements you’ve made to it I certainly recommend using this app for anyone who goes to these theaters!
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2 years ago, tonys3kur3
Hard to buy tickets
It’s an iOS app but it doesn’t accept payment via Apple Pay or from the Apple Wallet. Even worse—it doesn’t auto-populate with credit card info store in iOS, so I have to actually get the physical card out and manually enter all of the information. This process could — and SHOULD — be significantly easier.
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3 years ago, Ryan Traveler
Theatre cleaning - Needs Improvement
There has been a lapse in cleaning the theatre's.. I visit your Westlake Village location often with my son. The last few times we have notice food on (in in between) our seats. Also broken or bent tables.
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6 years ago, Moxeee
Easy booking
Really convenient, easy to use. But when you make a mistake and purchase the wrong date- cuz it reverts to current date - and you don’t realize it. There is no place to cancel and rebook or modify. No good. Hate that.
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2 years ago, Cool Rick80
Great experience!!!
My wife and I really enjoy this theater This is always our favorite theater to go to It’s clean and comfortable, the service is great. Plenty of space between you and others.
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2 years ago, gibranskies
Cinema is amazing but the app is terrible
The app needs a whole rework and new interface. The rewards program isn’t rewarding at all so you’d need to go to the movies A LOT of times to be rewarded with something. Overall I really love this movie theater but they need to work on the app and rewards program.
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4 weeks ago, CKC619
Can’t use credit cards
Each time I try to use this app all works well until the payment screen. No matter what credit card I use or how many times I enter it it will come back denied …all data has been checked for accuracy and user error. Not sure what’s going on. Maybe others are having the same experience? Very frustrating!
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6 years ago, SneakyPabs
Short and Sweet
The app makes it easy to track theaters if you travel often. It’s easy to use and track your points and rewards. No paper coupons to loose.
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6 years ago, MCDixon
No order summary page before purchase
After I put in my credit card details I couldn’t verify the date/time chosen. I got it wrong and now I have to go in person to return. Either need to allow returns through the app or be more clear with a summary page before “pay now.”
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2 years ago, Mr White Tower
No refund option / way to contact support
I made an invalid purchase at a movie theater 1000 miles away from my location I immediately bought the same tickets for the correct theater near me but there is no way to get a refund or contact someone for assistance. I had to go to the website and send an email, which I still have not had a response on.
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10 months ago, Crapy software
Bad App. Won’t let you use your reward points
You can not redeem rewards using phone app. When you try to redeem points on the app it sends you to the login page and surprise your password does not work. Computer web app does allow you to see reward, but no way to apply them to ticket
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2 years ago, Kabes-US
App misses basic payment functionality
This app is very limited. On top of that there is a convenience fee and you are not able to do a refund directly through the app. The AMC experience is much better and I would expect more from someone providing such a premium movie experience. Offer a membership and kill the $6 charge every time you purchase tickets.
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7 years ago, A Story Girl
You pay a fee each time you use it!!!
This is my only complaint. The app works well. Any time you buy tickets for two, the charge is $3.23 added to cost of $19 per person ticket. Seems like a lot to pay to use an app. If i see the movie is not sold out, I’ll buy in the theater and save the fee.
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3 years ago, Brocuz
Simple and Efficient
Easy way to grab tickets and show up there without a problem.
Show more
3 years ago, Jonathan365
Um, I tested Positive for Covid
I’m trying to cancel, if ya don’t let me or make it easy, I will show up to watch the movie…. But is ya’s responsibility for not allowing easy access to canceling with full refund…
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2 years ago, carlyqtpie
Not as good as it used to be.
Used to rave & love Moviehouse but since Cinépolis took over it’s gone down hill. The seats are falling apart, food isn’t as good (they got rid of their best items!), and their app is the worst! We only go once in a while and are back at AMC most of the time. We used to only do Moviehouse.
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2 years ago, Buddeh-holleh
Needs to save card information
App does not save card information when checking out. All works well, but it is frustrating to have to get my card every time I check out.
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6 years ago, Toph94
Which seats did I reserve?
Make sure to pay attention to which seats you reserve. I now take a screen shot of the purchase. Once you’re purchase is complete and you go to your purchases and pull up your tickets, it doesn’t show you which seats you reserved, so you might have to walk back to the stand and ask which seats are yours.
Show more
2 years ago, Uriel V
Credit card non option
should the app save the credit card information no?
Show more
2 years ago, Amom03
No real rewards program
Cinépolis needs to get on board with a real rewards program like Cinemark… join and pay no online fees, discounts concessions, etc… I want to support Cinépolis, but they are making it hard with increased prices and less rewards to keep us coming.
Show more
3 years ago, Bad Bebop
Does the job
I do wish bringing up your saved ticket was more intuitive and that it saved your credit card info for future use.
Show more
7 years ago, LynSki
Hate the new update
I'm not thrilled with the new changes to the app and I'm really not happy that you cannot put tickets into your Apple wallet. Plus you're no longer allowed to use the auto fill functions. Do you have to pay Apple for these functions? Maybe that's the case.
Show more
8 months ago, bbobhh
Save Credit Card Information
Generally like the app. Would like the ability to store payment methods other than gift cards.
Show more
5 years ago, DRAMALVAUB
Need better seating chart
Like the app and I haven’t use it much yet. But my concern is the seating chart, between Fandango & Cinépolis, this one is pretty inauthentic considering the laziness of the development. Went to try to book seats in the new theatre San Mateo and it’s pretty cumbersome. Get this fixed in the future and I’ll update with improvements.
Show more
3 years ago, joceppi
Wrong location
I chose my city as a favorite and purchased tickets that I thought were for my favorite. For whatever reason, the location changed to a completely different state and I did not realize until confirmation email. There should be a way to cancel order on app as well as confirmation of theater chosen.
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