2.2 (23)
153 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ediciones El Pais SL
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for EL PAÍS

2.22 out of 5
23 Ratings
3 months ago, Bgmshroom1
Frequently malfunctions
Several times a week I must delete the app and reinstall it in my iPad because it won’t open. This is tiresome and should not be that hard to fix.
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2 months ago, cyanghost48
Bad performance
Most recent update forces app to refresh its whole content every time you have read a news article and navigate back to landing page. The app has many known issues, but this is a primary standard to avoid in the reading experience. Utterly frustrating. I can't read more than three consecutive articles because content seems not cached and needs to be pulled every time New El País Exprés section lacks of modern UX design standards that places this kind of tab navigation at the bottom of the screen. Its excessive promotion with two big colored buttons on landing page for the same type of action makes the reading experience unbereable
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2 weeks ago, Mika Mejía
Love the journalism and the app… when it works
This app continues to be buggy and crash all the time. There are moments when it works, when it does it’s great, but it’s not often. I even have premium thinking maybe it would be better and still doesn’t work. I always end up reading on desktop out of frustration.
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2 months ago, Chef Micke
Annoying Feature
When you read a news article and return back to the main screen it jumps back all the way up to the top. This is a basic error on a news add which should bring you instead righ back to the place where you were so that you can continue scrolling down continue more naturally reading the news
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1 year ago, Glenn matters too boi
Dark mode for app
Would love to have dark mode on the app. Trying to get a read at night is pretty much impossible
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8 months ago, euskode
constant crashing
latest version keeps crashing, please release another update! and give us dark mode, for the love of god! definitely agree with other reviewers that the app needs a complete re-write… been using it daily and hating it deeply for years. it’s super sad to see that nothing improves. El País must fire these developers and start fresh.
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8 months ago, anthonyv8
App stopped working today
This morning (20 Nov 23) when I open the iOS app, it immediately crashes. Tried reloading it, same results.
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2 months ago, Pepe Bol
Worst major newspaper app
It’s difficult to believe that the owners of the most important newspaper in Spanish cannot get a simple app write. The software crashes continuously, the Latam versions don’t work; customer service is impossible to get….completely hopeless by now…canceling my subscription.
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6 months ago, Jlbr21
Awful app
They need to het their act together. El Pais touts itself as being a global newspaper and wanting to reach a global audience. With its terrible, malfunctioning app, they will never achieve it. Just to give a you a hint of how awful it is, I tried subscribing to the newspaper and the app is unable to even show me the rates. You think Im going to trust them to process and handle my data if they can’t even process subscriptions? What a joke.
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1 month ago, ptrigomou
Horrible performance
Since last update the app would not even load. Not that it is a lot better when it opened, mostly feels like a restricted web browser. For a major European newspaper it is a shame their app is so behind.
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2 years ago, 1337133713371337
Terrible app
One of the worst news apps I’ve ever used. Consistently crashed and wouldn’t function. Also was impossible to cancel my el pais subscription, had to change my credit card number!
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2 months ago, Puccinissimo
The “In English“ option has disappeared
This was a favorite news source for me… maybe in the next update?
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9 months ago, MEA Torino
Useless App
I have digital subscription but cannot read any articles on this app. It worked for a while but this app is so unstable. Now it suddenly closes down without properly opening.
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1 month ago, dmartin667
Terrible after refresh
Why do they think I want to have the El País Exprés button constantly under my thumb? If I want it, there’s a clearly marked tab for it. And I can’t get rid of it. I’m constantly hitting it accidentally as I’m scrolling. It’s terrible
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9 months ago, Usario39
Good content but terrible app
I like the reporting and content generally but the app is a mess. Glitchy, disorganized, almost unusable podcast functionality. They need to scrap it and start over.
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8 months ago, Oliver Tomás
The App
El APP es malísimo, no funciona la mayoría de las veces.
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1 year ago, NYCBoom54
Bait and Switch
The description says: “unlimited access to all content.” Not true. Even when I am signed in with my subscription, there is no working link to read an article. Headlines only.
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8 months ago, Frugal14567
The app crashes
Latest update still does not work with iOS 17.1.1. The app crashes. I don’t understand why a new version of the app is not available to fix this problem.
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8 months ago, Teruelino
Is not working
After the last update the app is not working anymore,is impossible to open it
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2 years ago, Devin😆
Scammed my money
Got a sub, but their terrible coding wouldnt allow me to view the E+ content I paid for let alone trying to log in on the app. They’ll happily take your money but good luck getting through to support. ALV
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8 months ago, Rbhart
App no longer works
I updated the app two days ago. I can no longer access the site. I’m paying for a subscription but can’t use it.
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2 months ago, rodrigomolinas
Need to improve
Can’t access the digital print version even though I have an active subscription. Happens al the time. Really frustrating.
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2 years ago, Plcrpbqr
App doesn't allow user log in
I am a premium subscriber and the app keeps asking for the log in details, so you might as well stay with the free version...
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2 months ago, MROD11
App is broken
The app won’t get past the “El Pais” blank screen. You can’t view anything on this unstable and broken app. It’s not that hard, guys…can you finally fix it please?
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7 months ago, Wikifeed
Bad user experience
The app crashes a lot. And most content even when signed is not accessible. Don’t bother. There are alternatives.
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7 days ago, SkwarDaddy
The app crashes every time I try to open it.
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1 year ago, Jfcbkhvv nobody has THAT name
can’t subscribe
It gives me an error every time
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2 weeks ago, MG-ATX
Constant Delete and Re-Install
Every time I decline message asking use of cookies I need to delete and reinstall this app. Todas las veces que declino el uso de cookies hay que borrar y re-instalar esta aplicación.
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7 months ago, spectrumcostumer
Doesn’t open half of the time
Worst newspaper app ever.
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1 year ago, Tulane666
Great app
Awesome analysis and articles! Muy recomendable
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8 months ago, Roberto Meissner
Falla la última actualización
Apenas intenta uno iniciar la app se cierra…
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2 years ago, Xabata
New version is terrible
I have been a digital subscriber to El Pais for some time and have always been able to access the content from several mobil devices without problem. But since I installed the new update I can no longer access my subscription on my iPad or iPhone. Every time I log in, the app immediately cancels my session and kicks me out. This does not happen on my laptop, so the problem is with the app and not with the subscription account itself. My subscription right now is worthless since I cannot stay “logged in”. Please fix this problem or explain to your users how revert back to the older version of the app.
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2 years ago, Yutremai
Login process weird.
It is a bit unbelievable that you are about to pay €10 per month and it is not possible to login using Google in both platforms. I logged in web using Google, create an account, pay the amount for the subscription and then in the app, no have Google options. If you use your user and password from Google, it says need to reset the password. Received the email, used with the app and it asks me again to create a new password. Up to three times the same process. No solution.
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4 years ago, ovoshstopsalad
Loosing a reader?
With each update it get’s worse Crushes all the time Doesn’t open the news section at all Doesn’t load articles If you are testing the loyalty of your readers base, soon they are going to leave for good, honestly
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8 years ago, Zootropis
New version problems
Crashes at opening 😕 My 2 cents about the ads. I used to have articles spoken out loud with my iPhone on my car commute. Now reading concludes with every in page ad. I have to manually place the cursor after the ad, which I can't while driving. I know it's the app because NYT and LeMonde work still fine.
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2 years ago, ##%%&
So many problems over the last few months
It looks like the latests upgrades have created more problems than solutions. The page that shows articles saved to read later hardly ever works and now it would not let me sign in. My account works fine on the web version. The whole experience is very disappointing,
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8 years ago, Twolfva
I love El Pais.
But please bring back the feature that allowed the reader to highlight a word and touch "define" to go to one's downloaded dictionary. That works on many web site apps and worked on this one until very recently. Thanks.
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3 years ago, *Atreyu*
Good content. Needs Upgrading
The written content is good, but I would really encourage El Pais to upgrade the mobile platform experience. Audiovisual content needs to be more prominent, and the app needs to be more interactive, appealing, and user-friendly.
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2 years ago, henrikbrown
I am a disappointed subscriber
Every update worse than the previous one. The app kick my email out all the time so I can’t read news or download the Content. If this doesn’t solve immediately I will cancel my membership. I don’t like to pay for something that doesn’t work. It doesn’t work on iPad or iPhone. BAD
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3 years ago, Kim www
Good app but drains battery
I like the app but when it’s open, the iPhone gets hot and the battery goes down quickly. Could you please check and correct?
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14 years ago, Obbiblanc
Nigthmare of app
First, it will ask you to memorize a 7 digits pin to connect to your Twitter, after that, the tweet cannot be send because the message is too long. But you didn't wrote one letter. The issue is the app: it can't shortened the URL of the article from the newspaper.
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3 years ago, Edugon92
iPhone overheating since last update
Since the last update I have noticed my iPhone 11 gets really hot to the touch. My guess is there’s some background process hogging CPU. I’ve also experienced several crashes
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15 years ago, george12356
Just what I need
This is helping in my learning efforts.
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8 years ago, 333M333
Can't select text, so no good for language learners
You can't select text so you can't use the iPhone dictionary while reading. This is no good for language learners. Better just to read the newspaper in safari.
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9 years ago, Laurasp3
Waaaay too many ads, spoils the experience
Every time you leave an article there's a popup, absolutely excessive. I am deleting this app. It's unfortunate they don't make a good app so I can read Spanish news from the US.
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2 years ago, concerned player 2019
Nueva versión no abre/new version doesn’t open
Version 4.6.7 won’t open. All you get is a white page with El País at the foot of the page. The accent over the “I” in green is a nice touch, though.
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9 years ago, Jr24hd
Way too many pop ups and adds!
I remember running this application on my iPod touch 5 years ago and how I used to love it. Today, gave it another try on my iPhone... Useless!
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3 years ago, Mostany
Crashes after logging in
The moment I log in it crashes
Show more
5 years ago, moonwalk2005
Great newspaper
Thank you for the app and the content. Really good one and free!
Show more
6 years ago, Raian Oliveira
i came here just to add an idea to the app: it would be amazing if we could search for older articles in it. i miss this function so much.
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