Flash Cards Flashcards Maker

4.5 (14.5K)
37.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Infinite Wave Media, LLC
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Flash Cards Flashcards Maker

4.48 out of 5
14.5K Ratings
10 months ago, SnowOwl33
Very helpful
I recently got this app and, overall, it has been extremely useful for me. Currently I am learning Spanish and needed a time efficient way to systematically practice and review vocabulary. This app was the answer! Being able to import a CSV file into the app is a life saver! Like I said, this app is great, but it is not perfect by any means. For one, you cannot add subfolders. It is very helpful to categorize my decks into folders, but it would be even more helpful to be able to segment my decks within those folders. Secondly, you cannot manually sort the decks to appear in the order you would like them to be in. You can sort the decks, but you are limited to the sorting functions that are offered which include: by date, by name, and by size. This might not be an issue for some, however, it was a little bit of a hassle for me. In order to sort the decks the way I would like I had to use numbers and extra punctuation to sort them, which is fine. Overall, I would highly recommend this app for anyone wanting to learn via flash cards
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8 months ago, Zickano
Is exactly what I needed.
I decided to get a flash card app due to the fact that I was buy packets of 100s flash cards for my university since I found that helped me with my studies. I didn’t like all the paper flash cards I was going through just to throw decks away after every exam. So I though to cut back on the paper waste was to get an app instead. I don’t need any fancy features or anything like that. I like that I get write questions on one side and the answer in the other side. There are things where you can add images and such but I personally don’t need it. It’s nice the option is there though. I do love the shuffle feature that allows for me to shuffle the deck so they aren’t in the same order all of the time. It helps in just memorizing the next question coming up. Overall, I’m happy with this app and recommend it.
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6 years ago, BubblyInPDX
Excellent study tool!
I needed to learn Italian phrases to enter act on my educational immersion trip which I’m still on an continuing to use the Flash Cards daily adding to my knowledge bank of Italian. I dried Rosetta Stone but their purpose is to teach you from the beginning not how to interact and speak with people and know phrases that one can use right when you get off the plane. I would asked Siri how to say things and Italian and I will copy and paste into my Flash Cards and order do have a basic conversation in Italian which has turned out phenomenal! I also used the flashcards for other subjects but after using them for Italian now I really see how good the Flash Card program app is! No matter what grade level even if you have a phone or tablet where you have restrictions put in place by parents for adolescence you could even practice your spelling words! Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, Gamerwolf2007
This app helps with my language learning!!
For the past 2 years I’ve been trying to learn a Japanese in a class that I take outside of school. My teacher gives homework, but I always end up procrastinating and doing it on the Saturday of the class. This is a problem if you have to learn 30 new vocabulary words in a few hours. This app has helped me in creating these flash cards that I need for my over 30 vocabulary words, and it has really helped me. My only problem with app is some of the UI. Sometimes it gets confusing and is hard to remember we’re the middle of the card is. If they could start were you type at the middle of the card; I think that would help so my cards don’t look wonky. Although that’s one issue I still really like the app and think it gives a lot of people like me a chance of putting an end to procrastination!
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7 years ago, Forty8voltz
Not bad for free but...
Not bad but could be a lot better. For one, I would like to be able to make the text larger. It's small and at the top of the card. You should be able to Center the text and have it much larger. I also wish you could choose what side of the card to study. I use this app to learn Spanish vocab and it would be very helpful to be able to choose weather I wanted to study the front side, English to Spanish or the back side, Spanish to English. It only lets you start by seeing the front so that means I have to create double the cards in order to do both. There are many minor glitches as well. One being the bold font doesn't stay throughout the app. I have to keep going back and selecting bold font every time I switch decks or go back to edit or create new cards. All in all it's not too bad for free flash card app but there is no way I would pay $4.99 for the pro version, much to expensive for this app.
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1 year ago, JMcGrids
Good but definitely needs to be fixed
The app has an AMZING layout and is easy to maneuver. I have the monthly subscription so I can make multiple categories and have them organized, but the biggest downside is that it DRAINS your battery so quickly. I have a brand new iPhone and I went from 89% to 20% after using this app for 1 hour, wifi and bluetooth were turned off and no other apps running in the background, plus dark mode and low screen brightness. I would definitely like to use this more, but traveling with it makes it very difficult if my phone dies too quickly. There needs to be a refinement to lower battery consumption so people can utilize this wonderful app for longer periods of time without risking their phone/tablet dying on them.
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4 years ago, Kristyl Marie Harris.
Limit on card shift???
I really don’t understand this. I like this app overall, I ended up paying for one extra feature but Jesus!!!! Now I have to either pay extra for the feature or upgrade to pro in order to use something as simple as flipping a card over for a different way of studying. I understand with getting rid of ads and a couple other things but why are you setting a limit for card shift and then saying I have to upgrade or pay for the extra feature just to keep using it? It’s not worth 2 dollars. Get over yourself. It’s literally just flipping the cards a different way. I’m already stressed enough about my test that was sprung onto me at the last minute today in class and I had to make 80 fricking flash cards so I used this and y’all are just a sad excuse. The app would be useful if it wasn’t so bombarded with ads and didn’t try to charge over every little thing. Please take your reviews into consideration if you can
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7 months ago, drtaxsacto
Good but could be much better
I found this app as I was working on Spanish. Even with the premium version it is inexpensive and simple to use. But it could be even more useful. Here are three suggestions. First - after the initial tutorial it needs a help button or even a deck with FAQs. Second, I would prefer to allow each card to have the term in even larger type and centered on the card. Finally, while the App lets you check off the terms you have mastered those do not disappear from the deck (as some other APPs do). That seems a bit self defeating as one prepares to learn a set of terms or words. But the bottom line is that this is a handy app.
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4 months ago, Banana 8373
Just what I needed
The things I like the best about this specific app is you can title the decks, you can turn on the shuffle feature ( you have to turn it on every time btw, doesn't stay on) you can mark a card as done and it will get taken off your deck but if you want it back all you have to do is refresh your deck. The help section is actually helpful. I figured out how to shuffle the deck by reading instructions. This is not a over complicated app, you can figure out how to work 95% of the app in the first 10 min by playing around with the buttons. You can also play around with the fonts but I'm not messing with that because I know I'd just waste time trying to make it perfect.
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1 year ago, kingjith
You want money that bad?
Seriously I thought the app was just trying to get a hustle when it came to the deck limit, font feature(which even that is annoying because if you copy and paste a font it will automatically change the whole font which can lead to wasted time rewriting it), and the limit on many other features. BUT A DECK JUMP LIMIT??? At this point this app is outrageous I understand everything else but being able to only use 50 percent of the jumó and then having to swipe the rest of the way is beyond irritating. I’m in medical terminology and I’m using only 1 deck for my information since the free limit is 5, so you can imagine having 400 terms and having to swipe over 150 times to be able to study a specific section of the curriculum, But 400 is an underestimate of how much is actually there.
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5 years ago, JimM3
I’ve barely had it for a day.
And it’s demanding I give it a review... i have been on the program for a total of 30 minutes... it’s not bad but when I’m trying to input information and it keeps popping up this request.. it’s mighty irritating .. Three weeks later still asking for review every time I open the app. It’s a decent program... but still... So I’m liking the program better and better. As it stops asking me to review it as often.. now it’s asked me for the first time in months I feel I can review it properly. Works well would like some better options for randomizing and a move to next card button as well as the swipe option.. but overall a good and decent program.
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4 years ago, Indianatones
Nice Idea. Needs Refinement
Nice idea and works kind of ok. Set up / data entry of flash cards is a very glitchy, typing experience. Only 1 star for this area. Random capitalization, I have to hit shift for every letter of a sentence sometimes to keep it from trying to capitalize every letter, especially if I am editing or adding to text. Entering quite a bit of data for a complicated professional business test, text randomly disappears when I go back in to edit or add, as in entire paragraphs I have been working on previously. Bizarre text entry behavior that I have really never dealt with, or at least not in the last 15 years. Does not auto rotate, so I cannot turn sideways to screen share with text book to enter longer strings of info. Dark mode for entry, not just study, would be a help. I have been entering data for 8 hrs and dark mode would have extended battery life. Entry screen is white. Had to charge a couple of times. Bold function is very strange. Bold one thing and all other instances on that flash card have to have bold clicked off, then on again to make it bold. Other randomness with bold functionality as well. Does not keep text bold when copy and paste is used. If updated and smoothed out, would be great.
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2 years ago, Continual house hunter
Power user, feature request
This is my THIRD review of this app- over two years of use, thousands of flash cards later, and I am still VERY happy. However, no updates in 9months does cause a little concern. A feature request: when closing a deck of cards, I am brought back to the “root” folder, not the nested folder under which my last deck resides. This becomes tedious when I am switching between multiple decks, as I have a few layers of nested folders in my LARGE directory of flash card decks. It would be nice to simply be brought back to the last folder I was in. These feature requests would be easier to post using the “feature request” hypertext in the setting portion of the app, but it seems to require the Apple Mail app to work, which I do not use. Seems like opening up the options to other email apps here would be wise. The “customer support” hypertext suffers the same annoyance. To end on a good note, this app is more than a preference- I have chosen to DEPEND on it for my studies, and it has never let me down!
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8 years ago, Seablue2323
Really ? 5 note cards ?
I'm quite annoyed with this app. The moment I opened it there were several ads already and no way I could exit out of them. I had to wait for each app to stop before I could continue on. Then before I even started making the nite cards there was a limit.... Of 5 note cards... Really? Why would I pay for an app that I'm only using temporarily and when other apps allow you to make as many note cards as you need free... It's frustrating and quite annoying. If anything they should have highlighting effects or other special effects that you can buy to help improve the note card but, to charge for the note cards only? That's quite ridiculous. I don't normally write reviews but I had to with how annoyed I was with this app. Maybe if there weren't glitches as many ads and other factors I wouldn't be but to be frankly honest this app was a disappointment.
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6 years ago, King of lash
Charlie’s review
This app is pretty good I like how you can edit it after you have made your deck. I have never used a flash card app and I was recommended this one and it is living up to what my friend said it was like. I only wish the auto correct function was a little better, or maybe that is just my phone. I also wish that there were less ads as it is, because every time I open my deck I get a new ad that last for thirty seconds so every time I want to study I loose time. Yes I know thirty seconds isn’t long but the time ads up. I also wish you could delete decks better. If you can then I wish you would make the button more seeable because I don’t see one.
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10 months ago, 😹😹unicorn
This app is epic
Ever since of the fifth grade I have been using this app and it has been so helpful helping me to study and it doesn’t even have ads which is like probably the best part of it because you know most Flash Cards apps and other apps in general have ads so I really recommend this app if you have ADHD or you’re struggling to remember things it’s actually very helpful like I have ADHD and I thought that I would probably fail my classes all the time forever but this has actually helped me in school so I really really really recommend it Thank you so much to the people who invented this app 😁
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3 years ago, shrutebeets
Nice App, Worse with Update
I like this app a lot, and appreciated the idea of the update that allows someone to “complete” cards that they have learned. the problem is I like to shuffle the card order, and whenever i complete a card the order reverts back to the original card order, which isn’t helpful. Furthermore, with the new update, i can no longer tell how many cards i’ve practiced in a sitting when they’re shuffled. I like to practice 50 cards in a setting going in 10 card increments, but this is now impossible with the app erasing the card order in shuffle mode.
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9 months ago, Neoquizmine
Almost perfect!
I use this app to study for anesthesia. I have thousands of cards and the app keeps them all “pretty well” organized. I do wish the universal search function was available from other screens than just the “home” screen. I wish moving cards around within the deck (and between decks) was easier. I also love how the function changed from when lines were deleted off individual cards that the text formatting remains normal. Overall, HIGHLY recommend this app (and have recommended it to many of my classmates)!
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2 months ago, Sid#21
Great but there’s one problem
I do not like that after a while the app only lets you use half of the deck when reviewing. What is the point of making cards that I cannot use. Since this problem occurred I proceeded to add extra cards that way I was able to use the ones I needed. When reviewing in shuffle they still only allow for you to look at half of the deck however will you the whole deck and not just the first part of the deck so I guess keep shuffling. Apart from that issue I love this app and use it to study my tests and yes it was helped a lot. Especially since I do not have to carry around a deck of cards and I can review anywhere I have the extra second
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3 years ago, TD Critic190
Good Not Great
I’ve been using this app to study for a certification I’m going for. I chose it because while in college flash cards were my, “go to” approach to studying. This app is pretty straightforward, however it lacks a fluid interface. Highlighting is cumbersome and creating sub categories with bullet points doesn’t work well. Selecting certain sections of text can be frustrating because it utilizes the default os which is lackluster. For the price, if your going for small study sessions then this app it decent. However, if your creating a system to study for an entire class final over a semester which will require folders and organization then I would recommend you look somewhere else.
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3 years ago, thisisme4life
Great learning tool
I have been handwriting 3x5 flash cards since forever. Flash cards help me learn loads of information faster and was how I earned my Real Estate, mortgage broker, and insurance licenses. My children have been using flash card applications for several years and I finally became a paperless convert. I’m currently studying two languages and am excited to start putting words into the application. I have already broken a prayer down into 12 cards so that I can begin attending a church that speaks a different language. I’m hoping that flash cards will help me succeed in my global travels.
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5 years ago, fishfish56
Great app
This app is a great study guide. I had a big test coming up with 100 questions that I needed to know. Most apps would not be able to hold 100 questions in one set, but this app did. I ended up getting an A+ on the assignment and passed my grade. I would definitely recommend this app for studying. And now instead of buying at ton of flash cards and handwriting them, you can just use the app and get it done faster. This app is very easy to use. I was very surprised when I never had to push the help button, because everything made sense. Overall I highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, KDCElving
Annoying ads, have to pay for more than 5 decks
I normally do not agree with giving an ap a poor rating due to it costing money. However, before I installed it and did the work of starting to make my cards, there was no warning that you are limited to 5 decks. For my purposes, that does not work. There was no warning about this until I had no space. This announcement came after I paid the $1.99 to remove the ads. I also still don’t know how much more decks would cost. Do not bother to get this unless you are willing to pay the ad removal fee at least. The ads interrupt your concentration with little videos when you are trying to think. If you want to make fewer decks and pay the ad removal fee, you will probably like this ap. It is easy to use.
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4 months ago, Bella12543646885432
Best free flash card app for adding photos to cards
I used to use Quizlet a lot, still do when I want to use some already prepared sets. However, this flashcard app is perfect for those wanting to learn new terms or new vocabulary for a new language quickly. I find creating flashcards with your own images that represent new vocabulary terms to be the most useful. Flashcards allows me to add a photo to each card in my decks for free, whereas this would only be available under a premium subscription for Quizlet and similar apps.
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6 years ago, GrandpapiEsme
Gets the job done but there’s one thing that bugs me.
I quite enjoy this app, it’s easy to use, it’s super fast to set up a deck and it has helped me so much. Although I do use flash cards to memorize my vocabulary faster, it does bug me somewhat that you have to take time to delete EVERY single card separately instead of just deleting a set, that would honestly be my only problem with it, and even then it’s not glorious you know, it’s just a flash card app, it gets the job done it really just depends if you take your time to use the app, to help you memorize the material. :)
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7 years ago, Seth BB45
Second time around
Worked perfect until I upgraded to pro. Once I paid that outrageous price the app just quit working right. 1. The pro version opens in a separate app so I can't combine my flash cards. 2.Once I upgraded when I make a mistake or need to edit something it will not let me insert text at that point, it will only start typing at the end. 3. It randomly pastes the last thing I typed into the new field causing me to have to erase it all and start again because (see statement 2). None of these bugs started until I paid, so now I'm stuck with an app that, for lack of a better term, ain't worth a dime. Save yourself the frustration, time, or money and go on to the next flash card app, use power point, or better yet do what I am about to do and just start writing on 3X5 cards again.
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4 years ago, DavidAnthony1
I wish it were better
I'm amazed at how difficult it's been to find a SIMPLE flash card app. This comes the closest to what I was looking for, and I paid for the Pro version. However, this app is far from perfect and even a bit buggy. It can get frustrating. Also, there are simple things you wish the developer would have thought about. For instance, why can't I change the name of my deck after I've made it? That's can become a bigger headache than you think. Anyway, it does what it says it does, that's why I'm being generous and giving it 4 stars. But please provide updates!!
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1 year ago, It does not deserve 1 star
Really useful and functional flash card app
I teach a state licensing course, and this app was far more useful to me than other flash card apps because of its ability to not only easily input terms, but it’s ability to be shared. I am able to send my students the link to download the app and also send them a flashcard set I created. They can immediately start using the cards after downloading the app. Also, the ads are not frequent and annoying like other apps. Good download!
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4 years ago, Craeola
For Free App- Does a Good Job
I know the app has IAP/premium versions, but I'm honestly quite happy with what I get for the free version so far. I have sizable decks for language studying and to be able to access them for free when not on wifi is great. And I'm fine with watching an ad or two if it means I get to be able to study remotely when I need to. Wish some more formatting options were available for the free version, but, as I said, I'm satisfied with how the app allows me to use different keyboards and non-Roman alphabets, and the ads are not nearly as frequent as other apps. Good, straightforward, and effective app.
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3 years ago, Jolie214
Just got this app/ love it but needs a few fixes!
This is the app I felt the need to leave a review on because I love it a lot. You can’t go wrong with a flash card app. I just downloaded it tonight! The only problem I’m having with it is the constant freezing. I made a mistake and marked a few cards as “Completed”, when I go click “reset all” my screen freezes and I can’t click a single thing and I have no choice but to close out of the app and re-open it. I never found a solution. Other then that it’s cool
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6 months ago, - Alexandra L.
I’m using this app for a class and it is so easy to create decks of cards. The voice recognition is pretty good, so I just swiftly run through the creation with very few experiences of having to stop and correct what was written. And when I need to use unique symbols that are not available on my keyboard this app allows me to take pictures of my textbook and use that image as part of my flash card, so I was able to overcome that hurdle in seconds. Really loving this app. 🙌🏻
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2 years ago, Redneckmoe
Very useful!
I like using flash cards during my study. The pain of having physical cards that you have to carry every really is not conducive anymore. This app solves those issues because I always have my phone on me. The fact that you can customize each deck is great. It will even allow you to take pictures which allows me to study graphs and other models. The only reason I did not give it a 5 star is because I wish it could sync across multiple devices ( ie. laptop, or tablets).
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9 months ago, Toastpost1
Great for making instructions!
This let you make really good, visual, easy on the eyes instructions! You can make cards for each step of a process, like getting ready for leaving the house. You can make pictures for each step, letting you understand what to do faster than reading text. Then it shows you one step at a time, and keeps you from getting overwhelmed. You don’t panic at the 50 written steps right in your face.
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5 years ago, studentrn37
Great tool!
In accelerated nursing school, flash cards are my most effective method of study. But not only is it time consuming, it’s a cumbersome, awkward thing to keep organized. This app stores all the flash cards and you can speak your cards into the microphone. I have made cards for pathophysiology and have spoken complex scientific terms and it almost also gets it right when I speak clearly. I can also share the app with classmates. It’s real awesome and time saving. Also easy to work the system of moving the cards around.
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2 years ago, pablo neiro
Great way to make notes of key phrases that unlock essential grammatical constructions in the target language. Just learning to say “apple” is kind of helpful, but making a flash card with the phrase “are these all the apples you have?” or “which apple do you suggest?” allows you to switch out words in the sentence and make many more sentences giving you confidence and making natives feel like you actually put some effort into studying their language/culture.
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2 years ago, ggjcdghffhn
great & useful app!
i used this app to study for tests and exams all the time. it is very useful and easy to use. i hate to use so many flashcards just to throw them away after the test, when i could just download a FREE app and make some online flash cards. i also like this app because the type makes the questions and answers easy to read, saving me from bad handwriting or misspelled words. i totally recommend you download this app if your a study freak!!!
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4 years ago, Win sauce
Extremely helpful
On the move constantly this app has helped immensely. Using paper note cards may work best for people as they did for me, but this app has helped me continue to study and not have to lug around more than just my phone. Simple user interface, and a great feature of a night setting (which I use all the time cause it looks better). I’d recommend this app, even just the free version to anyone who may need to study a bit and doesn’t always want to be writing.
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5 years ago, EGNYSC
Randomly will not save your cards or completely lose decks
Do not waste your time or money on ANY version of Flash Cards! A few weeks ago when I filled up the first version of Flash Cards, it prompted me to download Flash Cards Pro for a fee. I did, and when transferring decks from original version to the new version “Pro” I lost 2 decks... HOURS of work. I went back and forth with customer service with no help other than telling me to update the app (which I had already done), and an “I don’t know”. A day later one of the decks came through. Then today, after 2-3 hours of working on a deck, it just simply did not save when I completed the deck. Again, don’t waste your money, and MOST importantly, your time with these apps!!!
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5 years ago, Beijing visitor
Student of Chinese
This is an extremely useful and easy to use. There is one additional function, which at least I do no see, which would make it a really much better. There should be a function to copy individual cards from one deck to another. In this way once a card is definitely learned it could be moved to another deck such as one named “learned” so the only the cards that still needed review would remain. This seems like a simple additional function, but it would greatly improve this app as a learning tool.
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3 years ago, Dame Prairie
Easy to use
This flash card app is perfect for my simple needs. Easy to use, can adjust fonts if wanted/needed. Can use them in order, or shuffle them. The only con I have is a small one - I use this to help learn lines for plays, and I realized that I accidentally skipped a line. The cards were all written, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to go back and insert a new card. It was my mistake, and not a huge deal, but it would be nice if I could add cards to the middle of the pack. Overall, great app! Love it!
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4 years ago, BlunderBro
It’s Very Helpful!
I downloaded this app to help my daughter with her reading tests. We’ve ran through a few decks and she’s improving so far. This is the only flash card app that I’ve used that feels like using real flash cards, which is important to me. It’s also very easy and intuitive to create and edit your cards. My only complaint is that the formatting features are a bit limited. It’d be nice if I could change the size and color of the text. Having the option to include pictures would be nifty as well. Recommend it.
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5 years ago, Porkchoprice
Simple and functional!
I totally like the simple interface, and easy to create and edit cards. One thing i wish the developer could add is a “lock” function, that could lock a completed deck, so i don’t accidentally delete it when i sometimes forget to lock my screen and put my phone in my pocket. Also, I had accidentally touched the “edit” button several times when I was playing with the cards. So if a locked deck could make that disappeared, that will be awesome.
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2 years ago, kmuccibearb
Good app but still a lot to improve on
I like the concept of this app but it’s still limited in the functionality I desire. For example, I can’t figure out a way to rearrange the order of the cards or insert cards in between. Also the numbering of the cards and order of the cards kept shifting on me. I like being able to have different colors but those too didn’t seem to be fully saving when I would reopen the app. Also I wish their was a way to gray out the cards I’ve done instead of them completely disappearing.
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1 year ago, JayRymer
A little pricey
So far it works great and I’m able to use it for the formats that I want. However, the jury is still out on whether I will continue to use it, based on the price. Still using it. However there are still glitches when searching. Sometimes the wrong word shows up in the search. Also the search needs to be less precise. If you don’t search the word exactly with accents it will appear as if the word is not in the flashcards.
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5 years ago, Hdbxuushwhzisuehhrh
Good simple app with one flaw
This is a very simple app but it does what it is supposed to do. The only flaw I can find is that it should give you the option of presenting the deck back to front. I have Spanish phrases on the front with the English translations on the back. I want the option to scroll through the deck back to front as well as front to back. I would like to be able to test myself Spanish to English (front to back) one session and English to Spanish (back to front) on the next session. When you scroll it always defaults to the front of thr card or the Spanish side in my case.
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5 years ago, Me. Learning Japanese
Its ok.
As for flashcard use, this app works as any other, its fine. My main issue with all the apps I find that are related to Flashcards is this: Normally, when I use flashcards, I put aside the cards that I get wrong and when I am done, I redo the ones I got wrong. You cant do that with any of the flashcard apps I find. You have to redo all of them including the ones you got right. Why cant someone just create an option that lets you re-take only the ones you got wrong rather than try and retake all of them again? If I have 100 cards and got 20 wrong, I want to focus on the 20, not all 100!!!!
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6 years ago, AuntRae
less expensive than a deck
So far I am enjoying the app because I can have everything compact into my phone which is always with me anyway making it easier to study on the fly when i have some time. i am heading into a medical field and i need all the help i can get with studying. the only thing i wish was an option would be more customizations. Maybe offer different fonts, colored cards, sizes of fonts? i don't know but that has nothing to do with the functional parts of the app just a suggestion.
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1 year ago, DiggingforInsights
Video ads randomly pop up with full sound
I understand the app needs a way of earning money for the free version. However, blocking the screen, and showing a five second video advertisement with full sound at random times is completely unacceptable. It is disruptive to people around me, is interrupting my workflow and is unacceptable compared to any other free app I have ever had. Deleting it today and wanted to leave this review for others who might be considering getting this simple Flash Cards app in the future. The app seems to work quite well, and is intuitive, but these video ads that pop up out of nowhere are not worth it
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3 years ago, sarah andelin
So I’m taking Spanish, and my teacher told me to make flash cards. But the paper ones weren’t working for me because I was to lazy to take them out or I just didn’t have enough time to take them out and put them back. So I got this app on my phone, and I love it : ) It’s just so much more convenient and worked way better for me. I haven’t had the app for a super long time but so far it’s been working really well for me : )
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2 weeks ago, Snowden207
Great for language learning
I got this flash cards app to assist me with my efforts to learn French, with words and phrases that needed some extra practice and review. It works perfectly for this purpose. I like the way the flash cards are pretty open ended and flexible; I can adapt them to whatever it is that I’m trying to learn. And they aren’t overly complicated. It’s just what I was looking for: a straightforward way to practice and retain new information.
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