FOX Weather: Daily Forecasts

4.8 (238.4K)
293.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox News Network, LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX Weather: Daily Forecasts

4.76 out of 5
238.4K Ratings
11 months ago, Maci M.
Great app!
To Fox weather: Greetings from a certified storm chaser:) I'm very impressed with how well thought out your app is as well as your new 3D radar. Hurricane HQ is well designed as well as the layout for the general news & the stories. The only thing I would recommend: having a way for us certified storm chasers to send in severe storm footage through a way to sign in. Ex: having an account for this app. In return however, our names on the footage no exceptions. If I were able to send real time footage to you with location, not only would it help your company with finding footage, but I could help better get warnings out to the public watching. That is my only goal as a storm chaser. Btw: you all do a great job on live TV. I watch actively when I'm not chasing. Your channel is the only honest channel regarding weather that acts professional!
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2 years ago, WantToLoveThisApp554321
No weather alert notifications:( seems to be fixed
Updated from 3 to 4 stars: After a recent app update the push notifications for sever weather alerts are working. :) I really want to love the app and make this my #1 weather app but there are a couple of annoyances as other users have pointed out. I have been using this app for the past 6ish months (since launch). The first and MAJOR one is the NWS warning notifications don’t work. Severe thunderstorm, tornado warnings, flood never come and I have to rely on the AccuWeather notifications. 2nd would be the future radar. 1 hour is somewhat pointless and would be a little more helpful if they would extend the time. Even 3 hours is better but I would agree at least 6 hours is really needed. 3rd would maybe be the content, make a separate tab for weather news so if I want to see news or weather happenings in other parts of the country I can but don’t clog up the local weather feed. Other than that the look and feel of the app are fantastic. I hope they can fix these issues and make this app what it deserves to be. Until then, AccuWeather it is.
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2 years ago, coyotenegra
Mixed feelings
I’m still hesitant to delete my Weather Channel app because the Fox WA doesn’t do notification alert like the Weather Channel’s. I need to actually hear my alerts to tell me when there’s lightening nearby or when rain will occur and the weather channel has a distinct one. Until then, I may stick with the weather channels app for that reason alone. Yeah they’re loaded with annoying ad’s but their notifications actually do what they’re supposed to do which is alert me rather than quietly popping up in my notifications. Other that that, so far enjoying Fox’s app with no adds. Another thing that could be more helpful is to actually put relevant data for why the air quality was given a certain rating or what a “moderate” rating means and the relevance. When I hit the “i” which I assume means “info”, I’d rather know more about why the air quality rating for that day rather than the same meaningless AQI data attribution message.
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2 months ago, MigrateNow
Just Another Weather App
I have had this app for many months now and watch Fox Weather live on TV and my iPhone. Yesterday, the storm coverage and predictions were so far off it should be embarrassing to the National Weather Center, Storm Prediction Center, Meteorologist, and everyone else involved in storm forecasting. The coverage for Wichita, Kansas was completely inaccurate. Schools closed, businesses closed, appointments were canceled and for what. Not one storm, no thunder, no lightning, no tornadoes, no hail. All the coverage was a bunch of fear mongering for clicks and ratings. I’m not saying the app’s technology is any better or worse than any other weather app, it’s comparable. So choose any weather app that’s best for you. What I’m trying to communicate here is that the app for weather prediction is as far off as the weather industry is at serving our communities. It’s become another industry that all Americans are losing trust in as they fail to provide what they promise to their consumer. So just be prepared as our ancestors were and save yourself some time and just walk outside to check the weather.
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2 years ago, Teeheehobbin
The Ultimate Weather app
There really is no better weather app to date. The app loads instantly without ads popping up to slow it down. All information is up to date to the minute; accurate and reliable. Both national and local data available to the user with minimal but simple navigation. Everything is very easy to read and understand with such colorful graphics and fonts. Doppler radar loads quickly, can be paused and doesn’t glitch- the 2 hr future radar is solid gold accurate. Extremely relevant video taken from FOX Weather Network is right in view at the bottom of the page. As a bonus, you can stream the Networks fabulous live broadcasting right from the home page. Many notification options are available. The entire package is nothing short of EPIC.
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2 years ago, Bling Diggity
Fox Weather is great! It’s like the old TWC when it was in its prime!
So I have no problem admitting my bias against Fox, as I absolutely despise their entertainment-news (aka “infotainment”) channel Faux News. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that “news” presentation theme and format they use for Faux News actually works perfectly - if not better - when modified for actual weather news & alerts. And their 3d weather radar is a really awesome feature that’s not found with any of the other major weather apps (at least not for free). Despite my disdain for Fox’s “infotainment” channel, I have to admit that Fox hit an absolute home run with this new weather app/channel. Compared to other weather apps like The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, WeatherNation, the Apple Weather app, etc, etc - Fox Weather is the hands down winner.
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1 year ago, SunflowerLisa
Your Competition
Look at the way Yahoo weather does their advertising on their home page. (ipad is how I mainly view it). As you scroll down the page the ad is simply part of that page, and takes up the width of the page. It is NOT intrusive, and sometimes I actually will stop and read it. Sadly, somebody has decided to copy how the Weather channel does it. With these full page ads, I NEVER read them. All I am doing is trying to click out of them, as fast as I can. And again, the way Yahoo weather does it, I actually at times, stop and read the ad. Do it the way Yahoo weather does it, and your complaints will probably be zero. Only a friendly suggestion. And PS…put the rain/snow percentages in the 14 day graph. Most of your competitors have that.
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3 years ago, Gonenuts
Hoping for a redesign
I’m a supporter of Fox and I’ve tried to like this app but I just can’t get there. I do think the forecasts are accurate but the app layout is terrible and even though this is a new app you had everybody else's app to look at and decide what was user friendly, looked good, and worked. There’s too much wasted space especially on the iPad, fonts way too small, icons like the clouds, sunshine, rain, etc. are microscopic and need to be much larger. I’m not suggesting you need to cram too much information on any one page but make the information that’s on it larger. Too much relevant information is embedded way too deep and requires way too many clicks to get to; try finding the hourly wind speed quickly or what are the low temperatures for the week ahead. Weather Underground is horrible now but before they got bought out there was none better. For now I’ll go back to WeatherBug and give Fox a little more time to come up with a big redesign.
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3 years ago, BJRE/MAX
Fox New Weather App
Fox Weather App is very confusing to use but the VERY WORST PART OF TH APP IS THAT ON MY IPAD IT ONLY SITS SIDEWAYS. It is very frustrating to have to read everything sideways or tip my iPad on its side. I would think a brand new app would be able to adapt to the iPads sitting in the keyboard. BJ I just tried the updated Fox News Weather for iPad and it does work well for the iPad now. BUT, the first thing I wanted to do is PLAN an event for January 13, 2022 and I could NOT GET THE DATE to STAY on anything but today’s date. What is that about. Cannot use a ;planner if you can’t change the date. LOL Okay, I discovered that I had to set the year (2022) first before I could set the date of January 13th. So, now the PLAN program is working for me. Still a bit difficult to get around - buy I am learning. :-)
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1 year ago, DTOM Mike
I nearly already deleted the app because of these intrusive ads that pop up without option to delete for many seconds. The ridiculous dementia ad with an offer to download some game app, or the ad to speed up my phone that goes away after you wait on a countdown and the ‘x’ is hidden on all of them forcing a search for it in an elusive and tiny option that may or may not finally appear in a non-conspicuous corner! Give me a break. If I want an app or to see a discount that prods me to go on to a Medicare site to prove for some elusive discount and give up personal data, I know how to find it. When I want weather I use a weather app. I have more than one. They’re all over the place. I’m plain-spoken. Fox has been my go-to for weather and news. If this (and other mainstream nonsense) doesn’t change, I’m out of all it. Thanks for the opportunity to let you know why I’ll be gone. I have searched for a feedback route.
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2 years ago, nightflyre9
Exactly what I was looking for!
After dealing with the frustration of the native Apple Weather app for so long, happening upon this gem has been such a pleasure. I only recently installed it, but I’m already extremely satisfied. The fact that the widgets allow for customization of the view type is exactly what I wanted. I love being able to have a “daily” weather view on my Home Screen, rather than being locked into the Apple widget’s “hourly” view - which is unbelievably irritating. I also love the color and design of the widgets. So nice to come across a developer who understands that users want options, that we want to have a hand in the experience. To the developer: thank you so much for this convenient and user-friendly five-star app. Bravo!
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3 years ago, vicky.riggins
Update to Review!! Need improved visual performance
This is an update to my previous review. My complaint was heard and answered! Much appreciation for the update to the app to fix the horizontal issue with iPad users. It will now be my go to app for the weather! Second Update: I have to say I am quite pleased with the responses I have received from the developers of the app. It's nice to know that they actually care about the consumers' opinion. So far I am partially satisfied with the app. However, since I am an iPad Pro user and use a key board, the vertical only view does NOT work for me. This has to be changed in order for me to keep the app. I will not try to rotate my iPad with a keyboard attached, it just won't work.
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3 years ago, cturnbull22
Off to a great start!
Absolutely love this app. I hope the radar page will be able to get some additional features/layers. Current NWS alert overlays, surface analysis (fronts), tropical overlays, satellite (visible, infrared, etc), lightning, different basemaps, and current weather observations would be awesome. It would also be cool to be able to customize severe weather alerts by type or individually be able to turn them on or off. Hourly and 14 Day Weather should show % probability of precipitation as applicable. In the historical, the monthly snow amount has a “-“ even in the winter months. Would also like to see somewhere on that page where the data are coming from and if it’s using data for the closest city. There should also be an asterisk or something if a record has occurred in multiple years.
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1 year ago, Mr. Mytzelplix
A lot to like, some to dislike
It is fairly accurate, though for some reason it frequently misses the current temperature where I live by a few degrees, and I live 15 minutes from the airport (as the crow flies). The forecasts are pretty darn reliable though…and I love it when it says ‘rain in 20 minutes’ and by gosh drops start falling right on the minutes! I find the news and information section very interesting but here is the part I VERY MUCH DISLIKE! They have SO MANY ADS sprinkled in the information it is extremely difficult to tell article from advertisement! Frequently I select ‘read more’ or something similar only to be taken on a wild goose chase of click bait or some sales pitch! I KNOW the article has not concluded….and I am very interested in the topic. If they fix this they can get 5 (4.5 actually, 5 would be perfect) stars again.
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3 years ago, ralphathree
Almost there
Overall, I really like the app better than other weather apps. However, there are a couple of things that make it difficult to use with confidence. First, the precipitation (raindrops) underneath the current temperatures (and on the 14 Day’s Highs/Lows) is in a similar color as the background and is nearly impossible to see. It would be nice to see precipitation percentage and perhaps the raindrops in a better contrast - perhaps black? Second, I also like and appreciate the radar but miss (from other apps) the future radar as it allowed us to prepare for what was coming, especially in our area of the Smoky’s, where storms often split or even don’t make it here. Otherwise, great layout and information that helps us plan and be prepared. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Collins Rogue
This app saved my vintage camper
The app warned me a full 24hrs, before any other app,and before the local news of “20-40 mph winds with 60 mph gusts expected and 70 mph gusts possible”, giving me precious time to prepare and save my 1948 classic teardrop trailer from the massive “widow maker” walnut tree, which fell, on the carport, where it had been parked beneath, just hours prior. The other apps sent out a warning, as the storm was nearly upon us, one even sent a warning after the storm had passed. Not only is Fox a leader in how to do news, but now weather, as well! Thank you Fox Weather 🙏🏻 P.s. Any chance you could make a Fox supply chain app, & show our current administration how to keep our shelves stocked?
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1 year ago, WXY$@#
Accurate and Dependable
I go to the Fox Weather app over the app from my local news station. During a recent hazardous weather event, my family found shelter in a local tornado shelter. While there, accurate and timely weather (especially RADAR) was a priority and my local weather station could not compete. Our local station is widely depended upon as the best in the region and continuously track via local TV broadcast but it goes without saying that one cannot take a TV to an emergency shelter and their weather app was not dependable. Others in the shelter watched over my shoulder as we monitored the FOX News weather app’s RADAR.
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2 years ago, DIDE2020
Widget & app uploading problems
I’ve just found this app recently, installed it and I like its simplicity and accuracy. The widgets and app have problems uploading. When I open the app, it shows a black screen with a white band at the bottom, I need to close the app and reopen it for it to load. The widgets do not load either; for them to load, the app has to load first, which defies the purpose of having a widget and many times the widget aren’t loading even when the app is. This app is a 5 star if these issues are solved. I want to mention that I keep all my apps updated (this is the first thing I do every morning while having my coffee), as well as the software on my iPhone 13 Pro Max.
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3 years ago, jweaver1982
Missing somthing
I was so excited for the FOX Weather App to come out but after watching all the previews for the app on FOX News it just did not live up to the hype! I love the 3D Radar but it only shows past to current time. What use is that to anyone. Why should I care about a 3D modeling radar of past weather to current? We need a future cast showing radar for past, present, and future. Everyone knows weather can change at the drop of a dime so trying to stay up to date on radar that only shows past to present is useless. I understand it’s a brand new app and hopefully with future updates the app will finally be the Weather App that lives up to its hype. I will change my review with each update but in its current state I can honestly only give it 3 stars.
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4 months ago, YoshisAreCool
Best Weather App
FOX Weather is the weather app I would say the best out there. Their long-range predictions are accurate, even from up to 6 months from the actual date! They don’t ruin everything with some new update, and the layout is nice. The 3D radar feature is amazing. Really cool feature to have, and that’s a feature most weather paid weather apps have! The future radar could use fixes. It also lets you view monthly historical data, name locations, and watch FOX Weather Live! This weather app I will definitely have for a while.
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2 years ago, Branick29
FOX Weather Is Awesome
I don’t like the news division of FOX but their weather division is top notch. I used to watch The Weather Channel and use their app all the time but ever since FOX Weather came out I have been watching the ever since. Their app is awesome very easy to read and understand. I love their 3D weather radar they have, the Weather Channel doesn’t have that. It also seems The Weather Channel likes to hype things up A LOT! FOX Weather does not they put on a solid and easy to understand weather forecast without the hype. I definitely recommend downloading the FOX Weather app!
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2 years ago, Bunch O' Snatch
Bling Dumbity
We all love it when you Democratic Sheeple come to Fox for the real and honest news. Isn’t it liberating when you want the truth about something and all you have to do is turn on Fox and any of the trusted Men and Women who do their shows tells the whole story and invites the other side to counter Fox’s story? Never have I seen MSNBC do that or tell the truth for that matter. CNN never tries to give both sides of the story. Sexual harassment and punching the clown are very time consuming I hear. Anyway Mr. Blimpy, we don’t really care what you think, so slither on back to where the B.S. is born and good luck to ya! Go Brandon!
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9 months ago, DanVinOhio
Best weather app I have found, since losing Dark Sky App
This app makes me happy and it is my new favorite weather app. Since Apple acquired and ruined Dark Sky- BEST weather app ever (for me), I have tried MANY different apps, and this one comes closest to my meeting my needs of seeing hourly weather and easy to navigate. Accuracy is very important, and I am pleased there too. Wind is very significant in how we feel when outside, if the wind forecast could be easier viewed without scrolling down and looking around, that would make this app better. Thanks for a great app!!
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2 years ago, 09171952
Hurricane Ian and Weather Reporting
Fox News knocked the ball out of the park! State of the Art 3D forecasting capability proved Janice Dean’s team had the best real time devastation in Florida. The metrology crew stayed the course, and showed empathy to thousands of people who now are homeless. Living n the Midwest, we have tornadoes and flooding. This morning my Fox weather alert texted a weather update to alarm of a freeze warning. I now refer to Fox updates on weather and breaking news. Fox is the #1 cable and local news station. It’s the only station that reports factual information. Every journalist and producers are professionals!!!
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5 months ago, Atomic Clock
This Rules!
I am so pleased with this weather app! It’s easy to use but full of information. I live in N Florida where the weather can be unpredictable, especially in the summer with our daily thunderstorms. In the winter we are susceptible to cold fronts that can bring freezing temperatures. This app helps me prepare for a day or more in every season. Spring and Autumn can be unpredictable also. I just use the widget from my lock screen to take me directly to the app if I need to check the radar quickly and for any other weather inquiry. Thank you Fox Weather!
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2 years ago, nancyann21
Weather and News
I would trust Fox with anything that pertains to news or weather. I enjoy listening to Tucker, Laura, and especially Sean Hannity! Their reporting is by far the most trustworthy. And now I can always count on getting the best most up to date weather forecast for my area and any other place of interest. The other Fox contributors are always spot on with their reporting also. I can always count on The Five, Tammy Bruce, Joe Concha are terrific reporters, just to name a few. Keep up the good work to keep Fox on the top the heap. In my estimation, there is no other! Thank you Fox
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1 year ago, Angie0000000000000000000
Forget Apple’s App
FOX Weather has been a surprisingly efficient source for alerts — notifications are frequently sent the day, unlike the Apple weather app, **before**. Outings have been a ‘breeze’, as I’m finally aware of what to do and when. Still, it could use some changes; notifications aren’t as modifiable as expected, I noticed as I received several alerts for areas I’ve never even set foot in. Also, video-watching suggestions should be optional. Otherwise, FOX Weather is the most reliable.
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3 years ago, snlank
Same as others but has potential
Most of the information provided is similar to the other app-services. But the advanced date and location weather planning is a good start but far short of what I expect for newer apps. For Event planning you should be able to share an event and collaborate with others. Additionally for add Trip planning you should be able to pick a start and end destination along with start and end dates and get route weather- possibly collaborating with a map planner- and even local area news for trip/route. And possibly add a news feed for news about the event and secondary news about the area of the event
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2 years ago, Alan290
I’m having trouble with articles on your app.
I pulled up the article about the cold weather in Florida, and the “falling iguanas.” The problem was, when reading the article, the screen would go completely black, or blank. I then had to wait for it to reappear. Other times, the article would jump around. The text was shortened, and I clicked on “read more” to read the rest of the article. Then the article almost immediately collapsed again to the abbreviated format and I had to click on “read more,” again. After this happened three times and the black, blank screen appeared several times, I gave up. What a pain it is to read an article! FYI: I am using an iPhone 6s-plus.
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2 months ago, IdoReviews!
Still issue with Notifications yet again
Once again not getting all NWS notifications yet again WHY also in settings it says to make a sound for notifications yet there is never a sound played in the times I do get notifications I was going to try and change the sound to something for noticeable but again when I do get notification there is no sound and again if I get the notification from any other app I can see them in the app but they don’t push through at least 70% of them time other then that I love the app. And design but again idk my settings match like all my other weather apps so hopefully you can fix away thank you
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3 years ago, TC Studios
Superb service! No questions asked
I’ve been a Weather Channel fan my whole life, so seeing the slow decline of the network into garbage reality programming has been sad to see, especially when they refused to cover confirmed tornadoes on the ground in favor of those reality shows. I was surprised to see just how outstanding Fox Weather really is. It’s like TWC used to be, 24/7 professional weather coverage with relatively few interruptions. Hopefully the early success I’m seeing with this app will be a wake-up call to its competitor!
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2 years ago, Joedejong.mister horror?
Fox weather is the bomb
I love watching FOX Weather I wake up in the morning when I eat breakfast I turn on FOX Weather but I have no problems with the app whatsoever but I only have one problem and that is airplay whenever I airplay Foxwater to my Roku or TV for some reason it won’t play! And I would love to have that problem fixed so I’ll have to say that I give fox weather five stars and I would love to see Fox weather available on Roku so to the developer a FOX Weather I love fox weather keep it up and keep updating and keep expanding s
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3 years ago, DQ201
Lack of detail
The application presents the usual data that you can get from any weather application. There is, however, a significant lack of data. I. The current screen there is no probability of precipitation, UV index, humidity etc. all of this is on the home page widget but conspicuously missing on the home page. There is no astronomical data ( sunrise, sunset, etc). The daily forecast does not include probability of precipitation or forecast low temperature. I was hoping for an application that would at least provide as much as weather underground. This was very disappointing. But the 3D radar is cool. Guess it’s marketing over information again.
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1 year ago, Thespywho
Latest updates bombard users with intrusive Ads
This was one of the best weather apps in the store. I switched to the FoxWeather app from the WeatherChannel due to the pop up ads. Some of the ads were down right intrusive and crashing the app. Now, the Fox Weather app is having the same pop ups. I am trying to understand the logic behind businesses who have ads pop up in such a way that you cannot use your phone unless you force quit the app. In addition, some of the advertisements are looking very much like malware. Do they not understand the frustration this causes the user of the app? Do the advertisers not understand the impact they have on the users and are just hoping for an accidental click? Goodbye Fox Weather.
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2 years ago, TTNEG'ma
Ian Coverage
As a former Florida resident, I’ve always been interested in following hurricane coverage, experiencing Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne in 2004 - once power was lost we had no idea what was happening around us. This is the first coverage I’ve watched on Fox Weather (Fox News is my source of choice for news) as my satellite no longer carries the “other” weather channel. No surprise to me but Fox Weather blows all other coverage out of the water. Your personnel are the most knowledgeable and professional I have seen. We’ll done Fox!
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3 years ago, PaperLady01
Every time I open it to get my weather my my area, it displays it quickly and then disappears!! It freezes while in use while reading the stories . The switching from radar to home, from plan to radar, whatever I seem to switch from or to seems to lock up the app! Can’t turn off my phone and eventually at some point it allows me to back out of it! Driving me crazy! I’m deleting the app, I’m not sure what to replace it with, they all seem to have their problems. If I was going to stick with it I would suggest the radar capability be improved from a few hours to at least 3-4 days of a radar weather pattern! It doesn’t really reflect what’s happening and what will be happening in day 24 hrs!
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3 years ago, BJ in Jersey
Love the New Fox Weather App!
This Fox Weather App was very easy to download and use. I have been using it every day since Day 1. It has great visuals, videos, and reporting. The 3D feature is awesome and gives a unique perspective on the layering aspects of the weather. The calendar event feature for weather predictions is a neat addition to have also. I’ve put it to use already with two events. Thanks for all the hard work and prep that went in to creating this. Congratulations and good luck to the whole team!
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3 years ago, rwbill
Visuals Indistinct
I am always anxious to find a good weather app. This one looks promising but when you look at the icons for the hourly and daily forecasts they are so similar as to be indistinct on the iPhone display. You can’t tell the difference between cloudy, showers, light rain etc so as to be nearly useless. Be more imaginative and bold with the icons so the user can determine at a glance what they mean, otherwise it’s not even as useful as the generic apple weather app which is very basic but more informative than this app. I look forward to improvements, or will end up deleting as I have other weather apps I had hopes for.
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3 months ago, Kdjtpr
Thank you!!!
I have only used The Weather Channel app for the last 15 years because I always liked their videos with meteorologists explaining and covering different weather events. But now I am a full-fledged Fox weather fan! Goodbye Weather channel! Not only do you have recorded videos, but now I am able to watch live weather news coverage?? For free??!! Unbelievable! Thank you so much! The app has everything I need to know and more! absolutely terrific app!
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2 years ago, J121 from Florida
App fails you when you need it
I downloaded this app on the recommendation of a friend. It worked great for the first several weeks. Then when I would launch it, I would only get a black screen that would not go away. I deleted the app, reinstalled it and it worked fine for another several weeks. Then the black screen began to happen again. I reinstalled it a second time and it seemed to work, but failed us again during Hurricane Ian. We live in Florida. We had to rely on another app for our weather updates. I have now permanently deleted this app from my phone. I’m not sure if this problem is only with the iPhone 12, but a family member with the same phone had the same issue.
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3 years ago, TaroccoRose
Notifications adjustment
Beautiful weather app and easy to use! Important request for the notifications to be adjusted. Weather alerts and warnings can keep you up all night if you get these alerts for every possible weather event. I would love to have notifications on just for tornado warnings. If I get warnings all night for flooding etc that doesn’t impact me I can’t keep notifications on for the more important warnings. Could the app have an added feature to choose which types of weather notifications you want?
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3 years ago, BLMarsh
Very strong weather app, the widget though…
I downloaded this app day one, and it replaced my AccuWeather app since, very well made app, love the extended days forecast, day, and nights, highs, lows included the same time. Only issue is with the widget, which is very important to me since I’m very busy at work, not having time to open the app, the widget changes to a precipitation widget during rain and a storm, but doesn’t change back unless I open the app, it needs to change back in order to be helpful to me, fix that, and I’ll give it 5 stars
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12 months ago, MysticTwilight92677
I can look outside and tell better weather
I like Fox. I do not like the weather team. Tonight we had a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and I got the warning twice. It was set to expire at 10 pm. Looking at the hour by hour we had a 30% chance of precipitation and thunderstorms at 5 pm. It got a bit dark, but I figured we weren’t going to see anything with a 30% chance. It’s an hour later and its sunny and the severe thunderstorm warning was cancelled. I find it completely fascinating that I can look at the app and see it’s going to be something, like say thunderstorms, and right before we get there they disappear. It changes minutes before we get there. Sunny? No thunderstorms? Nope, now there are! 🤦🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, jblackwell35
FOX Weather App is Superb!
Once I got familiar with navigating the app, I found it to be a much better source for forecasts and accurate weather news and information. FOX Weather has consistently updated information plus detailed reports on weather from my neighborhood to adjacent states and the nation. I truly love being able to maneuver the app without pop-up ads that cover vital info. I deleted all of my other weather apps since FOX Weather has it all covered.
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3 years ago, Lizardman137
Finally! Free Accurate Weather In My Pocket
Within 24 hours of downloading the Fox Weather app, I deleted every other weather app I used to use in conjunction with each other to track storms with radar, video, and articles. This app puts it all in one place. Best of all, it is accurate. I love being able to watch current weather LIVE any time I want…for free. The anchors are wonderful. I hope to see this move to a network platform soon.
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3 years ago, hauto hermit
Poorly designed layout/presentations
Home Screen is totally cluttered and difficult to read as as numbers and symbols overlap. Read out for basic data is set out vertically poorly identified and confusing to readily absorb. Failure to use more color in data presentation to make easier comprehension. 3D radar cloud/storm/rain is excellent, but lacks sufficient specific geographic identification capability to be useful for forecasting planned events. Perhaps designers should have reviewed other apps such as Dark Sky before launching this fairly poor product. Concept of incorporating total weather coverage with live studio broadcasts, national situations, stories …etc. is excellent.
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3 years ago, DJH136
Initial Impression
I downloaded the Fox Weather app yesterday. This is my initial impression. The app is very nice and has a lot of information. I like the 3D radar feature. The only complaint I have (reason for only 4 stars) is with the radar. I would like to have a “future” radar feature. The radar starts about 2 hours in the past and stops at the current time. I would like to see the radar extend to 2 hours in the future, at a minimum. Looking forward to seeing how the app progresses with information.
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3 years ago, beachlife03!
Love it
I love the capability to watch the live stream in the app also the radar is so advanced. hope in the future they can reach deals with roku and others to put their channel on live tv streaming services and more free ones like plutotv and roku channel. a stand alone app for streaming devices would be awesome I know it’s on tubi and Fox News app but it would be nice to have all the mobile app features on a big screen especially for businesses. keep up the great work!
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1 year ago, CGSchafes
Great App But….
Radar needs to go out further than an hour for sure. Should be 6 hours at least. Lots of people make plans based on weather over next few hours. Can’t do that with this app. Also not sure where you’re getting the humidity #’s but current humidity hasn’t even been close over last few weeks. Been in the 70 and 80s but this app shows 40s and 50s. HUGE difference. Nice to have the radar but would be just as helpful to have a legend so we know what the colors mean now
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3 years ago, Candice2009
This is awesome! Historical data, live, data, and broadcasting!
Seriously, wasn’t expecting much with this app but after downloading and taking a look it is everything I could of ever asked for all in one weather app! Easily add other locations to view and just swipe to view them. Most surprising is the historical data that you can look up on any location! I seriously love having all of this information right in one place! BRAVO!
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