Globoplay: Novelas, séries e +

4.6 (10.5K)
226.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Globoplay: Novelas, séries e +

4.56 out of 5
10.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Rose Anaiv
The worst!
Well, I downloaded the app to watch BBB and some shows that I miss from Brazil. This is so far the worst streaming app I’ve ever used! Nothing works rights, it keeps freezing all the time, the audio goes off at every 5 minutes and it doesn’t even have a ‘continue watching’ feature. When I try to stream a show on my tv it just doesn’t work!! It’s unbelievable that you are selling a product this horrible and you expect people to buy it! Come on! This is not Brazil! Give your costumers some respect and do a decent service instead of trying to fool people! It’s aggravating!
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4 years ago, yfoyyfoyditxit
Good content, bad app
I use Globoplay to watch caminho das indias. I was very excited about the content offered on globoplay as there are a lot of old soap operas (where is America though??) that I wouldn’t find anywhere else. I was a bit taken back by the price — 14 US dollars is 74 reais, who would pay for this in Brazil??? But I chalked it up to globo just trying to be shady and charge the same amount of reais and dollars without any consideration for currency values. But I was real disappointed when I started using the app. I watch a few episodes or capítulos a day and once the first one is over and the second starts playing automatically I lose all control over it — I can’t pause it in the app or rewind or anything. I also can’t exit it because the app doesn’t register that a new episode started playing so if I exit and try to go back it puts me back on the first episode I watched that day. It’s a mess. Sometimes it also plays the wrong episode when I click on them. That’s what prompted me today to write this review; it took me 15 minutes to get the episode I wanted playing on my tv because everytime I “casted” it from my phone to my Chromecast it started playing an old episode instead of the one I chose. For 75 reais a month this is unacceptable!!!
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3 years ago, Escapinggames💜
Disappointing and nerve-racking
Really unstable app, presents “technical difficulties” frequently, the home page is not constant, sometimes it offers you the option to continue watching your shows sometimes it doesn’t, doesn’t have a button on the screen while you’re watching a show to fast forward or backward a few seconds, so you have to double tap the screen several times if you want to skip a minute or so; the only option of subtitle is Portuguese and the audio is only either the original or portuguese, sometimes the original audio bugs and you can’t hear a thing, forcing you to watch it in portuguese; and last: while all the others streaming apps allow you to leave the app and keep on watching your video on a smaller screen on your phone while you do basically anything else on your phone, the globoplay app hasn’t still catch up on that, which is quite annoying
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4 years ago, thickky brittany
Please help me!!
I loveeee the series malhação witch is why I downloaded this app and for the first few days it was all fine until one day when I came back from the store and I click to watch the next episode and the screen just randomly turned black like out of nowhere and at first I thought it was just a glitch so I deleted the app and downloaded again yet still up to this day the screen turns black when I click to watch it I’ve tried to make a new account yet stilll any show I click to watch the screen turn black and I’ve tried to make a new account and delete and install again I’ve updated it I’ve even waited a few weeks to see if it would go back to normal yet nothing and I really don’t know what to do I loveeee that show and I even paid to watch some novels yet it doesn’t even let me I literally had to pay and it’s doing this like bruh has this happend to anyone else??
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7 months ago, wowzerscoolio
The worst
Recently my boyfriend downloaded and made an account to watch the games, all of a sudden stops working not even a full day using this app… the app stayed logged in on his phone but now when he opens it up it says Sign Now! As he already has paid for that month and there’s no other option, he tried logging out and logging back in but everything says you need the membership to watch even though he’s been charged already….ok cue to me making an account and also paying thinking his phone was the problem but no…. My account got used one day and when he tried to access it on his phone it says my account doesn’t exist…. I tried logging in on my phone through the app and online and it says that email doesn’t exist…. Globoplay I’m pretty sure it exists seeing that you have discounted $14 out of my bank account and I got an email confirmation 😡 I’ve requested for a refund but god only knows if I’ll receive that!!!
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4 years ago, stimbomosten
No Customer Service, good luck, you are on your own!
If something malfunctions, you are on your own. There is no “help” link, not even chat or email, let alone a phone number to call! I have pressed every button and scavenged the internet. They are well hidden! They don’t want anything to do with their customers. ‘Just the money, please!’ They take your money every month but give little back. I first logged in on my phone. When I tried to log in on my iPad, it said the password was wrong. It was not. I had it written down. Tried several times. I won’t try ‘forgot password’ and try to log in again in the iPad because if anything goes wrong — as it seems likely because the app is obviously poorly designed — then I will be totally stuck, unable to log back into the app even on my phone, unable to get help, and I’ll miss out on the end of the ‘novela.’ (Yet, I’ll remain committed to the payment. That part, intriguingly, always works like clockwork! I wonder why the same dedication is not given to actually make the app work!) Bottom line is, I am limited to one device, at least until the ‘novela’ I am watching ends, when I will risk everything and try to reset the password — without any support from the app. If it doesn’t work, I imagine the only recourse will be to cancel the membership and start over. But good luck to me on that as well! Really bad!
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3 years ago, Raf.Americo
App is no good.
The app has several problems and few features and does not contain all the content that is being shown on TV. First problem is to continue a series you were watching, it will probably go back to the beginning and not continue where it left off. You can't see other episodes if you want to watch another one, you need to go to the main menu, search, find the series and then be able to choose an episode, you can't do that in the "recent watched" part. Paying $14 for an app that doesn't give you a minimum of features is extremely disappointing. The value is not fair because of the quality of the app and because it doesn't contain the content that you probably think you'll see being aired on Brazilian TV, one more thing, I sent an email to support and never got back from them. Extremely disappointed TV GLOBO.
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4 years ago, Sjdasilva
The app was running ok for a little bit, but now...
I have been using the app for a little over 2 weeks it was working great, streaming, but now it is not loading properly. I tried on the WiFi and cellular mode and nothing. Is really bad I loads 5 second and then stops. At times is loads with just the audio but the video remains frozen. I don’t think is worth the price I am paying with all theses bugs in it.
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1 year ago, Jadma Noronha
Please Help!
The recent update messed it up! It can’t find the provider I use to access the app. A ultima atualização não inclui ou não acha provedora sling. I tried everything! The sling customer services said they told Globo and they asked for 24 hours, it has been three days now. Really disappointing and lack of support! I even talked in Portuguese with someone and again no help. They just keep saying the same thing over and over about deleting the app and restarting then trying again. Then signed out from sling, then rebooted the account, then try again. I lost the count of how many times I tried different things. I think the problem is on their server. If it is still not working will delete, this is too unprofessional!
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4 years ago, Stylesdan
Good content, bad function (5 observations)
If you want to watch Globo internacional in 720HD, this is perfect. You can watch the USA international version live and you can stream old episodes of popular shows. BUT the app (1) doesnt remember what episodes you’ve watched. (2) has no subtitles for hearing impaired or those learning Portuguese. (3) doesn’t allow you to download episodes to watch later without WiFi— despite having the fake button. (4) doesn’t work on fire tv— it only works on apple, but you can chromecast it from an Apple device to your tv with very limited functionality. (5) updates are vague— developers do not specify what bug the update fixes. I do not think they fix anything.
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3 years ago, Talilimaop
Love and frustration
I love the app, love that is light and fast... however, it is not everyday that the app pairs with the tv. There are days that it doesn’t work. And i have tried different brands. If i use the webversion of the googleplay it works perfectly. I wish they could fix this. Watching soap operas on my phone is sometimes frustrating. Eu amo o app, é leve e rápido. Mas tem dias que o app não pareia com a tv. Tem dia q nao funciona. E eu ja tentei com diferentes tv, de diferentes marcas. Gostaria q isso fosse consertado. Assistir a novelas pelo celular e bem frustrante.
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11 months ago, Jocy Burton
Great idea, poor execution
This app is a great idea, to have all the shows I grew up watching in one place. But the service is poor. There’s no way to contact a support provider. Now I can’t connect my provider (sling tv) because it’s showing an error saying that globoplay it’s not part of my bundle. And the only channels I have on sling is globo and globoplay. I have contacted sling personally and on their side is everything okay. my account is up to date and it’s working fine on my tv. But the app is another history… and I can’t contact them because there’s no support service. There’s just an help button with most asked questions there’s not helping at all.
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1 year ago, Jo4715
I love the content, but have had trouble with service.
I have to give service. 1 star rating. I’ve been trying since December 30 until now March 3rd. It took me nearly a week to get on my condo Roku. I pd through Apple for a month, and renewed in January, but this subscription was never recognized. And I have not gotten any money back. I hooked up through DISH because I have Globo tv there, but shortly after Carnaval, that connection disappeared and I’ve been trying for over a week to get it back. Their service number is out of service. It’s very hard to find any online help. The place to connect with my operator has been out of service for more than a week. It’s now saying… Come back later! I love the content. I speak and understand Portuguese… love some novelas, news and cultural programs. But the service has been awful this year!!
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3 years ago, Claudia19732021
Horrible app
Hi, I have many problems logging in on this app. Can't login on my phone or Smart tv. It works a couple of days and then it doesn't recognize my login. Please find a solution for it and have someone from technical support contact me. There page doesn't even allow me to do that, because I'm not a customer, but I pay for it! I don't understand. Thank you!
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4 years ago, jferrozo
Half baked solution
Starting with the basics of what to expect from a streaming service the videos constantly stop. To make things worse, the app doesn’t track played time, so in the case I want to stop watching a movie to resume later or I am forced to stop playing because the streaming is stuck and the only way out of a frozen screen is to go back to the menu and come back to the video I am forced to start playing from the beginning without an option to resume watching. Also there is nothing in the app that shows recently watched content, so I have to go find the content every time. Note to developer: don’t bother replying with some lame excuse in Portuguese like you have done in other reviews here. I have enough bandwidth to watch different streaming services on different devices at the same time without interruption, and most of all if you can’t even bother reaching out to customers in English here your customer support is as bad as your product.
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1 year ago, gvugyaosms
Took my money
I got this app to watch novelas because I love novelas. When I paid through the App Store and went to the app they said I couldn’t watch the stuff I PAID FOR because I was under 18. You could’ve told me that BEFORE I PAID YOU. I wasted my money for what? Please give me a refund because I can’t watch anyway. I love Globo but this was a waste of my time and money.
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4 years ago, Rojpad
Very disappointed
Paying 14 dollars for this is totally unacceptable. Ridiculous. Let’s not talk about the horrible navigation and user experience. Which would be fine with me if they had decent content. The fact that they do not offer subtitle for almost all of the content is disgusting. It simply comes off as lazy. Straight up lazy. For me to check which soap operas have subtitles I had to start playing one by one and check the availability. I only found subtitle for ONE soap opera. O N E soap opera. No English subs anywhere on the platform. Globo you really have to up the game if you want to offer content around the world... call me back when you sort this out.
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1 year ago, Offline download…….
Pay Now get access to content only after you make a formal complaint!
Update! This Globo lixo app is terrible. Stop working 5 days ago! I Update all apps; it don't work on apple tv box, app on the iphone or via web! Its impossible to contact anyone on globoplay. That help link on facebook its a joke, nobody knows nothing; you just waste time. That is how this douch bag developers and IT techs treat us. Going to ask for refund now and cancel subscription. The interesting part is somebody actually reply the messages, but its just to fool apple store parameters. Apple should ban this app for good! Look at how many bad complaints there are! Buyer be Aware! Apple charged right away, payment processed immediately with my credit card, then all gone down hill from there. t took 5 days to gain access to globo only after a complaint to apple CS supervisor & tenacious will trying to sign up(assine ja) again & again! l platforms.
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4 years ago, Steph.Janine
App. Needs work!!!!
The app needs a lot of will show the downloaded videos and then when you go on downloads it’s gone! Other times the videos play without any sound! Videos freeze, but the sound keeps won’t matter if your on WiFi or on cellular. Also, when you stop watching a show and try to go back to it, sometime it’s on the right place where you left off, but most times it starts from the beginning of episode or somewhere in the middle.
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6 months ago, DandaAC
Inaceitável que a gente pague uma assinatura e ainda tenha que assistir comerciais. Isso não acontece em nenhum canal de streaming sério. Só aceito comerciais em canais gratuitos, pq os mesmos pagam o conteúdo. Absurdo que espero que a Globoplay resolva urgentemente. Unacceptable that we pay a subscription and still have to watch commercials. This doesn't happen on any serious streaming channel. I only accept commercials on free channels, because they pay for the content. Absurd that I hope that Globoplay solves it urgently.
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1 year ago, jegraells
So bad
I am not one to write reviews, but this app really encouraged me to write this one. It’s unbelievably bad, no matter how good your internet is, this app will manage to have a hard time streaming whatever you’re trying to watch. It’s pretty sad that this is one of the few options we have to watch Brasileirão with Brazilian commentators in the US. The developers need to do something about this ASAP. Also, I always get logged out automatically…. I mean seriously the only good thing that I have to say about this is that the membership price sort of reflects the experience.
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4 years ago, bcaesar85
The more they update, the worse it gets
Bugs on app are usually ignored on every update. App has never run smoothly. There is often error messages and constant crashing. It keeps prompting for your account log in for no reason. Why the hefty monthly price for a terrible app? The content is great but not worth the trouble.
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4 years ago, Thiago Nomad
Amazing app. I able to watch every soup opera from Brazil the old ones and the new ones.
In the beginning I thought was just an app then I realized it had every soap I’ve always wanted to watch. I started watching and if you speak Portuguese you gotta have it. Unfortunately, there’s no subtitles in another language but I guess they are working on that. Perfect in every detail.
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2 years ago, gfffttgjjhgfff
Bad service
I’m not happy with Globoplay services, many reasons why. One of them, the connection comes and goes; Second, you can’t see World Cup soccer 2022 games in real time; Third, some movies you have to pay extra. The only reason that I still have Globoplay is because I can watch couple novelas.
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3 years ago, wabuska
Major Problems with subscribing to the service
The company, Globo, seems to have major problems in receiving payments made through Apple storeAnd could care less about trying to help resolve the problems. After three days of emails and chats I had to find a give up. If anyone has a solution to suggest please share. Since I do not have the correct documentation to subscribe directly through their website,(a CPF number)The Apple store was my only option. And Apple, of course, could care less about helping resolve the problem
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3 weeks ago, Girly86
App needs to be reinstalled every other day!!!
This is by far the WORST streaming app I’ve ever seen! I got it two weeks ago and I had to reinstall it about 10 times now! When I try to play a series it keeps loading forever and then the app freezes. The only way to reset it is reinstalling it. Now they’re having technical issues and nothing is available. For a $14 service from the largest network in Latin America they provide a mediocre service!
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1 year ago, criola42
Really bad
Bad app doesn’t work properly,I have account keep telling me I don’t,can’t even watch show keep stopping they really need to improve something because it’s bad ,I’m going to delete the app and cancel subscription, it just take your money
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7 months ago, Jheff.jjs
Horrible - It works when it wants to work
For some weeks this app does not work very well. I am trying to watch verdades secretas 2 and it does not play it. Also, I am trying to watch different movies and it gives an error message all the time. . I contacted support, they made me delete the app, install the app, restart my modem, everything, but they couldn’t figure it out what the error is. . When I try to click, help, when the error appears, if opens the a website with the “page not found” information. . So, if you live in the United States as I do, be ready to have a loootttt of patience with this app. They probably need to expand their bandwidth, but they probably do not care. . Each single time you will try to watch anything, it will take a good while to load it, and most of the times it won’t play.
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8 months ago, Maybe someday....
Such a bad app
Such a bad app for someone that lives in the US. I canceled my membership for personal reasons and now I want to start my membership again and I can’t. Apple will let me start paying for it but I can’t log in for the life of me. I have changed email, password…it will not let me start my membership back. I can’t find a customer service link or phone number anywhere. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it back, nothing works. Just a crappy app in my opinion with no technical support
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2 years ago, Ninah21
And problems go on and on and on…
Bad app!! So many bugs don’t even know from where to start. Each time I try to access the app I have to sign in again. Then if that wasn’t annoying enough when you are watching anything and try to move forward or back it speeds up ( you can’t even see the scenes as you try to move), then, and frequently you get a “carregando” (loading message). Of all apps I tried this one wins the prize. No customer support to be found. Just a waste.
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1 month ago, Mrs. Raf
I can’t access my account !!!!
I canceled my account last year because I had finished watching my show. Still, I found a new show I wanted to watch, so I paid Apple Pay $13 to re-activate my globoplay account. Now, for some reason, I can’t access it and every time I log in the app tells me to subscribe and pay $13, and when I do that, it says that I already have a subscription attached to my email, but every time I log in, it tells me to subscribe again. So I just paid $13 for nothing! 😩😭
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2 months ago, new items to be added
Does not work in USA
I subscribed to see the concert for Madonna the channel never work while the concert was on I got a pink disclosure the application is in Portuguese if the title is globo they need to have 4 basic languages to get their audiences understand, the application only works for live programming in their country and from what I’ve read in sites in Order to work need VPN which as a non tech person do not know anything I just pay and get what I want, probably a disclosure of this is in but since I do not know Portuguese is irrelevant.
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3 years ago, xxxxxChateada
It keeps pausing and turning off
I Love keeping up with everything going on in Brasil. One thing that I would be so so happy about is if they could add English subtitles 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I watch novelas with my wife and she’s learning portugues and those English subtitles would help so so much! Please add this feature?!
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2 years ago, raloschi
App cannot stream on demand content on Apple TV 4K
The app on Apple TV 4K right now does only one thing: stream live video. However if I want to stream content on demand the app displays a message stating “We’re having some problems and are working hard to solve them”. Perhaps the devs should have chosen the “hardly” instead. I’ve tried contacting technical support and nothing got resolved. The only solution available is to run the app on an iPad and stream it via AirPlay to the Apple TV or actual TV. ONCE THIS ISSUE IS ADDRESSED I’LL GLADLY UPGRADE MY REVIEW WITH MORE STARS!!!!!!
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4 years ago, pechousc
Absolutely awful!
Brazilians abroad, stay away from the app. This is the second time I tried to subscribe. I paid using iTunes (like any other app) and Globoplay doesn’t recognize the payment, doesn’t me as a member and tries to charge me again. It’s the second time I have to request refund from Apple. The lack of customer service is also impossible to solve this problem. You try to go to Help center and end up in a loop that doesn’t troubleshoot your issue. Just AWFUL!
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4 years ago, Creativerbang
Why are the developers answering in Portuguese?
The developers are answering in Portuguese, and that would be fine, but the problem is, I don’t think people can copy and paste the words in a review here to google translate or something, to see what they mean... Plus the developer is not humble enough to admit that it Has issues on its app, and doesn’t look for a way to fix it. Instead, they go by saying “oh you should do this and this, this is Your issue, it’s not our app’s fault”.
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8 months ago, Elber Ribeiro
Live games stutters constantly from the US
It’s been over 6months that the app Globoplay won’t play live games smoothly. I can stream any live game at any app, but this one. I have gigabit wired internet access and all my Apple TVs have the same issues. Speedtests shows 800mb/s, yet it will stutter, freeze or at times completely stop. Globo needs to investigate if there are any issues with access from the US or if it’s the app. On my iPhone, it works fine in the same WiFi network, but not on ATV.
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1 year ago, Meunomefoitaken
Não compre pelo Apple ID
se vc mora fora do BR, ñ compre a assinatura da globoplay pela Apple, ñ pague usando sua Apple ID e nem dentro do app da Globoplay pagando pelo Apple ID. Minha assinatura nunca foi reconhecida pela Globoplay, pq deu glitch na hora de repassar da Apple p/ a Globo. A Apple não devolveu meu $$ pq tive esse mesmo problema c/ a Globoplay em 2022 w tive q pedir refund. Enqto os developers da Globoplay ñ consertarem esse problema, melhor comprar a assinatura da Globoplay pelo site dele e pagar pelo site do q usar a Apple Pay e correr o risco de ter seu refund negado. Perdi $14 nessa daí! ** pedi reembolso pela Globoplay via chat, via telefone, via Twitter, via Instagram - GLOBOPLAY NÃO REEMBOLSA SE VC PAGOU PELA APPLE E A APPLE NEGA A REEMBOLSAR SÓ PQ ANO PASSADO EU TIVE O MESMO PROBLEMA E PEDI REEMBOLSO PELO GLITCH! Não assinem usando APPLE ID
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4 years ago, marcioguitar
Application freezing - Audio disappears - Apple TV
This application doesn’t work properly on any Apple TV devices! Image freezes constantly, audio muted for at least 15 seconds time to time! I personally already contacted Globo support and they are horrible!!! They technically don’t have experienced attendants to hold complains and they don’t give us any feedback! I even opened a support ticket twice and no one returned back. Perhaps they don’t care about the customers they of course still changing on a monthly basis. I am looking to sue!!!!!
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7 months ago, MineiraBH
Subtitle and language
I love this Globo Play app, but I give it 3 stars because it has terrible subtitles and language. I don't understand why Globo hasn't updated this part of the app yet. Globo has already exported soap operas to various parts of the world, and even so the app doesn’t have language options. I can't even manage the subtitles in Portuguese. Waiting for updates
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11 months ago, JasperLeite
The update Yesterday doesn’t make any difference, I am still having the same problems.I have Sling tv and Globoplay coming in the package. In the past few months, this app isn’t working properly. You have to keep sign in all the time, and some errors messages. Globoplay não consta em seu pacote de operadora Volte à página inicial e faça uma assinatura ou acesse com outra operadora. Código do erro: 3LZVMZCe. I am doing what they asked, but nothing make this app works. Please fix it this issue.
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1 year ago, Rai CW
I’d give zero stars if I could - Daria Zero estrelas se pudesse
I paid the subscription on Monday and today Wednesday still don’t have access to the content. I have tried to reach out to customer service from 2 different fronts and still don’t have a solution or even a concrete response from them. 3 days paying for a monthly subscription without access. Eu paguei a assinatura segunda feira, hoje já é quarta e continuo sem acesso ao conteúdo para assinantes. Tentei contato com o suporte por dois lugares e eles não me deram nem uma tentativa de solução. Três dias pegando por uma assinatura que é mensal sem acesso.
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4 years ago, DrNo999
Difficult to pay and get help
We have used this app for years with a Brazilian account, usually worked fine. My Brazilian wife loves the content so we used to be long term subscribers. When we tried to renew our credit card in the app, I spent a few hours trying to get my new credit card in the system without success. Method of payment choices seemed to be all Brazil-based. The chat was useless, spent two hours with chat and finally they blamed my credit card provider and signed off. I would gladly pay the $14 per month but they won’t accept my money. I had to switch to Sling to see part of the content, would switch back but no one seems to be able to help. If you’re a casual user, stay away until they get their act together.
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2 months ago, GabyCCR
Can’t access my account.
They charged me for the month and it won’t allow me to access my account. It keeps showing a message that I need to pay to watch any videos but I already paid and they took it out of my account. And when I try logging in it keeps showing that I’ve paid to log in again and when I log in again it tells me to pay again.
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4 years ago, LordEnzoUchiha
No customer service to answer simple questions
Im a huuuge fan of the novelas , i was excited to know this app would be available to stream on my apple tv , but ugh its so confusing , when i try to sign up for it , it shows me a subscription price in R$ , 22,90 to be exact, so whats up with that? How do i know it wont charge me $22,90 in US dollars?i called , texted and emailed and so far , 20 days later and nothing , no response...
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5 months ago, Decf89
Waste of money
The app worked fine during the first month of the subscription, then I started to have the login issues after renewing my subscription. Despite changing my password multiple times, I still couldn't access my account. Additionally, the lack of customer service support for users outside of Brazil made itimpossible to seek assistance for the login problem.
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4 years ago, euodeiooscomerciais
Lost content news
My main reason to have the app is to see the news! Guess what? They use the NEWS time to criticize the actual government to the point of ridiculous! I was hoping for more content of what is going on in the country, I mean national news! Frustrating! I don’t really care about the gvt. Frustrating anyway
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12 months ago, Porta loca
I contacted Apple and Globo to try to fix this issue and no one knows what to do…. I can’t watch a single live show without interruption. Stream keeps on moving back and forth, skipping scenes in every channel. All other platforms work with no issues…. Developer sent an email asking if the app had the latest version. Yes, AppleTV updates automatically. All apps work fine except Globoplay.
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4 years ago, Meca Susu
I stop setting up the app until they asked for an ID
I never seen a streaming service asking for social security or tax ID number. This was a turn off for me being that those are personal information even though it says it won’t share it with anyone. As long there is a payment I feel that these information shouldn’t be required. Sad for not using this app and watch some of the novelas from my childhood.
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8 months ago, jocasc133
Terrible app.
Almost a decade later and this little tv station cant make a tv app that works. Despite subscribing and paying to watch the news here, there are two advertisements every 5-7 minutes, including before playing the video. To make things worse it is the same Nu Bank advertisement repeated over an over again. Ridiculous.
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