Korean English Dictionary 영한사전

4.5 (130)
71.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bravolol Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Korean English Dictionary 영한사전

4.47 out of 5
130 Ratings
1 year ago, 캔진린
It’s useful for me to translate Korean & English.I love this app🤍
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6 years ago, Purewaters
The app keeps crashing
I have been using this app for a year, but lately it has been crashing so often to the point of being unusable. Deleting this app.
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9 years ago, NattiCatt
Best I've used
This has done a lot of work towards helping me learn Korean. The one draw back I've noticed is that if you don't know how a word is conjugated for tense it's really hard to find roots sometimes. Other times there are slang meanings and this doesn't help with that at all. Like "cool" in English also means good, those kinds of slang meanings are missing which leaves you either clueless as to if you found the right word or simply guessing about the use of the word.
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9 years ago, melonfilms
Very useful
I was pretty fluent with Korean about 28 years ago, but have not had the opportunity to speak much over the years. This dictionary allows me to look up multiple meanings of similar sounds or words that I mad forgotten, and it assists by giving suggestions that are close to the spelling as I type. I like how there are multiple definitions, and it can also look words up in English. This is a well designed app.
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11 years ago, AbathaKP
Good, quick reference
Provides short definitions for words. It's easy to look up any word as it assists you by listing all words using the characters you have typed in so far. Has pronunciation for most words. Able to switch keyboards and write in English or Hangul without difficulty. Only down side- not very many sample sentences to aid in understanding the use for the defined word in a sentence.
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8 years ago, EXOreos
I use this app ALL THE TIME, and it's been super helpful. It's easy to search English or Korean words, and the audio feature has helped my pronunciation so much. I use this app whenever I'm watching a Korean show/movie, so I can look up words I hear/read while watching. It's also nice that they have examples of the words in actual sentences so you can better understand a word's meaning and usage.
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12 years ago, Lunafacts
It's okay
It lacks words but you can't expect it to have every word plus Korean doesn't have all the same words as in English. Uhm the problem is when you look up a word and theres like 10 different translations..idk whats right or wrong. But all in all its pretty good.
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10 years ago, setyte
Best One I've found
Great as far as I can tell. It is helping me learn by allowing me to search whole terms or the individual parts. It works well as a true dictionary to look up while reading. Both Korean apps from this developer seem accurate and helpful.
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9 years ago, Gennygk
I'm surprisingly impressed with this dictionary. It offers a variety of word choices within definitions and breaks them down. If you want the romanization it provides it. The listening feature and copy feature have been useful.
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11 years ago, Carlsbad reader
Trustworthy about 97% of the time
Not perfect, but some of what I consider "wrong" might just be preference. Pronunciation capability a huge huge plus. While not nearly as irregular as English, when you learn Korean in depth you quickly realize there are many words that don't follow normal pronunciation.
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11 years ago, Travelslikeabollix
Pretty good
This is my go to app for translation English to Korean or vice versa. It's faster than Internet searches and it has most of the words I search for. Also, I just discovered that you can click on each translation and get more nuanced uses for them. Love this app^^
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11 years ago, RyuAoya
Pretty good
I like this dictionary , but I wish they explained the words better. Explain how to use them a bit, because in certain situations you can't just simply pick a word out. It's a bit confusing. I love this dictionary though overall
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9 years ago, Hirobird
This dictionary has a nice layout, and I really like the audio function to hear the words I'm looking up. It'd be nice if there were more example sentences with the words, but overall I'm satisfied! 감사합니다!
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12 years ago, ybnormalkt
Almost too many options!
Works well no matter what language you type in! Only thing is, you then have to pick from multiple definitions and sometimes it's unclear which is correct.
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7 years ago, brecov
Great for studying
Great app, easy to use and I like that it has an extra online search option if the word your looking for doesn't pop up in their dictionary.
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12 years ago, Earnzt
This is by far the best dictionary I've used for Korean! It's a little tricky because you have to actually enter dictionary form of the word to be able to look it up, but overall I think it's really good! :D
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11 years ago, Zhan Cao
Useful , worth of paying
I found this series of dictionaries very useful while learning Japanese and Korean , I am learning both now , trying to recite core words.
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11 years ago, Mdusk
Excellent but with bugs
I have an iPhone5 and the program quits unexpectedly. I had the same problem with it on my iPod. That is my only issue with it. Everything else is excellent. Syntax is great. The tips are extremely useful. The pronunciation is accurate. It's helpful and apart from the quitting unexpectedly, it's easy-to-use.
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11 years ago, Technowire
I love this dictionary! It's useful , accurate, and efficient. I love that I can hear the word pronunciation and also hear the context of some words as well! Really useful! I definitely recommend this app!
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11 years ago, KoreanDramaFan
I've been studying korean for a year and a half and have used another translator that doesn't get into as much detail as this one does! I really like the improvements this app has undergone.
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9 years ago, caseypenk
Pretty good
The app is useful and gets you right into the definition, with auto-fill search results. But the ads are incredibly annoying! They take up the full screen and pop up ever search or two. And they cost $3 to remove. I might pay $1.
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11 years ago, Seyvagraen
Love this dictionary! This is much better than having to flip through a book and trying to figure out how to say a word. This comes with audio too :D
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11 years ago, Paradise-kiss
I use it everyday
It's pretty useful and I like it that I can use it without WIFI since I use iPod touch. But I do not like that sometimes it won't translate certain words, especially everyday language. I wish it'll include all of it but other than that I use it everyday:))
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11 years ago, 한국말사랑하는여자
The worst.
Missing the most basic words, plus the English definitions are ridiculous...it responds with words that even I, an educated native English speaker, don't use or understand! Oh and why can't I search for 하다 endings instead of just the root word? This app makes my Korean study incredibly frustrating...I definitely DO NOT recommend this app.
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11 years ago, LucyJayFR
Very useful
For there aren't many apps on the market to look up Korean words, I think it's one of the better one. The pronunciation helps a lot!
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10 years ago, Walle3546
제일 좋아해!
🙏 I thoroughly enjoy this app and it's ease of use. This app performs spontaneous word evaluation whether you type in English or Korean. That's why I love this app. Quick, accurate, and simple to use.
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11 years ago, Yungyunggillgill
Good but toooooooo much ads.. When i tried to listen to the word, the ad just suddenly appears right before i press the butten so i had to turn off the page and do it all over again... But i dont wanna buy the full version just to hide the ads!!! D:
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9 years ago, sleepy0735
It's useful not needed Wifi. Sometimes searching the words in internet is a better way, but I like this app.
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9 years ago, diddoh
Useful tool
I'm trying to teach myself Korean and this is a useful tool for quickly checking your memory or looking up a word.
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9 years ago, philip4g
Works great
Works great. Dictionary is large, though there have been cases where the word I wanted wasn't found. Pronunciation feature is awesome.
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11 years ago, D e n e e
This dictionary has, like, every word in the world in it. It's SO helpful; I can't think of anything to improve it either!
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10 years ago, Tweesings
Best of the worst
Some words aren't here or doesn't have the right meaning but it's definitely better than any other English korean dictionary out there without paying 10 bucks, so I'll take what I can get.
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8 years ago, Flaggfury
Korean dictionary
Very, very useful. Can translate both Korean type and English to Korean. Long sentences as well. I use daily in my studies
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11 years ago, mariakimmy
It's a nice and very helpful application but sometimes i find it difficult when i'm looking for a word
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11 years ago, Afandi12
Nice and helpful
Very nice and fast. But would be better if example sentences with different usages are added.
Show more
11 years ago, Karrina2010
This dictionary is very helpful! I especially like the speak option so I will know how to say it!
Show more
11 years ago, Sandi7
Ok but limited
It is ok for basic organic translations but not every day word uses. A simple translation for "get lost" it cannot give. We need to translate words we are likely to use every day.
Show more
11 years ago, Tocaire
Splendid app!
I love this app, but could you please install the English-Romanic-(other language) in the arabic and russian version as well? It would make me so happy!
Show more
12 years ago, Takwndogirl
Super easy to use
This is very east use and I like how synonyms and different uses of words show up!!
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11 years ago, BJlands
Easy to use. Missing some common words. Overall very helpful.
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11 years ago, MissGank
Good but limited
It's a good dictionary for what it is. Doesn't have every word nor does it have sentence examples. However it's very fast.
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11 years ago, Sayuri h.
My favorite Korean/English dic.
I like that now we can put in the romanized spellings. It helps sometimes if I can't spell it right in Hangul.
Show more
8 years ago, RoseDiaz
Very useful!
It's very handy and my vocabulary has expanded ever since downloading it.
Show more
11 years ago, B-777
Real help
Very easy to use. Really necessary. Can't travel without it. Thanks.
Show more
12 years ago, Lionowilson
Descent Ap
Not bad, sometimes lacking on words but overall pretty good
Show more
12 years ago, araericako
The korean english dictionary
This is quite useful in some ways but it sometimes didnt have the words that i was looking for:(
Show more
12 years ago, GGok Jee
일할때 좋아요
This is really good for any place when you need Korean-English dictionary.
Show more
12 years ago, (-)mina(-)
I can't believe that I can speak korean almost good enough I love this app :))
Show more
12 years ago, Awcw77
Limited vocabulary
Not that many words
Show more
12 years ago, sauceolino
Since apple sends you push notifications which you cannot stop when not using an app I will never ever update a free app again.
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