Lucky Stars 满天星

4.3 (63)
27.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
CronlyGames Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lucky Stars 满天星

4.25 out of 5
63 Ratings
5 years ago, Gnewtie
Where are coins?
I’ve bought 40 coins for .99 and get charged but they never show up. What’s up with that?
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5 years ago, clwvlw
Lucky stars
Fun game but it freezes up a lot.
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3 years ago, tootie boops
I love this relaxing and enjoyable..try will like it too!
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11 years ago, Getting together
Lucky Stars
This used to be a great playing game. Now half the time it doesn't work. I've had to delete it and re-install approx. 3-4 times. Now it is working now but way TOO many breaks in the game advertising other games. Cannot enjoy the game with all the breaks and it freezes up after completing the first game. Get it fixed and bring it back the way it was, please!!! Fix this game once and for all before no one wants to play.
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7 years ago, pauluife
Great Game
This is a cool game but please, please, please get rid of the share option. It's very annoying!
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6 years ago, Willynl
Nice game
Some adds, but nice to play.
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5 years ago, Spiderground
Way too many ads now. What happened?
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6 years ago, TeeMazz
Too many ads
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6 years ago, Awesome Christmas
Love it
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12 years ago, BaconR
Fun, but
Some instructions would have been nice, but finally figured it out. Second, board needs to rotate to landscape view. Max level needs to increase and too expensive for purchase.
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9 years ago, Tallykat 8:)
Simply Complex
As easy as matching two stars of the same color, as complex as seeing patterns and knowing how the colors will fall. Do you try to eliminate 20 stars together for mega points or eliminate them all at the end for a level ending bonus? If you get stuck, there are brushes and bombs to help you to the next level. Great game when you have a little time to kill.
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9 years ago, SiXiXiX
Ruined the Game!
My 69-year old mother LOVED this game. She played it for hours every day for the past year. I had apps set to update automatically. It CRASHES constantly, breaks in on your game with ADs. Oh, and the new UI is HIDEOUS, by the way. Black with depressing colors. The old UI was cheery and had pretty colors. Mom's been crying for the past half hour. I'm going to have to spend this weekend repairing an old computer to see if I can restore the old version. Terrible mistake! Please bring back the old version. I'll PAY to make my mother stop crying!
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9 years ago, Smurf Engineer
If it's not broke don't fix it!!
I played the original version for about a year and I've played this version for a few months. I didn't like the new colors and graphics but got used to them but not sure why the face lift. I hate the addition of the two color block. This game is all about strategy and the two color block hurts more the it helps. I think it should go. The frequent crashing has to be fixed!!
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12 years ago, Not Great, Not Terrible
Almost there...
All of the stars I gave this app are for fun and simplicity. The other two stars would be given for a MENU feature, a HIGH SCORE feature, a single UNDO (backup one move) feature, and being able to TURN OFF the irritating sound effects that stay when you MUTE the music. Otherwise this game is great. But could be better.... :)
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12 years ago, Magneticeyz
Im enjoying the free version a lot but I am having a problem. I bought the Full Version onto my IPhone 4s and the purchase went through but the free version has not been upgraded. I want to change that annoying song that plays while I am playing. It's annoying!!! Help!!!
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11 years ago, 席娃
I was like this game,but not anymore because always cased too many problem, I have to delete then install again, also I already paid money a lot. It is not worth.
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12 years ago, Shannon673
Love It
This is a nice simple relaxing game, just the right amount of challenge when you don't want to have to over think everything, I recommend it
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12 years ago, Cookeecucu
It's an addictive game
I love this game!! But it's very addictive but also I like playing it, it also helps my little cousin know her colors and it also help her in matching I like this game a lot it's very helpful and fun :) more people should play this game :)
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11 years ago, nunya24
fun game, but keeps freezing up
I found this game this week & really enjoy it, but it freezes up on me quite often (so I have to delete the app completely & then re-load it & start over). Hopefully they'll get the kinks worked out soon--it's quite fun to play! highly recommended
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13 years ago, baranet1
Fun game. I like that even after you have gone thru all the free levels it just starts you back over again.
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12 years ago, Re Baird
Fun game
Love this game!! I only wish it would keep your scores, so you can see if you can beat your last score. Other than that it's great fun and entertainment ?
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12 years ago, Addy021
Good game u can get a lot of points when u play when u get passed a level the little star jumps up in the air it's so cute
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8 years ago, liltrucker123
Sometimes when I hit "Again" to try and take another stab at getting the "goal" (so that you can move on to the next round), it starts the game over with my goal being 1,000 but my points remaining the same.
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12 years ago, Harborles
I enjoy the game but I am disappointed that it doesn't save a game in progress. It also offers me an upgrade but won't let me upgrade. For these reasons I will only give the app 3 stars. They need to work out the bugs and make the game a 5 star game.
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11 years ago, Nick Anarchy
Update killed it
I'm so addicted to this game! But the new update ruined it! Ads pop up in between every level and I keeps freezing. I have to delete and then reinstall almost every time I want to play!! Fix this please!!!
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12 years ago, Kana arts
Same Stars
Fun to play, but directions need to be explained in better English. You'll enjoy this as it's similar to playing Tetris..
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12 years ago, Timmaahhh29
Addicting Game! Perfect when you are stuck waiting for hours.
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11 years ago, Suboog
Freezing... Still
Even after loading update to fix this problem, it is still freezing consistently. Please fix! I do enjoy playing. This game is addictive!
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12 years ago, Dam wife
Blasted STARS
Mindless fun until the stars crash on your head and you lose that level!
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12 years ago, Tigherlvr
Loved the game, really makes me think!! I notice that I concentrate really hard on my moves! Get it and give it a try!"
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9 years ago, Alifinck
Not Good!
I've been playing the original version for years. Just opened it today and found the new version and I am not happy. The idea of different modes of play is good, but the set up is not that easily navigated. Can't stand all of the ads - ESPECIALLY SINCE I PAID FOR THE AD-FREE VERSION YEARS AGO ALONG WITH ALL OF THE UPGRADES! Now what?! Guess it's back to playing Bejeweled now.
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12 years ago, Deb1928
Lucky Stars
I like it ! I just wish I didn't have to upgrade to get past level 10! Which I won't be doing!
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12 years ago, Littlesht
Stupid stars
It's very addicting. I get annoyed that I can't get very far with it. It will hold your attention.
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9 years ago, Sony cristy
Awful what they did
I hate all the stupid pop up ads that come up and interrupt the game I bought the upgrade to avoid this I also don't like that to keep playing one has to buy coins
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8 years ago, Steelkrow
Too many glitches and adds
I used to love this game, but when it was updated problems began. The game shuts down in the middle of playing. An add randomly cuts you off in mid-play...not nice. I'm almost ready to delete it.
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9 years ago, Renee@tutu
This is a crock
Are you serious!!!!! Why in the world would you change this game! It was obviously great the way that it was! I liked the bright colors and the fact that it wasn't timed! You should offer both versions! This one really stinks!!!!!!!! Got to look for a new game now!
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12 years ago, Soddyrock
Stars Rocks!
I love this game, very addictive. I tried the free and I'm ready to buy without ads. Try it, you will love it.
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9 years ago, Mottanoyjha
Good game
I like this game but hate when have a lot of commercial pop up when I'm playing - love old version more but just can't find it!
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12 years ago, Grandpa_Ed
Simple way to spend time while waiting.
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11 years ago, nurse195829
Lucky Stars HD
Fun game, great sound effects. Wish there were more ways to help get all the stars to leave the board.
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11 years ago, Unsound04
Fun, addictive, great way to waste some time and time does fly playing it! Well done!
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9 years ago, woody4907
You took a game that I loved to play every day and turned it into one I will be removing from all of my devices. What were you thinking or trying to do? The old game had such good reviews, why change it? Newer doesn't always mean better.
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11 years ago, Sarachiw
Pop stars
Great game but pop up adds are super irritating
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9 years ago, Lala7stgo
Lucky Stars
I was hot mad at the new update. Than I figured it out love the mode/levels and extra help.
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9 years ago, DKLPHX
Endless fun
I find myself matching colors instead of doing my housework!
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12 years ago, hisyoder
Game is fun take it to your dr. Office call,you won't care how long you have to wait when playing this.
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12 years ago, My granny on 2/6/2012
Same Star
I love this game. I wish that I had found this one earlier.
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11 years ago, E bers
Latest update
Since the update it's frozen. How can I unfreeze it! Used to love the game - can't play it now!
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12 years ago, Tiggety
This game is addicting but it does not go past level 10 unless u purchase
Show more
9 years ago, !Diane!
Not an improvement
I hate the new version. The old one was just fine and I enjoyed many years of play. I loved the format of the old one. Why didn't I have a choice of keeping the old version? You people messed up badly. D.Barnum
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