Mahjong Solitaire: Classic

4.8 (45.3K)
322.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
BitMango, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mahjong Solitaire: Classic

4.76 out of 5
45.3K Ratings
4 years ago, crucibelle
Amazing Game!
I love this game so much! I have several Mahjong apps and this one is among the best. The puzzles are not easy, but not so difficult as to be frustrating. I really enjoy the feature that lets you shuffle for 20 coins rather than losing the game and having to start over. Even when I do elect to start a game over rather than shuffle— I really appreciate the fact that I am presented with a ‘shuffled’ version of the game, rather than all the tiles being placed in the same order as the previous board. This keeps the game interesting and far less prone to cause boredom and frustration. I have an anxiety disorder and this game helps me to relax and keep my mind occupied. Also - and this may be difficult to believe, but I have empirical evidence - playing this game actually lowers my blood pressure significantly! I always play a few rounds of the game in bed at night, as it helps me unwind and thus sleep more soundly. Another important thing to mention is that it is very inexpensive to get rid of the ads on this game. The developers of this app are definitely NOT greedy, in the least... my thanks and best wishes to the brilliant and kind developers!
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4 years ago, cutie patootie🐼🐼
Cool but hard👌😐😣😤
I only had this game for two days but the levels are kind of getting harder and harder trying to find the same thing every single time I ate it some levels are real easy and the others are really hard my sister helps me play the game we played together but it makes it 10 times easier alone it’s soooooooooooooooooo hard I mean it’s good for if you’re in a car or on a road trip and you’re bored and if you’re bored and watching a movie at the movie theaters at your funny to watch it is her play it but to me it’s pretty hard I read other reviews on cube surfer girl said that it was hard and the ads even let me play and I got the high score even in the alley and she was hard but it actually is kind of hard because it’s all in Japanese or Chinese I don’t really know about itMy sister even said it makes her head explode it’s so hard because your times two which makes it 10 times harder is it to get three stars normally I get three stars stars there are just some level set my gosh I’m going i’m going to have to press the shuffle button and two I have no more coins oh and don’t get me started about the help button I press it 24 seven because I don’t know where it is I literally only have three coins now because of how much are you I can get off this app and go to the game to literally show you I have three coins anyway it’s a great game if you’re bored on a road trip or something just hard😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡👌👌👌👌👌😐😐😐😐
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5 years ago, ellaistired
I love it (suggestion)
It is a really fun game to play, seriously I just can't stop playing to the point where I close my eyes and all I see are the tiles haha. Though I do have one suggestion!! When you lose because there are no more matches and the pieces need shuffled the only option is to watch an ad to continue playing which will shuffle the tiles for you. I really wish there was an option to either watch the ad and get the tiles shuffled or to use your coins to instead shuffle the tiles as you don't get a chance to do that once the game tells you that there aren't any matches left to make. It feels like it defeats the purpose of having the coins to use to shuffle the tiles in the first place! Other than that I'm really enjoying the game, the music makes me feel like I'm playing a video game and receiving a quest from somebody haha.
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4 months ago, .: chibisuke :.
fun and addicting, but…
After a while, you notice that you run into times where you need to shuffle because there’s no more pairs left. Not just once in awhile, but almost every time. You either have to watch ads or use in-app coins, that you either have to accumulate with level wins or by using real money. I get that it has to happen now and again for the app to make money, but it’s almost at 100%! This is the normal play mode (Packages, I believe). However, in the Daily mode, I don’t remember that i’ve ever gotten a dead end, so it seems like this is done deliberately. I picked this up after years of not playing and have really gotten into it again that I’m willing to use actual money now and again, but now I think I’ll just delete it. The game is too money hungry. There’s already a sticky ad at the bottom (not a bother at all). Again, I get the dead ends to result in an ad every once in a while, but not this much. This is too much, devs. Sounds, animations, options to change themes, etc. are all nice, but this deliberate manipulation is annoying and ruins the game for me. I just want a relaxing game now and again. Moving onto Netflix’s Mahjong game. Progress is also saved onto the cloud.
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3 years ago, Foxy Lv43
Mahjong 🀄️
A great game an to be able to connect w/ a good concentration an helps me with making the move is it a test yes for me , after all since I have stopped playing a few of my favorite brain games this is do to my stress seizures an I thank you for all the learning that I can get help for w/ out having to pay for something that I need help with doing! I appreciate all 🌟🌟🌟🌟🙏✊ At a hard time our people need to realize that we all no matter who you are that we all are bothers an sisters family an we all bleed the same even though we may not look the same, PTSD disorder nerve damage to that is something that mentally physically I fight an the world needs to not let We the people cause us to go back wards cause today is a reason for keeping your mind sharp cause politically we don’t need to have our government screw up where I no I have had to fight every day to live w/ pain an a lot of loss ! So doing something that can sharpen your brain an make you happy to just move on an succeed mentally emotionally! Smart fox 🦊
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5 years ago, Hymn Hummer
Have loved it, but recent problem!
I have loved this game for a VERY long time! I look forward to playing the daily challenge every day and seeing the neat picture at the end of the month after completing all the daily challenges. However, after completing the challenges for September, the October calendar now shows all the dates on the calendar with a padlock. The game allows me to select the date and play the game, but as soon as the game is complete, the entire game freezes! No reward! I have to exit the game and reboot it. Then it shows that I have not even started the daily challenge! I have redone the same puzzle 4 or 5 times! I have tried everything I can think of, including rebooting my phone! Still no luck. I would hate to lose one of my favorite games, but this is frustrating enough to make me want to ditch it! Is anyone else having this problem? UPDATE: The support team fixed the problem! My daily challenge is working again! Thank you! I can now enjoy my game again! Hooray!
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4 years ago, Raven123345677
Really good game
I love this game just for the simple fact that it is extremely relaxing and a stress reliever. It’s a great way to end your day because it will give you something to focus on other than what’s happening in your life. I personally will spend hours on end playing this just because of how relaxing this game is. It works as an adult coloring in a sense because of what this game does. It’s very easy just to listen to music and play and get lost because of how focused you are on the game. I would recommend this game not only for stressful days just trust me we all have those, but also just for fun because even though this game is relaxing/calming it’s super fun to play. Highly recommend this game.
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5 years ago, Anna ;))
Fun but Annoying
Tbh, I love the game and it helps with speed. i have a ton of games on my phone and this one is my favorite. i love it so much to the point that every second i have free time, I’m playing this. BUT, there is just one thing that i hate about this game—the ads. i know that u can pay $1.99 for no ads, but i find it so stupid that every time you advance to another level or you pause the game and want to continue playing, you have to watch a one minute ad that cuts into your free time. i know it’s pretty cheap to pay for no ads, but i think there is way way way way way too many ads. personally, i think there should be less ads even though that’s how the company gets $money$. I’m saying this because i think the company should acknowledge that i really really really want to delete the app because the ads are annoying. pls don’t get me wrong-i love the app BUT the ads are annoying. sincerely, ~Annika (pronounced onica)
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2 years ago, 1stchoice898
Mahjong solitaire
Love the game. I don’t understand why after you play a few games the screen freezes up. Then I have to power off my iPad and repower. Not one bit happy with that situation. Do you have any pointers? I’ve downloaded the game several times and it did not correct the issue. I have the game loaded on both my iPads and the problem exist with both. Sure would appreciate some pointers. I’m frustrated. I’ve been playing this game for years and enjoy it immensely. One big problem. For about a year now on both my iPads and my laptop I have this issue. When I press matching cards a matching card from a different territory will activate and I was no where near it. I can’t believe that you would jimmy the game just to have people buy more coins. Pretty slick on your part. Disappointed on mine.
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3 years ago, Cfree1029free
Used to love this game before update
This used to be my favorite game until the upgrade where the icon picture changed. Since then it has not functioned properly- when tiles are clustered close together it is unable to register when I am choosing one of them. I have played this literally hundreds of times and I know the difference between available and unavailable tiles so please don’t think this is user error. It has become so frustrating that I basically have stopped playing. It has made it impossible to go fast and get 3 stars. Every once in awhile I check in to see if this problem has been fixed. At first I thought it was an issue of compatibility with my iPhone which was old but I recently upgraded to a new phone and the problem is still there. I am so disappointed. The only thing I can even guess about this problem is that my preference for a small phone and therefore small screen (formerly iPhone 8, now iPhone 12 mini) is not compatible with the game.
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3 years ago, Tristan's Mom
Love Hate this game!
I love this game and it’s the best version I’ve found! With that being said I absolutely hate things about this app and it’s purely a glitch! I am a perfectionist and won’t move on to a new level until I’ve gotten 3 stars (I can’t be the only one that does this!!) anyway, sometimes when I restart a level the timer isn’t full and will either already be flashing in the red about to drop a star or sometimes it’s half between the third star and the starting point. I then have to re-start the level sometimes 2 or 3 times. SUPER frustrating! Also I have a loading issue unless I play in airplane mode which is also super frustrating!! I tolerate the excessive adds but don’t always want to be in airplane mode and render my phone useless! I tried reaching out to help desk got no response maybe now I will.
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4 weeks ago, Reddyedemon
Great game!!
I play this to just pass time, but it definitely has advantages more than just being a matching game. During my time playing, it has increased my visible awareness in the best way. Its become easier to type on my phone without looking when I am sending a message. I can see and point out what exactly I need in the grocery store when I’m looking for something that has a lot of brands producing the same product. My brain has processed a lot more faster than it had before I played this game!! Definitely fun but also has knowledgeable effects!!
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3 years ago, Perkyblue
Don’t bother with in-app purchases
It’s a good Mahjong game. I really wanted to love this game because it’s the best I’ve found since my previous favorite stopped updating and no longer works. Since I liked it so much I was willing to pay for the “Beginner’s Bundle,” which gives a lot of coins (needed to use shuffles) and removes ads. But after purchasing the bundle nearly 3 weeks ago and going back & forth with support, I still haven’t gotten what I’ve paid for. I’ve made in-app purchases for games many times before; I cannot understand what the issue is. They have suggested themselves that I contact Apple for a refund, but I’d much rather just get what I paid for. But they’re still not giving me the bundle that I purchased, so I guess I’ll be asking Apple for a refund and deleting this game since they won’t let me pay them to remove the ads. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, IDTXGal
First, I enjoy the game. A lot. I’ve seen tremendous improvement since I started playing. I consistently beat the clock! And it has held my interest. That’s the good part. The bad? Too many ads, too often, interrupting the game! I honestly don’t mind the ads BEFORE and AFTER a game, but it is incredibly annoying DURING a game. If you’d fix that annoying feature, I’d give five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. PLEASE modify the game to EXCLUDE the interrupting and annoyingly repetitive ads (in the middle of a game), or offer a one-time payment to eliminate the ads entirely. One other issue: too often the game stops with just two tiles left on the board (to conclude a game) and plenty of time on the clock, and the game stops to demand 20 coins (pts?) or the game ends and I have to start the game over. That’s an annoying feature. Arbitrary, punitive and patently unfair.
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1 year ago, Greebler9
I like the game, but the advertisements are constantly repeated and I’m determined to never buy one of the Mindscape games. I’m ready to delete the app because it’s difficult if not impossible to get out of what is a 30-second advertisement when animated fingers won’t end until you give up and quit the game if you don’t want to be bullied into buying the game in the advertisement. It already makes you pay for new games and urges you to contribute money to a piggyback for points. Whoever devised this game must be making a fortune from people who continue to play it and buy more games because it can be addicting and used to be a game that would wake me up and get my brain working.
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2 years ago, Zmry
Favorite Game
I absolutely love this game, unfortunately I spend about two hours playing this awesome game forgetting about my chores and breakfast. Yep first thing I do in morning is play this game. The tiles are getting way too small which takes longer to get my three stars. I won’t settle for any stars less than three, no matter how many times I play the same game. I have however found many of the same game pattern at higher levels, Lake, and Mist in particular. The premium games are so colorful. At 67, I think I’m doing great. Highly recommend this game…
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4 years ago, marinara lasagna
Really good but kinda glitches a little
It is really fun and I like it a lot but at one point it would freeze up and the screen would go darker saying mahjong or something. You can press the buttons to go somewhere else but it would act like I never touched it at all. Nothing would happen. I would have to reset it and go to the next level but when I was done the same thing would happen. I’m sorry but l had to get it out of my mind. It’s super fun don’t get me wrong it would be a five star if that glitch wasn’t there. I hope the people who made this are reading this so they can fix it. And that is my opinion. ( I am not hating OK!!)
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2 years ago, Slow Poke Annie
Mahjong solitaire
A very addictive game I enjoy playing this game but it has frozen on me so many times that I have had to delete the ap and reinstall it. The problem then is that it starts all over again instead of picking up where I left off. I don’t understand why it doesn’t recognize that I have been playing before. I wish it would start from my advancements as I have been through a lot of levels ; however this last time I had only gotten probably 1/3 of the way thru Heaven. Any suggestions?
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3 years ago, 19Princess40
My Review of Mahjong
I have searched for a long time for the original (to me) Mahjong game. Finally I got a version that’s really close to what I had on my computer several years ago. The only difference that I can see is on the old version, they gave the option of doing a daily puzzle. That was fun!! I thoroughly enjoy Mahjong and I prefer this basic version over some of the more variable ones. I can whiz through these so I limit myself to a few each day. I hope there will always be new puzzles offered.
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5 years ago, Ma4dinks
Loved the game, tired of the glitches
I love playing this game but I am so tired of the game freezing or failing. I’ll be playing along and the next thing I know I am totally kicked out of the app! I check daily for updates, and there have been game glitch “fixes” in the updates but there are still way too many issues. Still have glitches even after multiple “fixes”. And now the games are so large the pieces are too close to the bottom so I end up hitting hint or shuffle...losing coins in the process...when I really just want to touch on a game piece! Multiple glitches, game freezes and other issues that are not getting resolved! I am getting tired of playing the same level over and over because it freezes up. The fixes on the updates never really fix the problem!
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4 years ago, Dlewis2093
Relaxing, fun, and reasonable cost!
I have played the first set of games and really enjoy this Mahjong game. The games are short, quick, and well done. While you can buy hints and help, when you get stuck, the reshuffle is free if you watch a short about 30 second video. There are no annoying extras, just Mahjong games in varied patterns. If you get stuck a second time, you can simply start the round over. I play when I have a few minutes and usually beat the time at this level. I’m having fun and that’s what I want from a game! I recommend this game!!
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4 years ago, Argreene11
Love the game but....
Actually my autistic son plays this game! I let him thumb through apps one day and he picked this... it has helped tremendously with concentration and he smiles when he completes a puzzle. I have two issues: I've seen him complete a game in 3:27 but you guys have completion at a much higher number. Also the game has starting asking for coins every time there is no match and needs shuffling, instead of offering the watch ads choice as well. If it's a free game, please let it be so. He doesn't mind the ads so offering that as an option works for us. If you could help us with this or explain it would be appreciated! Thank you for helping us help him with his concentration...
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5 years ago, Kydhlfsybk
Very fun, a few small flaws.
To start, the amount of ads in this game isn’t overwhelming, which is great! However, sometimes when an ad starts, the time on the game keeps counting up, even though an unskippable ad is playing. Also, every time I drag my lock screen down (on IPhone) for a split second during a game to simply check the time or a notification, a new ad will play when I come back, in the middle of the game. Also lately the app has been freezing a lot more than normal. Other than these slightly annoying things, this game is quite well-made, has beautiful graphics, and plenty of levels. I really love this app! Definitely worth downloading.
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1 year ago, Paintby#
Broke again
After achieving high level on this game, a Pac-Man like figure came on the screen and froze everything up. The only recourse was to reload which lost my history and took me back to level one…. After starting all over and getting to level four or five…the screen has now turned black and games don’t load. When I reached out for help, their only option was to join through Facebook or Google to save my history. I don’t wish to be connected to fb. A couple yrs ago, fb wiped out my accts and took 6,000 followers/friends with no recourse to reinstate. No trust there. I’ll be looking for another Mahjong if this one doesn’t correct itself and reappear. What good are levels when the game crashes and you loose them all?
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2 years ago, milominute01
Enjoying, but…
Nice game and quite riveting, however, I notice that there are times when I hit certain pairs of tiles and the computer chooses ones I had no intention of striking. What’s the point of such predestined play? Also, why not reward good players with free advancement to subsequent levels, instead of insisting upon payment each time one, no matter the score or ability, moves up to the next level? Have you no reward system for skilled participants who regularly indulge in this online game? Tired of throwing money at you for each new advancement and am seriously contemplating erasing this game from my retinue for the two reasons listed above.
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5 years ago, WrangleWolfe
It’s addicting and fun!
I just found this game last night and I’m addicted already. I already liked mahjong, but the added time challenge is what really sells it for me. I find myself blitzing through levels and every once in a while, the shuffle is rather difficult. I have no clue what those coins and such are used for, but I pay them no mind, I’ve played several levels and never used them for anything. If I find out, I’ll update this review. Otherwise, a really solid game, and the ads aren’t even super obtrusive or anything! Worth a try!
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4 years ago, mediumsatan
This used to be my favorite app; there were no ads and if you couldn’t finish a level because of the way the computer generated the level, you were able to shuffle the tiles for free. Now, the app is overrun with ads and if you need to shuffle you have to pay for it or watch yet another ad. ALSO?????? I’ve made 1-3 in-app purchases to remove the ads AND hit ”restore purchases” MULTIPLE times and I have still not received my purchases. At all. And yes, I did have the charges come out of my bank. So?? I wish there was a way to get those refunded or to get my actual purchases so I don’t have to have all these ads. anyways, I’m really disappointed and I wish I could reset this app to the way it was a year or two ago before all of the recent updates. Really really sad.
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5 years ago, Lakeside Red
Making Classic
Tons of fun!!! Great way to challenge yourself and that ‘special’ someone to see who can get the better score for each level. Highly recommend that you pay the $1.99 to remove the pesky ads. The game is free and the company needs to get resources somewhere to keep putting these games online for our enjoyment. I love the Bimango games. Some sites do not let you remove the ads. When that happens- I delete the game. Keep up the great work Bitmango. Don’t change your ‘classic’ games please. I like them because they are the original.
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7 months ago, Grannie213
Great Game!
When my last iPad died, I lost my old Mahjong game which was also from your company, but was somewhat different. One difference was the number of stars which could be obtained in each round; it was five instead of the three in this version. But the tiles are the same and I was very happy to find this version as I had gotten quite familiar with them. It’s a great game and I will continue to enjoy it, but I still miss the five star version. Is it by any chance still available?
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5 years ago, Zama-Shi
Think Quick
The boards entice you to make quick moves. Some of the tiles resemble each other, but are not, so you have to try to think quick and scan and move quickly. Being over 70, I guess that it makes me feel GOOD when I can think and move quickly and I laugh at myself when I don’t. At least I have an excuse! (HAHA)! What’s yours? Just kidding! Enjoy! Maybe, eat a bowl of ramen or some kimchi for inspiration. Bottom line, ENJOY and when you get stuck for a few seconds, just think of me and laugh, then hurry and keep playing!
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4 years ago, Zach's Nana
Long time coming !
All through my growing up years I heard about Chinese and Yiddish ladies playing Mahjong , but I never knew what it was all about . And I never had any desire to find out either . I don’t know what made me try it now , but I’m so glad that I did . I don’t play silly Candy Crush games and those like it . I usually only play word games , but this is an exercise for the mind and when you get to be my age you need to exercise the mind as well as the body . As the saying goes ... “ If you don’t use it ,you lose it .”
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3 years ago, louking48
I’ve been playing this game for quite a while and I like it very much. In the last few weeks though, several times when I have two tiles left, one on top of the other, and I watch an ad, when it comes back from the ad, the tiles are not on the screen any longer, and the timer is running. Very frustrating to play the whole game, with a good time, and not be able to finish or get the win, points, three stars. I keep hoping one of the updates/bug fixes will take care of this. But not so far.
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2 years ago, Fishybeesknees
Easy, relaxing game that’s FUN TO PLAY
I have tried at least a dozen mahjong matching games, and deleted the apps just as quickly because the games trapped me into buying time extensions or shuffles before I could even advance a few levels. Not this game! I can search, match, and move up with no stress or selling gimmicks. I am glad your game keeps it simple and clear, showing me which tiles are free to match. That is a great feature! I hope to continue to enjoy playing this game.
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4 years ago, Steeltest
Screen blanking out after ads.
Since the last iOS update to 13.3, on an iPhone 8, the screen often goes blank (black) after an ad, when it should be setting up a new board. The app completely locks out and backing out and restarting it doesn’t help. Only completely resetting the phone clears the issue, until it blanks out again. I have since discovered this issue with other games apps as well, so it appears to be directly related to the latest iOS update conflicting with these apps. The developer has responded likewise, and says is working on a solution.
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2 years ago, ****FRUSTRATED****
Simple & fun
Easy game but can be challenging. The app is somewhat balky on my iPad however after viewing the advertisements at the end of each challenge. Several times, I could not return to the app after watching an advertisement, negating the doubling of the coins I earned by watching the ad. Another issue that I’ve had is with “x” to close out some advertisements after the required time, are invisible due to being white in color, on a white background, or in some cases, just non-existent. The game is fun, but the advertisements are annoying and detrimental to the smooth operation of the app.
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5 years ago, gt2skis
I love the game but keep getting booted out when I’m about 2/3 to3/4 through. It’s clearly a problem because it happens too often. I lost a competitor for this reason, he just deleted the game. Dear Apple, my comments are not aimed at being negative to the developer. In fact I already contacted them and received a great and timely response. I was not aware this review went directly to Apple or I would not have passed it along as I have. I still love the game and continue playing. I look forward to a fix and will receive information from them when it is complete Thomas
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4 years ago, Hotspurnia
Henry HotspurPercy52
Of all the horribleness of this CFH( contagion from hell) my playing games on my iPhone ... I’m a retired teacher, but I’m acting like a 12 year who just received her first smart phone and in a contest with her other friends in the same category. Anyway..... when this Pandemic is purged from this planet, I’ll still want to play this game. It’s relaxing but still makes me think quickly and keeps me from having to take an OTC sleep aide. Perhaps it will strengthen my wanting to play Mahjong with ladies from my various church groups.
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3 years ago, Lcmdiana13
Mahjong with the dragon at intro.
Just finished 500 games, and had over half credits remaining on shuffle and undo. I’ve been unable to notify anyone at bitmango to transfer all my credits to a new game within the bitmango realm. So… do I do that? Please contact me with a suggestion. I don’t want to put my name, phone, nor email out for public consumption here. I think the charge just came through my credit card. I’ll try to contact you through that.
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4 years ago, cpalme
Great game but a few bugs
I love the game and the different puzzles. They are varied and challenging I wish there was an undo. I also discovered a bug where once you buy a package, the ads don’t go away. Also, when I need to shuffle it will, (seemingly) randomly require me to watch a video. When I contacted support they were very frustrating. They obviously did not speak English very well. It required several unnecessary messages back and forth before finally getting a resolution. Now that it’s resolved, I love it
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2 days ago, alioopla
Too many ads and I paid for ad free!
The more you play the more they say that there’s no more matches and they make you watch an ad. Or you can spend your coins. At the beginning there wasn’t that many ads. Now there’s way too many. It takes the fun out of the game every two minutes I have to watch it because they say I have no more moves and they have to shuffle. They make it so they have to shuffle very often so you have to constantly watch ads or spend your coins and then they want you to spend money and buying coins. I’m not having as much fun with this game as I used to. I may delete it.
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4 years ago, Angelus80
One of the best
This is one of the best Mahjong games I've played in a while. It's fun, not complicated but not too easy either. I've not been prompted to buy anything, which is awesome. You watch ads if you want to double the reward (stars), which I do because you can use them for hints and shuffling the tiles. There are also daily games and quests you can do, they're not necessary to advance as far as I can tell, but just extra fun. So far, I'm not having any issues and I would recommend this game.
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4 years ago, tunezee
I didn’t know if I would like this game....
I still don’t feel like I know what all the rules are but with the highlighted tiles, this game moves very quickly and it is addictive. I purchased one coin package so that I don’t have to deal with the adds and it was worth it. I like how simple the background is, I love the golden bars that goes across the top of the screen to let you know how you are doing. I have never played this game with tiles but I am now considering it. Thanks for such a fun game on a great platform.
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1 year ago, Gardeners guide
Watch out for Scam ads
I love this app, but recently I have been bombarded with ads for the Keto diet pills showing that it was on Shark Tank and endorsed by Oprah. I decided to try it and take advantage of the discounted offer. When I added my credit card #, it said it was declined and I should try another card. Knowing that there is no problem with my credit, I decided to exit. I immediately got a message from my bank asking if I recognized a suspicious charge - it was triple the amount of the Keto offer and from an unknown seller. I declined the transaction and my bank cancelled my card for me. Beware!
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2 years ago, bk4204
Love the Game, Not the Tech
I’ve got a real love/hate with this game. I really love playing and enjoy advancing through the levels. Time flies when I’m playing. 5 stars for that! BUT... I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to stop & restart the game because it froze. And twice now I’ve had to completely delete the app and reinstall, losing all my previous gains. Those times, when I opened the game, I couldn’t get the “start” arrow to work. So frustrating. And I’m about to reinstall for the 3rd time now. Focusing on enjoying the play and not so much the levels, I guess.
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3 years ago, RobinKinSWFL
Time Waster, but Frustrating
A nice little game for wasting time, but the amount of times you have to shuffle each puzzle is frustrating. Add that to the fact the game doesn’t always give you the number of coins you earn in a game, and I’m nearly ready to find a replacement. The last three games in a row I’ve solved them quick enough to earn three coins each, but the first game I didn’t get a single coin added to my total, the next two I was awarded only one each. Probably because the ad loads before the coins are awarded. 😣😖😤
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1 year ago, 🧏🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻
Great job but a few things….
So it’s timed which might be hard for some people and I know y’all are probably like well download on that isn’t well I super strict parents and they well not let get a different one and I really wish that it had a no time mode for more less experienced players I am find with the timer but I really don’t want to have a timer timing me sometimes. Thank you for your consideration, time, and thought
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4 years ago, mardigan71
This is the best Mahjong game I’ve played on mobile. Tiles are clear and easy to see. I like to play a relaxed game and there’s no “bonus multiplier” encouraging me to go faster and faster and I love that. Just a personal preference of mine. You do get a higher rating for finishing a board within a time limit, but it’s not in your face. You can pay $1.99 to disable ads, which is super important to me. The game is perfect as it is, but if I were to suggest anything, it would be a few additional tile sets.
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2 years ago, Boston Mimi
I am 75 years young. As part of my staying mentally alert, “ sharp” and relaxed, I resort to games and quizzes that challenge my hand and eye coordination while timing my results. I enjoy the actual game of Mahjong, therefore I was drawn to the challenge of this game and it did not disappoint. I find myself working to beat my best time each time and can play for long periods of time without getting bored with it. Thank you for this fun challenge.
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6 years ago, cdnwetzel
Solid game, fun to play
It’s everything you’d expect from a Mahjong solitaire game, tons of levels, daily games, reasonable price to remove ads, though there are ads that you’re still stuck watching in order to shuffle the board which seems bogus since you paid to remove ads, and the only other place for improvement is that occasionally the game fails to reshuffle and leaves you with a blank green screen with only a timer and you’re forced to force quit and start the last level all over again.
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3 years ago, Phaedra Khatt
Problems with getting credit for watching ads
Four times in a row I have been kicked out of my round after watching an ad to get a reshuffle. I’ve been enjoying playing this game for a long time, and have watched lots of ads in the process. Not a problem as long as the ad gives me what I watched it for. Can’t report this to App Support because my payment is watching ads, and only people who pay actual money instead of time get the developers’ ear, so, it is now reflected in my rating. Continued frustration will lead me to just delete the game an move on to another mahjong game.
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