Resorts Casino Online Games

2.1 (33)
38.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
DGMB Casino, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Resorts Casino Online Games

2.09 out of 5
33 Ratings
4 years ago, Trueestella
Slots seemed good at 1st but then just stop paying
At first it was good however now it just seems like they are just draining your account—because your playing real money you want to be able to win something to keep you playing for a bit but 1k gone in matters of min is ridiculous!!!! It does take over a week to get your money to PP even when they state it takes minutes—not true! I have lost over 6k and tried to change my bet so to give me a better chance. I bet $50 a spin NOTHING 2k later after I lower my bet almost impossible to win even $100! I’m so disappointed because this seemed good at 1st then felt like it was all rigged and impossible to get a descent win. I play in AC at resorts & this is worse!!!! I wish I had read these other reviews before spending my money. I’m definitely deleting this app.
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10 months ago, gettingoverit92500
Impossible to chat with someone and making it hard to get my withdraw
They have no problem taking your money, but they do have a problem giving it to you. My checking account has a different last name due to me recently getting married. I’ve had no other problems with any other casino app. For a few months I’ve had no problem getting my withdraw, but for the last three weeks they have put my withdraw on pending. First they asked for a picture of my CC and my debit card… I sent both (which I received no notification of them asking for these documents, I had to speak with multiple people first to find out what was going on). After both were reviewed my withdraw was still pending. Then they asked for My marriage license, which I provided, but only after I asked again what the problem was. Every time I try to chat with someone I get disconnected and have to start the chat over again. My withdraw is still pending and I’m getting impatient. Once I get my withdraw this will be the last time I ever use this app!!!!!
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11 months ago, bmorechris3686
Play draft kings
So someone from resorts calls me gives me a good deal witch I think is a good deal match bonus of 175% sounds good right?! So I deposit 60$ start playing they take the cash asap and don’t give u a option to use the bonus. I hit for almost 400$ and to cash it out I had to play 105x40 smh and they don’t tell u that upfront smh site is trash don’t fall for it and if they call tell them no thanks I play on draft kings they treat u better and u get paid within a hour of cashing out. So now u want to talk about why u not guna rectify the situation. I’m done with resorts unless u give me my money back then I don’t want to talk!
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4 months ago, Sleepinglz
Bottom of the barrel
This is the worst casino app available in NJ. Half the bonus codes don’t work, sometimes your deposit will “accidentally” go through twice, money won’t show in your account after depositing, the game selection is poor, and the promos they offer are insulting. I cannot think of one positive thing to say about Resorts. Go try BetRivers, Bally’s, Stardust, Virgin or Golden Nugget instead. They’re all light years above the standard of Resorts.
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4 months ago, jrsygrl4476
Zero stars !! Horrible
This is the worst of the worst NJ casino apps!! I mean horrible ! I play on all the NJ apps and there are some bad ones but resorts is by far the absolute worst I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how anyone could play here , if you enjoy throwing your money away then by all means this is the casino for you. I unfortunately gave them one last shot and now I’m deleting them for good. I don’t understand how they get away with this/
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12 months ago, Zilla55
Pointless deposit
I was sitting on the beach and came across a new member bonus. So I signed up deposited my money. I received no bonus and wasn’t able to play any games on the casino app. Spoke with support they supposedly gave me the bonus for new member but I am still unable to play any games on the app. Now I just have $50 sitting there and can’t do anything with it. Talk about a waste.
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8 months ago, JESS G79
Don’t waste your time or money here
I have been waiting for a withdrawal for four days now. They’ve taken a few deposits off of my card the minute I wanted to withdraw now they want to see a copy of my card. I have been waiting for days to get my money. Funny how fast they can take it but it’s like pulling teeth to get your withdrawal winnings.
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11 months ago, Xoashmcxo
The worse
If I could give a half star I would. Please don’t waste your money on this app. This is the worse casino app I ever played and will never play again. I deposited money played for 3 days then when I wanted to withdraw they said my account was locked for suspicious activity. Which of course all I did was withdraw. It’s a SCAM!!!
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6 months ago, Sandellsx0
Terrible and Bonus Credits are scam
They have you deposit money and tell you that you get a bonus bet but they limit the games you can use the bonus bet in and you can’t cash out your bonus bet money. Scam, scam. And it’s hard to withdraw your money! Use a different app. You’ll thank me!
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4 months ago, B Trouble75
This casino app is absolutely terrible. The customer service is outrageous. There is no help. I did not receive my 500 spins as per the promotion and no one could help me. I would not use this. They said everything that I did was no void due to withdrawal that I made, do not use this app. It is horrendous.
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5 days ago, AntonyT609
The worst
I claimed a withdrawal about a week ago. And I still haven’t received anything. Now for some odd reason they’re requiring a picture of my debit card and a bank statement from the past 60 days. Never playing on this app ever again.
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7 months ago, dboymeetsworld
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! They make it very easy to deposit your money and nearly impossible to withdraw anything you win. It’s borderline criminal. And like every other online app the table games are obviously on an algorithm where you’re going to win a little then loses 8/9 out of 10 hands
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7 months ago, Jersey0205
Terrible service
I been trying to open account for months. No one ever gets back to you. I’ve been asked for the same documents over and over again. Terrible customer service. Don’t even bother with them.
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8 months ago, Don’t do it !!!!!
Worst Casino app out there
After I finally won some money, it took about 3 months of countless contacting with chat emails etc to get my withdrawal, what a waste. Do not use this App!!!!!!!!!!! Would give negative stars if I could
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8 months ago, Sparks2734
App does not work for real play
Gives you $20 bonus money but you can’t even use it. Any game you click on it says that game is not available.
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12 months ago, QD1008
It’s horrible, the promotions don’t work properly, the games stop working while mid play. I get to the bonus round and the screen blacks out
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3 months ago, Moose1776@22
The worst
Bonus that pays nothing after betting 2 dollars? Games that don't work. Should be called robbery not gambling. 40 free games and get nothing?! What a joke.
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11 months ago, Dancingdiva568
The bonuses are so bad
Each bonus I got playing middle of road per spin was like $6. They should be embarrassed
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2 years ago, Eddie Jacobus
Do NOT under any circumstances take any “matching funds” or any other “free” money. It is totally useless. I played for days and days, thousands of dollars won and lost. You cannot withdraw your money. I started out putting in $500 and then foolishly started a chat to find out why I did not get matching funds like they promised. They finally relented and matched it. I was down to about $150. I put it on black in roulette, won, let it ride, won again. Put down another $150 and won again. Then I went and played poker slots and others. Got down to around $400 and tried to withdraw $200. They wouldn’t let me. I don’t quite understand just how much I had to lose to clear out the “free” money. But I repeated the basic scenario for a week. Lose and win. Win and lose. Almost broke, then fat again. You can’t withdraw it. All you can do is lose everything. Just gamble your own money. You might as well just use the demo play instead of taking their free money. You ain’t never going to get your winnings. To be fair, this was a year or so ago and I’m not remembering the exact dollar amounts but I literally gambled for days and days, going down to $100 and back up again. I EASILY lost the $500 free money and 75% of my money, then bet on black to get it up again. I could not withdraw the funds. DO NOT FALL FOR THE MATCHING FUNDS SCAM.
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8 years ago, Astroscoper
Crashes a lot after big wins
This app crashes all the time. Often times after winning or after "free" bonus spins. Also, the whole site goes down at times. I won a hefty amount when it went offline and there was no record of the wins when it came back up. Def some shady tactics on their part. Also, it's really addicting. Not quite sure if it's a good thing that it's legal. Def don't play when drinking. You could easily drain your bank accounts and max your credit cards.
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5 years ago, christina1986
Probably the worst
The worst odds I’ve ever seen. You will win a fortune on the first deposit offer but can’t withdraw any of the money until you hit a 6,000 dollar loss which is very hard to do. You don’t win at any game. All bonuses are minimum pay out. The glitches from each and every slot is pathetic. I’m not a hardcore gambler but I know a scam when I see one and this is by far the worst out of all of them. Stay away! You will lose thousands faster than you can say boo!
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5 years ago, FIREDOG2323
Withdrawals take longer than what they say...I waited 7 days/5 business days for them to approve my withdrawal...I contacted them and they did not nothing...I then sent a e-mail and got a rude response from Chris S. Telling me “they are processed in order received ...they don’t care about your reward status and that being said your withdraw is processed”. ...which Is total bullsh** because Its not even in my paypal account.....they don’t care...Even with echelon status... I’m closing my account not worth husband plays Tropicana and they always give him free play and process his withdrawals in 48 hrs....
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3 years ago, onebad84
Don’t hold your breath!
The turtles that run this site tell me it takes 72 business hours to process withdrawals. They don’t process withdrawals on the weekends which is usually when most people play. They are by far the SLOWEST online casino in NJ as far as payouts. Try SugarHouse where with rush pay you get paid in minutes even Borgata is better usually in a few hours. I will never deposit a cent with these crooks again! I cannot believe their site even exists and remains in business or that people even play on it.
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1 year ago, Mrdarenwobe
Report to Better Buisness Bureau!!!!
The slot I was playing malfunctioned during a bonus win. I contacted customer support and was advised to uninstall and reboot which I did. I was still unable to finish my bonus round, but I could see that I won at least $48 (have a screenshot). Customer Service put in a ticket for additional support and have heard nothing! The game is now functional and my winnings are not in my account. Not to mention it cut off while I was winning, how convenient. I will never use this app again.
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8 years ago, Change from candy crush
cannot play
I cannot get past a screen that freezes, every time I try to play a game, it asks sound or no sound, which ever I pick takes me to a screen and freezes, not even the game screen , just a screen with an animated looking remote with Arrows going clockwise and counterclockwise, I have rebooted , deleted and tried again, now multiple times I am frustrated and sorry I ever decided to try this.
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1 year ago, Mike_Mike091
This is by far the worst casino App. Opened an account during their promotional offer - 500 free spins after a $50 deposit. Honestly, it was not worth it. The spins are only .8 a bet. Also, after about 60 free spins I could not access the slot machine to finish the remaining of my free spins in my account. I contacted customer service and they have yet to resolved my issue. Furthermore, when wagering real cash - do not expect to win anything. This app is rigged and get people based on false advertising.
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3 years ago, Adidas8879
Horrible experience
Do you not play at this casino. This is the worst application out there are you were better off playing on draft Kings Casino. The live tables that were supposed to open at 11 AM apparently didn’t open until 2 PM. Customer service is nice that there is a live chat, but it takes them forever to respond. On the app you couldn’t even scroll through the different games. Just an overall awful and horrible experience with resorts casino. Find another place to play.
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1 year ago, Allydana
Geo location
The app was working for me for many months until recently it started to keep loading the geo location for each slot I am trying to open. Called customer service said nothing is wrong and uninstall and install app for 3 hrs. I did it overnight, still the same. They told me then I need to change Device? Wow, its like they will give me a device my phone is new Iphone 14 . So thats it I will close the acct. nobody seems to be helpful.
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5 years ago, budrow2013
Exactly like the last review. they make it incredibly hard to get your money back. The match money that they tell you they are giving you is only good if you lose the money you have. The whole thing is just a horrible experience I wish I never even found this app. Then if you win you still can’t take out the money that you put in to get the money they matched unless you forfeit the money that they matched. Very disappointing to know Resorts has resorted to this level
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3 years ago, digity1230
Stuck on bonus round
I started playing last night and I got stuck on a bonus round that keeps spinning and not doing anything. I tried again this morning and it’s still stuck. Tried playing another game and that one is stuck as well. Very frustrating. Can’t find any support on the app either, to contact them.
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4 years ago, ebwilk
I find it extremely funny that they waste no time to take your deposit, but make you wait forever to withdraw your winnings. No other casino does this NONE! You call or email it’s either you get a rude response in my case from Chris S. The support manager or someone that’s clueless and telling you different things. I really wish I would’ve read the reviews before I wasted my money and time. Not to mention my first time playing with Resorts. Never again!!!!
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5 years ago, Doggie630
Scammers -For-sure
Thank you for all reviews, yes definitely a scam. They wanted a copy of my licens & SS Card no casino asked me ever for my social security card. I would file A report with the Better Business Bureau, the gaming authority, and the police, they cannot keep your funds for cashing out they matched you that is a binding contract and they have to give it to you!! I’m glad I put on when they asked for my Social Security card but feel very bad for those of you fighting for your money
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1 year ago, Maxine Marchesani
Worst app alive
I’d give it no stars but clearly it’s not an option…anyway; Geolocation is a joke-talked to a rep and they tell me “sorry if you’re playing on an apple device there is an issue with that. I’ll put a ticket in for you.” Games won’t load; withdrawal is impossible something told me not to add $ but I figured I’d give them a chance. Currently waiting for my Money to come back to my account to close it all together
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9 years ago, Disappointed Dude 1978
Bad graphics, too many bugs
Although Resorts is definitely my favorite casino in AC, and they built a nice Internet gaming lounge, this app has bad graphics. The blackjack portion doesn't work at all and just makes the app crash altogether. Tech support has not responded to my emails. It doesn't make sense to "gamble" on your iPhone. I prefer the free downloadable iPhone games from the App Store, which have far more beautiful graphics and sound effects and also cost nothing to play.
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4 years ago, Sandybestdog
I rarely leave bad reviews. The casino part of the app is fine but the sports betting part is horrible. As soon as I login I get a pop up that says session expired. Then when I click to place a bet it says I must login even though I just logged in. The desktop does the same thing. I’ve tried everything. I literally can’t even place a bet. This has been happening for months. Every time I try again, same problem.
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1 year ago, bossman pay me tho
As someone who uses many diferent sports books and casinos, this particular option has stood out to me as the worst I’ve experienced. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced funds being taken from my account and they labeled it as an “error on their end”. I said ok well if it’s an error on your end can you please return my funds? They said no, sorry, and now are not answering my emails. STAY AWAY!!!
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4 years ago, j4dftv
Poor customer service and terrible withdrawals
It took me almost one month and several emails and phone calls on hold, three times on live chat as well before any progress of getting a withdrawal and I must add this is after I’ve played with them in the past and have gotten withdrawals, they decide they want new documents uploaded and that whole process was so frustrating Bottom line stay away
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7 years ago, Rkim2016
They wont let you withdraw your money and dont really specify why, plus they send you these bs emails about bonus for your deposits they wont show you your comp they actually deduct it from you loses but you wont see or keep track of it, i might have lost four hands $20 but then it was supposed to be $75 and i started losing actual funds from my acct so if you ask me if this site is good NO I DONT THINK SO, DONT USE THIS SITE!!!
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2 years ago, No between the lines
Jeannette Garcia
This app is great! I actually was able to withdraw my winnings it was quick and easy! They return your emails promptly I recommend this app to everyone in New Jersey!
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5 years ago, gil1190
Worst possible app to bet on
I used to think William hill had the worst app for sports betting . ...until I found this . App is so slow . Can barely detect I’m in nj to make bets . Can’t look at previous bets . Took 5 hours after the the game to payout on my first bet . Was told it’s because they use people to manually check the bets instead of a computer because people make less errors than a computer 🤣🤯
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3 years ago, dad621
Geo location error
Constantly knocked off app due t a geo location error. Unable to access any Sportsbook or casino game. I was told to reset my router, other then that support had no answer to my issue. Granted out of a couple gambling sites I have tried Resorts is the worst. It’s a shame I have spent a lot of time at the ac casino over the years.
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4 years ago, J0hn C.
Bad practice
7 days after I request the withdrawal, I received a msg, asking me to submit a copy of my credit card statement. During this period of time, no response from my inquiry email what so ever. I submitted my credit card statement per their request right away, on the same day they requested. Now it’s the 8th day, I am still waiting for my withdrawal.
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6 years ago, Deangeloo
I won 3 jackpots in my first 8 days
I hit 40k (twice) then another 8k , all in 8 days of signing up. It takes a few days to get your money though
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2 years ago, cran85637
Rigged app rigged slots
Investigate this company they are False casino still in business being oldest casino in nj there is a reason for that.
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4 years ago, Philip4994
Horrible why I even try
Horrible and they will email you and try to get you to play. Listen to everyone else this is a big mistake. You will literally lose here like you have fantastic almost unbelievable bad luck. If you tried to lose anywhere else you wouldn’t lose as much as you do here.
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1 year ago, NVC JR
Absolute garbage
Did the 500 spins promotion it only works with 1 game which has constant technical issues. Then i was locked out for trying to login through safari and now I can’t even get a game to load because of geo location. I’ll stick with Draftkings and FanDuel
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4 years ago, Peskyjoe
Waste of time rip off SCAM
Do not waste your time and deposit money on this app I deposited $75 to get a $125 bonus. After I lost my $75 and played with the bonus I won $475 on a slot then I found out that it’s not cash money only bonus money and I would have to win $45,000 to make this $475 cash to be able to be paid out to me. WHAT A SCAM
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8 years ago, LovesMyGames
It is impossible to win and stay ahead. It is set up in such a way that it eventually takes anything you may have won and it is so sneaky in doing so. I would like to know if this particular app is really legal with always taking your money and not letting you win something back. Don't be fooled!
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9 years ago, Jos1113
I decided to make the $25 deposit to redeem the match offer. I've been playing for only 20 minutes and the app has frozen/shutdown on my 3 times already! I was in the middle of winning during my 30 bonus spins too. I would not recommend this app. I just want my money back.
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3 years ago, gb96962999
Their casino is horrible they have all of the slots turned way down and want to drain your account. They don’t run any good promos and their Sportsbook is decent but doesn’t make up for the fact that their casino is a massive scam. Do NOT send them your $
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