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ReportSee Inc.
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3 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for SpotCrime+

3.87 out of 5
650 Ratings
8 years ago, ADHDMom
Need a date range
Please add a date range so we can specify the date range we want to see crimes for. Also, why is the website data different than this app? The website seems to only give a two week range, which doesn't help much. Also, when we have to click on the info for a type of crime listed as "Other" please keep it within the app so it doesn't open the browser. Otherwise, this is the best crime report app I have found and gives the data on new crimes rapidly. Can you add registered sex offenders to this app?
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1 week ago, appstorelexie
Doesn’t even post anymore
Decent app when working.. it’s been a good month since the last crime incident was added and I know for a fact that’s not true, the neighborhood I live in there’s crime happening near every day, this app was nice to know what I didn’t see but now it doesn’t even show it. I wish I knew of another app like this but I can’t find any, also I wish when there was crime incidents posted I wish they’d either have updates or more details cause it’ll say an incident and when it’s comes to suburbs when I check there’s always a detailed post for there’s but for a big city they’ll just say “warrent” “theft” “assault” “crisis” never a detailed post like suburbs 8/10 times have
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2 years ago, lukkymeee
The app has too many serious errors to be useful
This app is a brilliant idea but the fact checkers for the information, not so much. Half the listed crimes in my city are for crimes that actually occurred in cities in entirely different states. If you click on “more info” of a crime listed on the map in your area it clearly states the crime occurred in states over 1000 miles away. Example: Jackson Michigan / Robinson Rd should be the state of Jackson Mississippi on Robinson Rd. There were 2 of these errors found in my area the first 5 minutes of my opening and looking at the app. This is too much trouble to try and fact check. Fix this serious issue and the app would be awesome. I’ll pass for now…
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8 years ago, Greg Zoll
Little slow on updates and you have to pay attention to the alerts
Spot Crime is a good resource to let you know what is going on where you live. Their updates can be a week behind when an incident happened. The radius of reporting area is something that you need to really pay attention to. Just because an incident shows up, or even multiple reports, does not mean that it can be a bad area. A incident reported by police through the statistics they use. Come from how they write up an incident report.
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8 years ago, Corrieroberts
This app is wonderful to know what's going on around you. There are places I travel to, now I know where to get off the freeway to use the restroom without worry. I only gave four stars due to the fact That the map is hard to zoom in on. Sometimes it works on zoom sometimes it doesn't. Still it's really good to know what is going on
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8 years ago, Jilly117
Better than the rest!!
I was perplexed by the no crime in certain parts of areas I know are hard hit while using other apps. This one seems to have the most comprehensive information. It's not as interactive as the others, you can't sort by crime types or even go back certain time frames by opting for certain dates - but it does seem to have the best and most current information. I love it!!
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6 years ago, Scott_Cyprus
Aggressive zoom makes the app unbearable
I agree with other reviews that the zoom function just makes this app difficult to use. When you try to zoom in the app will immediately zoom you back out, and it honestly feels like it’s fighting you. Uninstalling. Not sure I’ll give it another chance. I just don’t have time to fight with applications that I use. If a date range feature was added and the zooming fixed though, the app would probably be decent.
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6 years ago, SquishyBoogie
I go online on the website and my area shows 2 assaults in 7 days. The location I’m siting show many crimes, from robberies to shootings to vandalism in the past 7 days. I got this app for quicker reference and my area now shows 2 shootings from 6 months ago and that’s it. And the area I’m scouting shows nothing at all. That’s a huge red flag that this app could lead you to a dangerous neighborhood. There was soooo much going on in that area showing how bad it was online, but the app makes it seem like it’s a perfect peaceful place. This app is garbage.
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3 years ago, Cool4heating
Fix enlarging function
Every time I zoom in to an area two separate crimes in a location it shrinks back down. This is completely frustrating when you’re trying to identify each crime on a street. I haven’t played around with us long enough to give any other feedback but if you could fix this function so you can search an area easier that would be great.
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6 years ago, Jaydubbleyou
Needs more specific mapping
Just started using the app. Wish it would locate the pins more specifically to their origin. It seems to scatter them in a general area, perhaps for privacy reasons (although it’s public data). The problem with this approach is you may have one problem street in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood. By scattering the pins, you make the entire neighborhood look bad.
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6 years ago, Mister Shhh
Found Info that other apps didnt have..Only complaint is I need to center the area of interest on my scene to see the crimes and I can only zoom it a small amount and then it shrinks automatically if I try to zoom to far..By far the best of these types of apps..hands down.
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8 years ago, user for awhile
App review
Not bad. Been using spot time for awhile and just started using app. Nice to have on phone. Would be nice if you can get the actual police report to see more details more easily. In some places you cannot (example is Baltimore where I don't see how to get actual report) and in other cities it is hard to easily get to it.
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2 years ago, Davelaton
Seems to work
So far my test of this app went well. I put in several addresses and they came up quickly. I did not see a purchase option. I would like to eliminate adds, even though they are small and at the bottom.
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8 years ago, Cjval52
Super App!
I travel quite a bit for my job and this app had been invaluable in helping locate safe areas for housing. The only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is that it is often difficult to get to the police reports.
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7 years ago, Alphadogtucker
Nice GUI but Useless
The app has a nice interface, but it provides useless information. The nearest report in my area is 14 miles away on the map. When I tap the incident for more info, the app doesn't provide it. Instead, it opens the browser. Then I find that the incident happened three months ago and 400 miles away! The only other report in my area happened in the next county on the map. However, in the details, I see that it actually happened on the other side of the continent.
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6 years ago, K8888o
Text notifications
Text notifications used to be received daily for crimes in my area but it has been over two weeks since I’ve received my last text notification although the crime list in your app shows multiple crimes have occurred in my area during that time. Is your app still supporting notifications?
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3 years ago, AHNJNZ
I like the new features
I can’t find any other app like this where I can see the whole country. I can now save my address, which is great but I do wish I could filter the crimes!
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2 years ago, JeffOfMany
Did not work
I opened the app, gave it "allow" to see my location and a little spinning circle just kept going. Went for a few minutes and I gave up. I went to the "App Support" link and got a 404 page error. Then I just went to the website and I could see stuff in my area. I had no idea the time/date until I clicked on each event icon. Glad I did'nt pay.........
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7 years ago, AlBrockway
This app is a crime
At first glance, this looks like a helpful app. Open the map and your current location comes up with icons showing where crimes have been reported. Click for more info and that's when the trouble begins. Returning to the map never returns you to your previous location. At times, I've ended up thousands of miles away. This needs to be fixed.
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2 weeks ago, Rocky from Fl
No More Bliss
I live in a 55+ community, and assured there was no crime within 5 miles of the house and always outside the gates. HA! Source is local LE records, and we have our fair share, muffled locally by the homeowners association. Locking doors for house and cars now. Great program.
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3 years ago, Zomblue
ABANDONED by developers??
Completely worthless! I’ve checked back over the years- Buggy and unusable- NO UPDATES FOR LAST 3 YEARS! Too bad, an app like this would be invaluable and worth paying for- IF IT WAS MAINTAINED. TRASH as is - developers don’t respond from anywhere they’re listed. If u ever check back creators just delete this - unless you’re just using this as an in for hacking people’s info and devices?
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4 years ago, Megfisk
Reliable information
I use Spot Crime often. I am a licensed real estate broker and have found their information/data to be reliable. But Remember, this data is based on reports to officials.
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7 years ago, Trace Marie
Peace of Mind
I love the maps this app sends u that shows all the crime that around you. And that it details what type of crime happened. I can say, after seeing the crime around my neighborhood, a gate at the entrance of a neighborhood is a GREAT deterrent!
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8 years ago, liltxgal
It would be helpful to know more details about incidents to help in finding or understanding the crime reports. Area alerts and immediate updates would be nice also. I learn more from my neighbors go app. But it keeps me up and area crime.
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8 years ago, EA TAXHELP
A touch of my thumb...
...provides me with a clear idea of crime activity in my neighborhood and in many cities that I travel to. Knowing my own community's crime activity makes for a quicker understanding of places I visit.
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9 months ago, Speye kidz
Saved addresses is cool
Still a lot of features I would like. But mostly the information is relevant and timely.
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5 years ago, jwboldizsar
Needs a date range and texting notification
Texting sms notification would be nice
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5 years ago, carly fun
Can’t be true
This just can’t be true. A couple of miles from me, there is a big neighborhood. And it says there are at least 5 problems on every single freakin street! Meh probably just my dangerous county
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5 years ago, Blond Pilly
Good App , provide information to the community
Thanks to make the effort providing the information of crime, always getting updates at the location where I am, is helpful this App.
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5 years ago, thisappsuck!
Useless and out of date reports
I like the app ideas and intentions. The crime report is way out of date. My home had been broken 2 times the last few months, the report only shows nothing and only listed crimes from 3 months ago. The report needs to be up to-date and promptly notify people/users. Otherwise, it’s just another garbage app.
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7 years ago, mhauss
Great app but needs improvement
This is a great app. However, when you move and want to change addresses, it's not very easy to figure out how. I still don't know how to do this.
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7 years ago, Wish Book
Helpful App
I like SpotCrime as it lets me find out about crime in my area. It would be helpful to find a date range. I'd also like to be able to save 2 or 3 different locations.
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2 years ago, n3xw459
What the heck?
I downloaded this app to check the crime in a city I plan to visit next week. I opened it, registered, and entered an address to search. What I got next was a TOTALLY BLACK (not blank) SCREEN with no way to go back, or close the screen, or enter a different address, etc. So the app is useless unless I want to just stare at a black screen!
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5 years ago, Marito73
Love it!!
Helped me show value to some friends and in turned signed up for home security. Thank you for this Great and Informative app! Keep up the good work. :-)
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7 years ago, spotcrime fan
SpotCrime fan
This is a great app. I not only check to see what crimes have been reported in my neighborhood, I check the cities that I am planning to visit. Love it! Stay safe!
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4 years ago, Fancykat05
Just got this app after seeing it on the news. Zoom don’t work, and the point to this app is to show you crimes near you, well the app shows no crimes in months in my city when there has been a lot. Only thing this app is good for is to take up data space.
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4 years ago, JohnP'sGril
This App is a Crime, Jr
I had a really good app called Crimemaps which is no longer supported. It was incredibly accurate and well maintained, and listed details about the crime. With this app, I put in an address where I KNOW it is incredibly crime-ridden and . . . Nothing. Not one crime shows up. Not one crime where drug dealers, arsonists, robbers, and murderers run rampant. Don’t waste your time with this hugely disappointing app.
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5 years ago, ceres ca
Not updated with crimes report in the area
Less than 5 days ago someone was killed about 5-6 house away from my house but I don’t see any report of it on this app. Every 2-3 days there’s always police out here around the area but none shows up on the app. I’m Disappointed it’s not up to date with crimes report!!!
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7 years ago, Alext2963
Great app
I really like it his app. Selling security systems in an area that has had some break ins is easier when you can prove it. Great for target marketing
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7 years ago, Kaley.e
A few tweaks and this will be great!
Great concept and it's helpful. A few things will really help it be amazing. 1) Date range for crime, some are really old. 2) Too many Other crimes/police reports. What is that? 3) Have the info open in the App, not go out to the browser. Seriously, I like it. If you guys update a bit, it will be something I would post to Facebook and make sure all friends use it.
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8 years ago, Bilshup
Room to Improve
Including, but not limited to: Zoom action is flawed. Often shrinks back to zoom out when I take my finger off touch screen. Need to know what does and does not get included from crime reports.
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7 years ago, BobbyBigLug
Looks nice, but didn't this have a date filter at some point?
I swear it did. If not, that would be a great addition.
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4 years ago, Kingdomcrew
Needs a fix
Informative map but when you try zooming into an area to click on an incident, it automatically keeps zooming out...can get annoying.
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7 years ago, evilpeekey
What happened?
This has been a good app until recently when it stopped working. A message pops up claiming there is an error loading data. I figure it's about time to update this app since the last time was in 2016.
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8 years ago, yas375
Switches to Safari all the time
Please add details screen in the app. Switching to Safari and then going back is super annoying. And here is a bug report: 1. tap on a marker so popup is shown 2. Zoom in Result: it gets zoom out from time to time. Expected: if I read some popup and have started to zoom in - allow me to do so even if the popup gets out the screen. You can silently dismiss it when it's outside the screen.
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7 years ago, Xalthe
Too annoying
It appears to show criminal activities in the area. The main problem is that it keep zooming out when I try to focus on an area. I can't find any option to turn off this behavior.
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3 years ago, Si mi nombre
Home buyers
Is great for check the area if you look for buying home
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6 years ago, Sherrilynne63
Doesn’t have a current report
Reporting info must be Incredibly slow. I know of many crimes in the last few months in my area that does not show. Doesn't seem accurate to trust if looking for neighborhoods you would like to live in.
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7 years ago, Appsucksbigtime777
Great app -very helpful:)
Use this app all the time. Easy to use and extremely informative.
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2 months ago, raelabross
Inaccurate information
I wish there was a way to submit inaccurate information on this app to someone.
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