Themify - Widget & Icon Themes

Graphics & Design
4.6 (279.9K)
213.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Themify - Widget & Icon Themes

4.59 out of 5
279.9K Ratings
2 days ago, ✨✨✨💜
Good but has a little bit of a problem
This app of adorable, the widgets took me a bit to figure out but once I figured it out it was super easy and cute, I'm new to the app but overall it's a cute thing, I don't know if this is something that happens because I got the app after June, but I do want to see some pride theme and widgets, it would be so cool. The "problem" I had was that it took me a hut to figure out the charging mechanism thing, but when I did figure it out it was a bit delayed when I tested it out, for what it's worth, it's a cool idea, but maybe look into making not so delayed, not a huge problem though. The pet widget is so cute, the egg on mine has not hatched yet but it's so cute, I have the chick one, and I love that you can put animals in your Lock Screen too. It's overall a cute app that you can use, I cannot give any more info on anything else though, like apps and wallpapers, I haven't used those yet, but I love how it doesn't save to your camera roll but saves to the app, so it's not taking up space in your camera roll. Great app love it so much and it's so cute!! Oh and a mother thing, I would love to see for the pet widgets, a cow pet widget, cows are my favorite animal, and seeing you have a non-premium cow Lock Screen widget, I would love to see a non-premium cow pet widget. Thank you!! 🩷🩷
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3 months ago, mrsmclucas
No More 1 Step Icon Install
I am updating my review of this app. I was very upset when the icon profiles feature was removed so that now each icon has to be changed individually via the shortcuts app. I had reached out to support about the change and just heard back from AIBY Inc. I was told that the feature was removed as required by the App Store, not because of a decision made by the app developers. AIBY Inc says they are working to try to find a new quick step solution, but it doesn’t sound like they know when that will happen. Since this change is an App Store change I’m guessing that all the other theme apps are having the same issue. If that’s the case then I believe Themify is still the best theme app available. Themify has such an incredible variety of themes! It’s the only theme app that has something for me, my 20 year old daughter, and my 16 year old son and all our different interests. I really like the way they’ve introduced Theme Packs so that my lock screen and home screen coordinate perfectly. Themify has so many widget options that even after 2 years I still don’t think I’ve actually seen them all! And they just keep adding! Themify consistently adds new wallpapers, themes, and widgets. Every time I open the app there’s something new to see. Although I am still frustrated that it’s so tedious now to install new icons I do still plan to continue to use Themify. I just won’t use as many icons.
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2 years ago, Louisa & Cinnamon
Great! People are Stupid
So I have been looking in the Reviews and people are saying you can’t use it without paying? THAT IS NOT TRUE! When you first open the app, YES is says you can get premium but OPEN YOUR EYES there is an X in the upper left corner! Anyway, Amazing App! People are saying that you can’t get any good ones without paying, But there are several AMAZING free ones if you ACTUALLY bother to scroll for one. Oh and the creator should be VERY proud as it actually connects to the settings on your device and as long as you only remove the normal apps from your Home Screen and won’t delete them, you can access all the apps! 😁 I love having an Aesthetic background and this really took it to a whole new level where I can change what my apps look like! I HIGHLY recommend unless you depend on the apps having different colors so you can find them quickly, but even THEN there are several options that are very colorful! 🤩🌈 Anyways, NOT A SCAM and don’t listen to the Reviews that say you gotta Pay, THERES AN X IN THE CORNER WHERE YOU CAN ACCESS THEM! Sorry if this Review is long, but I definitely give 5/5 also, It’s fun just looking through the options
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2 years ago, hlascarlet
Exciting….at first!!
I was really excited about this app and didn’t mind paying for premium. There are so many fantastic themes. However, first bad, you have to scroll through ALL of them to find what you want. When you install the icons, 2nd bad, it doesn’t delete the original ones so you have duplicates!! I finally got it all set up and it was beautiful!! I loved it!! Not so great, 3rd bad, that the icons are actually shortcuts that go through Safari to connect. Not too useful if the internet is down!! Well, I was loving my new theme and decided to try another one. Went through all the hassle to get it all set up and discovered, 4th bad, there is not a clock widget for every theme!! So now I’m limited to the number of choices because I like a clock on my homepage!! Also, 5th bad, it does not show notifications on the shortcuts!! I either have to go to each app or add back my original icons!! Well, OK, so I get another one all set up with my clock widget and NOW, 6th bad, none of the shortcuts work!! I get an error message saying Safari can’t connect because the address isn’t valid or something like that!! What’s up with that??!! It was working great when I installed the first theme!! SO now I just have the pretty pics and had to re-add my original icons so I could actually function!! SEVENTH bad…I have sent messages to support at least two times and have NEVER received a response!! It’s to the point I am going to delete the app and ask for a REFUND!!
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2 years ago, mackenzie R B.
First of all you have to pay for it like why why do we have to pay for it like it’s just to decorate your apps or whatever I don’t get it but I mean it’s the person that made the app decision and I totally respect it but I rate this app a two but if you want to like decorate your apps probably try widgetSmith it’s a really good App decorating app so I recommend that not being rude to this app but I really do recommend widget Smith so yeah that’s basically why I write this a 2 i’m sorry that I don’t like your app but a little advice if you’re going to like get an app then make sure to look at the reviews because if there’s a bunch of bad reviews but no good ones then don’t get that OK so that’s my opinion I’d totally respect it if you have a different opinion so yeah I just I don’t not like your app I don’t like it but it would be nicer if we didn’t have to pay for it because kids want to decorate their phones and iPads and they don’t wanna pay for it and they might not have the money to pay for it so yeah but that’s just my opinion I totally respect it if you have a different one as I said and I’m really sorry that I don’t like your app but yeah that’s my opinion and have a great day and I don’t recommend this app like seriously like the title says it all by that was my opinion hope you look at reviews on all the apps that you want to get by thanks for looking at my review I appreciate it bye
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2 years ago, rustic_sagie
pros and cons
First I’ll start with the pros! I’ve had this app for a while now, and the icons are really cute. There is a variety of themes you can use for free, which I really like. Adding the icons and widgets to the home screen is pretty simple as well. I’ve tried many different apps, yet I always come back to this one. It’s very simple, cute, and fun! The backgrounds are super cute as well! There isn’t really much to complain about; however there is a reason why I gave this app a 4-star rating. Some of the cons to this app are they don’t have any widgets for games, so to make it look good you have to remove them from the home screen, or at least put them on a different page. When you click on the icons itself, it brings up the Themify app for a split second, then brings you to the app. It’s kinda frustrating at first, but eventually I got used to it. Overall, this app is really great if you’re wanting a cute home screen without paying. I’ve never paid for the subscription so I can’t say whether it’s worth it or not. If there was a way to fix where it brings up the Themify app for a split second, and add widgets to games, then I think this app would deserve a 5-star rating! Thank you for your time in reading this review! I hope it helps!
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2 years ago, Happygurlemme
Positives and Negatives
There are many different things about this app that make it good and bad. There are some great things that you can use without paying but not a great amount of them. Also when you find one you like, you can only use like 5 app icons. This is very frustrating but I had to go back and forth selecting adding deselecting reselecting and adding all over again. And after all that I find that they don’t even have all the apps!!! Like are you kidding. I had to go on shortcuts and try to exactly color match all the apps they didn’t have which took even longer. Another negative is that there is literally no search button for anything. You have to endlessly scroll for what you want. And even if you find what it is you are looking for. You probably have to pay or spend hours trying to add it to your phone. A good thing about the app is it has like 0 adds. Adds can be annoying so that’s a great thing contributing to the app. One really sketchy thing and mainly the reason I gave the app 2 stars, is that whenever you paste the apps on your Home Screen and click on it, it goes to safari to some website before it goes to the app. This is really questionable and I recommend fixing it. All in all the app is not that great and I would not recommend it.
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3 years ago, Moon~chan
Pretty pictures, but always leads back to money.
I honestly downloaded this because I was hoping to change my aesthetic I already made without all the hassle. Yes, the themes are very pretty but it seems like it’s almost required to pay for the themes. Even if you choose one of the “not premium” choices, you can only use 5 widgets otherwise you have to buy the premium. While they aren’t asking for a lot of money, this is something you could do by yourself for free with some extra finger grease and not have to worry about paying the 10 dollars a year or else your widgets disappear. I think this app could go a long way if it had some more simple designs to just give for free. And not in the way of “oh the crown one you have to pay for but the non-crown one you still have to pay for if you want to really use it.”, you know? Overall, not really terrible, some of the themes could be better, but the marketing seems really sketchy. I almost thought that the premium pop up ad was just the app demanding I buy premium or else I can’t use anything at all. I’m not saying to get rid of the premium, I understand that people put a lot of work into these widgets and possible drawings, I’m just saying that if you advertise something as the free option, actually be truthful about it.
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2 years ago, Minamix4
Glitchy but really pretty
So after 2 hrs of decorating my homepage and organizing them. I finally finished and really liked the final look. The issue is that there are no notifications on these and when accessing the app through this specialized icon, it opens up two apps and also takes me to a white page before letting me go on the app I want. So let’s say I want to open Instagram. I click, the screen becomes white for a sec, then the app starts to load. But it’s kinda slow and only once it has crashed in the 3 hrs I’ve used this app with all the decorations and whatnot. It also opens the app twice. So the first one would be the decorated icon, and the second would be the original one. Also. I’m not sure if it was because of the amount of icons I had to replace and change, but my phone also went black while I was going through my home screen, and just rebooted itself because of how much power this app was taking. Overall, this app made my phone look gorgeous. I’m a little skeptical since it made my phone act a bit weird but I was bored when I downloaded this so it’s okay ig.
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2 years ago, Val-SE<3
Amazing App!
The app is amazing so far as how I’ve used it! I just got it today and I was telling by the reviews that it was a good app so I got it and I’m in love with it!💕 There’s so many choices to choose from and it’s very easy to use! It also has some great wallpapers and widgets as well as the icons! I just wished if the Developer added some cat or pet icons/widgets and wallpapers then it would also make the app better too, so if they could add that then it could make it better to since I’m an animal person and I really want to have some of those types of icons/wallpapers/ widgets on my phone. I would also want them , if they haven’t, add like some Pokémon stuff too that would look great too! But other than that the app is amazing and easy to use! I highly recommend it! Some people are dumb since at first when you get the app they ask if you want to buy premium it doesn’t make you do it, there’s an X in the left corner. But still amazing app the developer(s) should feel very proud of making this app its amazing! Thank you for taking your time to read this sorry if it’s too long!😻💛
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2 years ago, 1776523
Not easy to use or change anything. Plus you need to pay.
This app has absolutely no search function so you have to scroll through probably about 100 different themes and wallpapers. First of all there’s not a lot of variety. When you actually go to install it every time you click on one of their icons that is now on your home screen it will reroute you through the Internet into your actual folder. To me that is highly suspicious. Every time you change your theme you have to delete all of your old icons that are on your phone screen of which if you install all of them there are 40. Imagine changing this three times and you have to delete 120 different icons from your home screen. It does not keep anything in the folders it is supposed to be in. After all of that you have to pay $20 for the lifetime membership. $20 is not a big deal if the app is working well. But for some thing where you can’t even search for a theme that you want it that’s ridiculous. Also the categories are a joke, you end up seeing the same item in multiple different categories making it wonder if they just didn’t want to create that many variations. I will definitely be reporting this to Apple Inc. requesting a refund. It’s not a bad idea but it lacks all functionality and unless you’re a teenage girl it’s just not worth it.
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6 months ago, Deatinybattle
This is Bad
I hate this app is says you don’t have to pay but you do they lied to you please do not get this app because you will have to pay a free price but everyone on TikTok saying they got it for free that’s a lie because when you log into it you’re going to see when you first click the button, you’re gonna see that it says you have to pay all the wallpapers are so pretty I’ll give them extra credit for that but overall do not get this app because you do have to pay. I forgot how much you gotta pay but you have to pay so please do not get this app because this is my like fifth time getting this app because I have been seeing it on TikTok and it keep on making me pay so please do not get this app whatever you do please don’t get it. Thank you very much. Please download easier wallpapers or either go to Google Google is way cheaper because when you go to Google you don’t have to pay to do it you could just get your wallpaper, screenshot it and do that
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3 months ago, sparkelgirl4127
It was good.
This app used to be my favorite app for things, I would use it all the time and I even paid the money in order to have all the themes for free. Ever since they made the new update where it takes 12 steps just to add one new icon, I’ve started to not use it as much. I think everyone can agree that that many steps for an icon is kind of difficult and frustrating. before I found them I was using a bunch of different apps to make my apps look different and have different themes and they all did the same thing which is the reason I uninstalled them. I thought if I was different and it was different for a while was probably the best theme I ever had but ever since the update it’s just been frustrating and I haven’t been using it for apps anymore. I’ve just been using it for the wallpapers. I just think this app is kind of pointless now because of the multi step process it takes to install one app Themify if you’re reading this review and others please change this. It was so much simpler before and now it was just really unnecessary, I can guarantee you’ll definitely get more people getting this if you make it back to the simple ways.
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4 months ago, Iloverobloxbeta🥰
I got the app and it was suggested by a friend because she found it in an ad or something like that and then I couldn’t figure out how to use it I asked people around me and they said they never heard of this app before so I got it and was trying to figure out how to do it then I thought I was doing it until something happened and then I tried to get rid of the widgets but it didn’t work I also had my mom come and try it because I couldn’t delete the app it was like it was stuck on my phone and I had to restart my phone for it to get off my Home Screen luckily I don’t have it now but don’t get this app if your gonna delete it or don’t know how to use it. I hope you don’t make the same mistake I made by getting this app because it wasn’t a good experience has the other reviews are and I wish they were because this sounds like a very nice app and looks like it when you open it but it’s not what it seems please read this and go save your time and possibly money on this app and go find another one because it won’t get off of your phone once you download it once it’s there you can’t turn back you can only delete it off your Home Screen and then you still have it so please go find another app hope you have a good day or night - from a mad customer
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4 years ago, hickhickhickc
Just App Information!
It’s an ok app, wasn’t expecting anything better but the reason I gave a 3 star review is because I liked this theme of widgets but when I looked at the list it gave me there wasn’t everything to match the widget with, like example when I hit the setting widget the settings app wasn’t on the list they gave me. Another things is that when I wanted to add a big widget for just some photos on my Home Screen I didn’t know how to apply it to my Home Screen, when I hit the help button it didn’t really tell me how to add it to my Home Screen it just simply said to hit “Set” and it’ll be there but it wasn’t. Just wanted to come on here to give you guys some suggestions to change around the app so myself and others can be happy with there Home Screen and how it looks! Thank you for hearing me out, if anywhere in the review you can help me please do, Thanks You! A more detailed review I would say is there aren’t enough apps on the list or as the widgets, I want my whole phone to have a widget, if that makes since! And for the picture widgets to add space on my phone is to add more detail to the help button in the corner, so I can apply the larger widgets, Just reply again if you need MORE detail!
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6 months ago, Am1988hg
Read before downloading! Bad Update!!
So I’ve had this app for about 3 months or so on my phone then I decided to install the icons on my iPad. Nice right? Wrong! Once I get on the app I see a theme I like that’s not for premium and before if you did not have premium you had to do 5 icons at a time. Not too bad, I’ve done it about 5 or 6 times with the 5 icons at a time. Then when I download the app and I found a theme I liked not for premium I go to tap 5 icons then it has the crown indicating you have to have premium to do 5 icons at a time so I was confused and checked it on my phone, same thing. Then once I tap only one icon does it not have the crown! I was so surprised! I can’t believe that if you do not have premium you have to do 1 icon at a time!? And in other apps it’s cheap with maybe $10 for the whole thing but this app? It’s $10 per year! I even told my friends to download this app because it has great themes! I told them it was a little tedious doing 5 at a time but it’s fine! But now? I deleting the app and telling my friends to download other apps! I hope you fix this in another update but for now I will delete this app?
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3 years ago, simply unimpressed
Not connecting
I thought the content was great. The price was half the cost of some other apps so I went ahead and paid for a year. Now I’m regretting that. I spent a lot of time looking through the options and choosing what I wanted. I changed icons about 3 or 4 times, and every time there were a bunch that didn’t automatically transfer over. They had to be clicked and searched for and then added manually before downloading the profile—and I’m talking about things like Facebook and eBay. That took up a lot of time. Then there were several apps of mine that could not be found. I was going to create my own icon, but I’m not sure it’s even possible to make one that matches a style in the designed themes since there is no gradient or glitter, and as I said, once I tried to create a design, it would not “find” my apps like Hushmail or iPlum. After I spent all that time getting everything rearranged, I went to click on one of my apps and it gave an error message saying the address could not be found 🤦🏻‍♀️. So frustrating after spending all this time. I’ll have to delete it all and go back and download all of the apps again since I erased them. Not worth the time.
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1 year ago, AnNAandZEKE
So this app is great: I love it. Just one thing that confuses me and one thing I need to report. The thing that confuses me is in the beginning when you first download the app it asks you to choose three or more categories so it can customize your content. That’s not unusual for apps like these. But then you choose your categories and your in the app ready and excited to see what they got for you based on your choices: but they give you all the categories anyway! So why are you asking us to choose three or more categories when you’re going to give them all to us anyway? Okay, now for the other thing. I was super excited to have new icons, and I had chosen which icons I wanted to install. When it came time for me to click Install All Icons (which means install all the icons you chose) it said I couldn’t do it bc it was for premium! Why!? So then I thought I had to do them one by one. So I did one app icon and went to do another but found you couldn’t. So plz change this to where it doesn’t have to be premium to install the icons, bc all the icons are really amazing! Please take this into consideration
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2 years ago, 123456 hi i an Taryn!
So I thought this App just changes your icons and your icons only. But there’s actually much more to it than you think so you can change your backgrounds, your themes, and your widgets. And the apps like MyICON and MagicWidgets say they do the same but they really don’t.And Bogo live it isn’t the best as most people say. And this is the first I got an app that actually works that I have gotten through my last few years. And so I installed a you speech icons with the beach background and widgets and it made my phone look gorgeous! As you see here I love the beach . So if you think about getting this app don’t think get it! Trust me it’s amazing! I thought it wasn’t gonna be that great at first but actually try think icons and they actually work and it makes you actually understand it and not actually having you put an information you don’t feel comfortable with. So I really like this app you don’t have to like it if you don’t but I love this app! So I may to just download it.
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2 years ago, cc_pandas00
Great app!!😁😁
I love this app so much and I definitely request it! But, there is a thing that bugs me! Idk if it’s just me that it bugs or other people too. Anyway, first let’s focus on the good stuff! One: I love being able to have super cute and customizable keyboards instead of a plain one! Two: You can also customize your Home Screen!!! With your apps and wallpaper and make it SUPER cute! I also like how in the start it asks you what type of themes you like so your wallpaper and apps suit you. Ok well, there’s so much good things to say about this app but now, I have my one thing that bugs me. If you have one of the customized keyboards on then, your keyboard doesn’t auto correct! It’s really annoying because than it takes a long time to type and it doesn’t auto correct like your normal plain keyboard does! Ik this is a really small problem but it annoys me and I would LOVE if you changed that! Please write back to me! Thank you!
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1 year ago, PianoNerd_Music123
Adding Your Photos For Your App Icons.
Hello! I really love this app! I just wish that you can upload your photos for your app icons. That would be amazing. I tried looking for this feature and like a button for this, but I couldn’t find it so I started using a app called Shortcuts it really helped me so I can upload my pictures for my app icons. So if you really would add that feature for it to be available, I would really love to use this app. If you would make that feature for this app then I would love that because the app Shortcuts takes a really long time to upload your photos because you need to make a new shortcut every time you want to upload your pictures for each app. That’s the reason I only uploaded pictures for apps that I really wanna customize, but not all my apps, because I have too many apps to upload all the pictures with short cuts, but if themify had that feature than it would be so much shorter to do that and would not take a long time to do all that process so if you would add that feature, I would love that!
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2 years ago, stephanieandkirk
The app I always come back to
I have been subscribed for a few months and if I had only one app for icons, widgets, wallpapers, and themes, this is the one I would choose. It is very handy that you install the apps for us and it only takes less than a minute. I have not found another app like this. The only reason I check out other apps is because they have custom icon makers where we can create icons ourselves and in a large variety to choose from. If themify would offwr this feature, I would not have to even look anywhere else. It is still so worth the price, please keep it affordable. I have the yearly plan and that works better than having to worry about something coming weekly or monthly out of my account. I still give it 5 stars because I never mess with reviews but since I have been shopping around, I am glad I actually came across you a few months ago.
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7 months ago, .+ demon+.
Really good but something’s need to be said…
I really love this app because of how it’s free and cheap. But there are something’s that are good and meh. Let’s start of with good. Lots of choices and varieties you can pick from. It makes your screen come to life with some of the background and icons. But also have some cute or cartoony things. Really good that’s 5 stars! But when we go to the meh side we have to take a star, why you might be asking.. Well. If you want to customize your own pack, you can’t just make your own icons. What’s the point of having widgets and customizable backgrounds with your own pictures if you don’t have the icons open to that yet? Weird, but another thing is that if you want to change like your style you can’t. Or I might just be blind and not see anything to change that. But in all I would give this app a 4.5/5 stars, for reasons I think that should become into the app or things that are really good to the app and that should stay.
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2 years ago, Sakuraa_Flowerr
It’s alright
So I decided to download the app because it looked really cool, and would save me the time to use Widgetsmith. When I opened the app, there was a subscription that I had to pay to get certain themes and designs. But there was also an “x” on having an option not to. I scroll through the designs, looking for the one I want, and find one. So I follow the directions on what to do, but I have to buy premium to be able to have a design on all of my apps? There was a limit to 5 designs for 5 apps, and of course I have more than that. If I just got a couple designs, it would’ve looked weird to the other designs on the app that doesn’t fit the theme, so there wasn’t ready a point in that for me personally. For example, it would just look weird to have a beige and white colored app, and then my other apps be neon colors. It wasn’t bad since I only have to pay $10 a year for the premium designs, but I don’t want the hassle in having to ask my parents to buy it for me, just for them possibly saying no. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, and we all have different opinions..
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2 years ago, Jay Terry-Mapes
Mostly Paywalled
I do love how compatible the app is with the iOS device, and it’s better than most other apps as you can download the icons to your Home Screen directly through the app, however only 4/5 stars because while yes you can download the icons to your screen through the app, you can only do 5 at a time for free. And even doing 5 at a time it’s such a lengthy process to download the modules and allowing your device to install them then going back and doing 5 again over and over.. if you have the money I say the premium is definitely worth it if you really wanna change your screen, it doesn’t go through shortcuts it goes through safari if you do it 5 at a time and individually it goes through itself? I’m not sure on that one, I’m just not willing to pay a lot for the premium, worth it if you’re super into aesthetic screens though most definitely the low hassle and ability to change it quickly at any time is worth it.
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12 months ago, gloomygirl123
Pretty great once you get the hang of it
This is a amazing app but I did need to have a bit of time to get the hang of using it. So you have all these widgets and themes to choose from and I think that's great. But there's a lot of preparation you need to do before you get your themes. I also see in all the images on the themes you pick from that the Themify app will turn into its own little widget. I kept trying to get it to look like that but it didn't work. If any developers read this could you tell me how I get the Themify app to become a widget? I also think that the charging animation should become the charging widget. When I try to use the clock or battery widgets, they don't work either! So I end up just not using those which make me a bit sad because I feel like those give it the finished look. I'm still happy with what my home-screen looks like now. Anyways, good day and stay safe. I highly recommend this app. I give it a four star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, Kaylie🦋💙
Great App!! Just some little issues. :)
It’s a great app and I love using it! There’s a pretty good selection of backgrounds, widgets, and icons but I still think there should be a bigger selection of free ones. One think that I think would be useful, is if you guys added a search bar so that people could search up a color, theme, etc. For example, if you search up “blue”, then any blue icons, backgrounds, and widgets will pop up! This would also make it easier for people who want to find free things because you could just search up “free”. One problem that I had with this app is that I wasn’t able to add multiple widgets to my phone. I have this app a four out of five because of the few issues, but overall I give this app a thumbs up, and I recommend that you should download it!! 👍😁 I was able to add multiple widgets now so just forget about what I said about the widgets lol 😂.
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2 years ago,
Pretty great app!
Pretty cool app. Easy to use and you can get a lot out of it without having to pay which is great. I really like the fact you can add your own pictures for the widgets and even though I haven’t tried out the icon maker feature it’s still a really cool thing to have. Small bug I had at the beginning was that I could only add two widgets and after that all that would show up when I went to add a widget was a grey box. I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work correctly again. Which also lead to my next minor im inconvenience. Even though you can sign in with a apple account, the app doesn’t save the widgets you have added or have customized. It would be really nice if that could somehow be implemented. Also some really small annoyances is that in ads they advertise a music widget which is not actually in app yet. Another is that there’s no dedicated weather widget. Other than that this app is great and definitely worth it
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2 years ago, rgstudios
Please help
I really liked this app because it use to work very well and I never had problems but today I got problem where it said I couldn’t open the apps through the icons because “ Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.” I never got this I even powers off my phone and it still didn’t work if this is a big please fix it or if this is just a glitch can someone please help me fix it I can’t get into the app and I have to personally type the apps I want to get in and I would really like it if I could find a way to get it back to normal please and thank you. Update : I was just about to email and hope for a response but I think it might of been a glitch on my phone because when I went to go take a screen shot it fixed it by its self and this app is an over all great app for free too and only take a couple steps!
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2 years ago, Hi65123
Eh it’s alright.
I had trouble finding a Home Screen that you didn’t have to pay for. I eventually settled for one of the “popular” ones. I don’t really care what my Home Screen looks like, and just the four apps that have been decorated was enough for me. (BY THE WAY FOR OTHER PEOPLE READING YOU NEED TO PAY FOR MORE THAN 5 DECORATED APPS!). It is annoying though, because the decorated apps don’t even work! They just send you through a portal from Safari. Whenever I click on it, it says, “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.” I have no idea what that means, but it looks as if a lot of other people have the same problem. I have to manually go to the App Library every time I want to use the apps. According to one of the reviews, you have to look for one of the ones that you don’t need to pay for. So, if you want your whole Home Screen to look as it’s been shown on the app, apparently “you’ll need the patience”. Or pay, which to me, is ridiculous.. So, it’s a solid 3 out 5 for me.
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4 months ago, 🐀🫎
please read this before downloading!!!
so i put a 5 star review so that way people would read this. the app overall is really great, i’ve had this app for about 2 years. one day i come on the app to change my theme, and i have to download each individual bookmark. before you could do 4 which made it A LOT easier. so i ended up deleting the app, because i don’t have the time for that. you might think that’s petty but i don’t wanna download 20 individual bookmarks, when i could be doing something important. so if you wanna do that, then download this app. i did like the app before they changed that. so if they changed that back, i would definitely re-download the app. it’s good, but that one part ruined it for me. and i get it if you don’t agree with me, but just think about it before you get it. + the premium thing is reallyyyyy annoying.
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7 months ago, JustANormalPerson…
GREAT app, small inconvenience
Alright, to start off I have really been liking this app because of the really cute wallpapers and widgets and everything is pretty easy to install, I also love how they give you instructions on how to set up everything to make your life easier. Now the reason I only gave this four stars is because I don’t like how you have to go through the trouble of typing in your password in order to see the charging animation, now I know people are going to think that it’s not that hard just type in your password, but I personally think that the animation should pop up right when you plug it in. The animations still look pretty neat and I know that there is probably not much that the app can do especially since it’s not a Apple app. Other than this small inconvenience I think that this app is amazing. And honestly if you don’t mind typing in your passcode to see your animation I say go for it!
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2 years ago, Kate Briscoe
Some small issues
I love this game! I love how all the wallpapers, widgets, and icons work! You don't know how badly I've been searching for an app like this. But like most apps, there are some issues. First, I saw how cool the icon I wanted was. But it was premium. But I remembered that there is a free trial that you can quit anytime! So, I “bought” the trial. To my surprise, I couldn't unsubscribe from the trial. Please, developer(s), make how to change this more noticeable! No hate, I just want to help improve! Second, I get you guys need to make money and all, but all the wallpapers or icons I want have to be premium. Please note that you(or more) should make some more wallpapers or icons in one section just like the premium so that we can find it easier and save money. Anyways, I love this app! It's the best! And thank you for taking you time out of your day to read this!
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1 year ago, Jcdd XO n gxhfydhvh
Do not buy this app it’s terrible
So I read this app a one star because of how I find cute wedges, abs everything background it’s just so cute but all of the sudden you click to change your widgets and your apps so when I click apps, and I do all the apps that I have always said, and I had to pay for everything for just one thing I don’t want everything I just want to change my apps what’s the point lumen like what’s the point how do I get a buy everything when I’m just trying to buy one single thing because it don’t make sense like tell me how like you just buy something you want it but you got it by every single thing that’s on this game for just one thing and by the way, if I don’t even want to change my apps how it looks like when I get like the widgets, do you say the little boxes it be on your screen and in the background I get it but it’s not like that type of app that you can just choose it in a change it for you it’s just like you Gotta do it everything you gotta go into a certain app to get the little widget things so I will not recommend this app at all
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2 years ago, kitsuyuutsu
Don’t trust reviews…
So after reading all these reviews that said you can use the app for free and you just may not be able to use all features or may need to tweak things a certain way in order to use all the features for free, I decided to give it a try. The first review said when it asks you to subscribe to premium, just click on the X to close it out and others as well have said you can use it for free. This, I soon found, was a lie… Oh, you can click the X when it asks you to subscribe, you can even flip the switch for a free 3 day trial. But it will still insist you subscribe so they can charge you $4.99 A WEEK to use this app. Listen, I wouldn’t pay that per MONTH let alone per WEEK! And the amount per year is even MORE insane! If I can’t just purchase it once and make in app purchases as I like, you can forget it. If I could give this app negative stars, I would. It’s just click bait. I don’t care how awesome it actually is if it does work, it’s not worth the money. I’ll stick with the boring icons and the wallpapers I find that I customize myself. That, my friends, is free.
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1 year ago, jdudbyrknsufnjhx
I got this app because I wanted to edit my widgets and app icons and when I saw this app I was like, perfect! When I got on the app there was an ad IMMEDIATELY for premium and I said NO WAY! 10$ per MONTH? JUST FOR SOME WIDGETS?! Definitely not! So I tried to do one of the home screens and after selecting ALL of the stuff I wanted, I clicked the add button, and I couldn’t add it, BECAUSE I NEEDED PREMIUM! And you need premium for EVERYTHING! So I was like, NO WAY!.. so I moved on to a different app. If you are willing to pay the 10$, then this app would be great. But let me remind you, 10$ per MONTH… I suggest the app Widgetsmith. You can’t edit your app icons, but you can make REALLY good widgets. You can also choose a custom background. Premium is an option on Widgetsmith, but most of the things are free. It takes some getting used to, but I just watched a tutorial. Ok back to this app. Anyways, yeah so this app needs premium to add ANYTHING, but if your willing to pay 10$ per month, then this app would be great for you! Ty for reading, Fina👍🏻
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3 years ago, Creatures3
So frustrating
Paid for a subscription but within a few days asked for a refund (emailed support 2x with yet to receive a reply). The app is not user friendly and is a hassle to download. App icons are downloaded as a short cut and does not replace the previous app icons, so you end up with multiple sets of icons, and have to one by one delete the previous icons. When you click on the app, it opens safari then opens the app, so unless less you leave Safari constantly running in the background, you have to close out safari each time you go into the apps. If you download the themed wallpaper or widgets, it does not set it automatically, it will save it under your photos and you have set it manually each time you download a new theme. Also the notifications only alert through the previous icons and not the current ones that were downloaded. The only positive thing I would say is there is a lot of selections to choose from, which is why I have a 2 star, otherwise I’d give a 1 star.
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1 year ago, ❤️🌙❤️🌙❤️😴❤️🌙❤️
Don’t even it’s so not slay
Get comfy, this is gonna be a long complaint. Ok so this app is AWFUL you have to pay just to be able to get in like I tried to get onto the app but you have to pay!!!! I was so upset but I went ahead and payed , but then when I got on I realized that you have to scroll through every wallpaper just to find the one you want!!!!!!! They NEED to add a search bar for the wallpapers. I just did not have a good experience with this app. The wallpapers are pretty but there are other apps you could get with the same wallpapers for free!!!! I rated this five stars so someone would Actully see my review!!!! Just don’t waste your time!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤I forgot to say that I couldn’t even cancel my three day trial cuz it gave me like 100 adds so I do not recommend!!!!!! ALL I WANTED WERE SOME PRETTY WALLPAPERS!!! !!!?!!!👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
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2 years ago, ELR1211
Great app with cons
It is a great app and has amazing widgets icons and wallpapers. My main problem is I am only able to add one widget. If I find a widget I like and I save it. I add it to my Home Screen then I decide I want to find more widgets. Once I find a new widget I save it. I get an option to save the widget as a new one, or replace it with my other widget. I save the new widget as a new one because I like them both. But then I can’t add the new widget unless I replace it with my first one. Second is the app icons. Once I find one I like I start replace the new app icons with my old apps. But whenever I click on the ones with the icons, it has to go through safari before entering the app which isn’t great when internet is slow. Plus I can’t add the icons to all of my other apps, if the apps aren’t VERY popular, like tik tok. The wallpapers are great I would love some more options😊. No hate to the app, just needs a few changes
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2 years ago, Morgan the majestic unitato
Could be better
Themify offers a large selection of premade backgrounds, icons, and widgets in addition to pre-made home and Lock Screen designs. The app itself isn’t too difficult to use, but some of the features can be confusing until you take the time to figure them out. (Or make a more in depth tutorial to teach the layout and functionality of the app (looking at you developers 👀)) Additionally, I don’t mind paying $20 a year to easily customize my phone screen because it saves me a lot of time when I want to change things up (which is often). However, unlike other apps I’ve used before, I can’t assign icons to all of the apps on my Home Screen because not all of the apps I have are in their database to make a shortcut, and I have not found a way to download the app icons to make the shortcut on my own. That would be an excellent feature to have to fully customize my phone screen, and I am a bit disappointed that I am unable to do that at the moment.
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1 year ago, Quickening
Not impressed. AT ALL.
I regret paying for this app. The icons are useless. They’re not icons, they’re shortcuts to open the app. But for important apps like phone, messages, and mail, they offer no notification that you’ve received anything. If you’re expecting a text or something, don’t expect it to let you know when it shows up. So I can’t use the icons for that. The widgets are also iffy. Cute pics, but the calendars have inaccurate dating. I don’t know if they’re dates from a previous year or what, but when it’s off by nearly a week, there’s a problem. Clocks are also inaccurate and don’t display the correct time. I’ve pretty much given up on the widgets entirely. There’s hardly anything to choose from anyway. The iPad’s default widgets are better than this. There are a lot of background choices, which is nice. But the 3D effects only work on a phone, not an iPad. So, again, useless. Seriously, for something you have to pay for, it doesn’t offer anything more than you could get with an app that’s completely free. At least. Ot anything that functions the way it’s supposed to. Today, all of my icons have set themselves to only open Firefox. Doesn’t matter what I’m trying to actually open, it only opens Firefox. So all of that work I had to do to download the damned things will now be undone as I have to delete them all and then reset every friggin’ app on my iPad (and phone!) back into the categories. I’m not messing with those stupid useless icons anymore.
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2 years ago, BananaGurl1357
Wouldn’t recommend
I was really excited when I saw this app… at first. I’ve tried to do so many backgrounds and I can’t get any of them to download. Maybe it has something to do with how I just asked for the three day free trial? I don’t know. So I keep going into different backgrounds and press every button I see that seems like it would download it. I get really excited after I do tons and tons of button mashing, so I exit out of the app just to see the same disappointment. And there are so many backgrounds that are so pretty and not just all girly/gothic like most of the apps have, so I’m really disappointed in this app. There are so many apps that look legit but then once you actually get into it it just doesn’t work. Just like this one. It doesn’t explain very well how to actually download the widgets and backgrounds to your phone. There are really annoying questions it asks you but it doesn’t answer the questions that you might have in any way. I’m very disappointed in this app.
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2 years ago, CharBar🍫
Good app, but inaccessible to non-paying users.
First of all, I just want to say that this is a fundamentally good app, and it’s a cool way to aesthetify your home screen. However, this app is very difficult to use without paying. You have to replace icons and widgets one by one if you don’t want to pay, because the “replace all” feature is locked behind a paywall. Unless you have a ridiculous amount of patience and unlimited time to spend clicking on the “export” button, you have to pay for this. (There is also no search feature despite the heaps of content on the app.) I understand locking certain content behind a paywall- the developers, artists, and programmers that worked on this app are talented and deserve to be paid for their work. However, making the app inaccessible unless you pay is not the way to do things in my opinion. Will be deleting Themify after this, as I cannot afford a subscription to this service.
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4 years ago, Nikki102030
Hello, I love this app. It has all the tabs for packs, icons and widgets, just how I like. I don’t have to pay for much and it is super easy to set the icons instead of having to do it to through the shortcuts app where it takes like 20 hours (OK, I am exaggerating but it feels like that long). I love all of the available themes and I just absolutely love this app. I don’t normally write reviews this positive but this app deserves it. You guys did good on the development of you app just 2 problems.. why 30 BUCKS a year? Thats money I could have used to pay off my phone.. lol, but it is still worth it!! And 2, you give us SO MANY icons COVER choices, but when you pick a cover then go to put it on the home screen your options for apps are low. For example I tried to add a safari bookmark but safari was not available on the app list for apps to open. Please fix this :D
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2 years ago, Alice22163977218
I like this a lot but
Ok yes there is an X in the upper left corner, it’s just gray and a bit hard to find. When I am using Themify You can find really cool Backgrounds and Widgets but the only thing I don’t like is that only IPhone’6s are able to use the Live feature and any other IPhone is just a still picture and that was the main thing I was looking forward to do. Along with the Icons you can’t make your own nor have them live but I will say that I love the Icons for FNAF and the Neon ones along with the LGBTQ but also I think that there should be Icons for every flag so it’s not always rainbow. Overall very good app just needs updates. One more thing, When it tells you how to animate your background it should also have an option to put your own animation for your background so it’s more personalized to you.
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1 year ago, jjgaspard
Widget problems
So I customized my phone as I usually do and I had to do a software update. After the update happened and I logged back in, all the widgets I had from this app were plain black. Even tho they were supposed to have pictures. Then I got rid of them and added them back in, still black. But this time when u tried to customize it the thing didn’t pop up. So know I’m stuck with three blank, boring widgets. They still haven’t popped up and it’s been almost a week. Of course this could be a problem with my phone, however my friend who has the same app and has a better model phone than I said that she was encountering this problem too. Going back to when I added the widgets back in, when you are at the ‘add widget’ screen I saw, you guessed it a blank widget. But I brushed it off thinking that it was just glitching. But overall it’s a good app, just beware that two thirds of the stuff is premium.
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1 year ago, zigificgzizhzfhox
I have had this game for a long time, and the reason I gave it for seller review is because of I have certain different apps, and even though there is a different app category the apps that I have are not in that category, and I would very much like for it so what I’m trying to say here is I’d like for you to add in everybody’s apps that they have it would help a lot because I just don’t wanna have to decorate one side of my phone in the other half be super Duper ugly and I love the premium. I’ve bought it a few days ago and it is the best thing I’ve ever purchased. I love all the apps that you can decorate I just would like more options for them. I’m waiting for the next update and I’m super excited to see what you come up with but also, I hope you take some of my ideas please and thank you and I hope you see this. Thank you for reading it if you did.
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2 years ago, blah blah😭
It's soo good
This is such a good app but here’s one thing that nobody knows when you enter the app and you keep pressing continue you will stop to a page where you have to subscribe to some thing but there’s an X on the top and you’re gonna press it and whenever you’re editing or something and like a payment comes up you’ll see a X again and just press I have a Stranger Things wallpaper right now so thanks to this app♥︎ oh so some you have to pay for some don’t the ones that have a crown you can’t get it you have to pay for it but if the ones that I don’t have a crown you don’t pay for it and you can edit it! Just follow the instructions once you’re done with all your widgets and stuff It will tell you to like put it on your home screen go to Safari all of that stuff✨
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3 years ago, SnowyEmerald
Please bring back short cuts!
I love this app and all of its themes and aesthetics! My only real request is to bring back the option to save icons as images so that I can just create the shortcuts for them. I’m sure that’s not a popular request, but I liked having the shortcuts. It’s frustrating that bookmarks don’t show notification badges, but the shortcuts do. It’s also frustrating that the installed apps have to redirect through safari. I understand why, and I have reduce motion on, but if my internet is slow, it means it can take time to open the app. Plus it means safari is always open in the background. I know asking for shortcuts wouldn’t be very popular. Most people don’t want to take the time to create them. But making in alternate option would be great for me! Otherwise, great job on the app. Can’t wait to see what other designs are added :)
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2 years ago, Kara karrot
Themes are cool but install is confusing, manual, and has errors
I installed the app and tried to follow the instructions to a T but still ended up spending quite a bit of time setting everything up. A couple call outs that were annoying: -The app never tells you that it doesn’t replace your existing icons. It simply adds the themed icons with shortcuts to the app info. So you have multiples of each app. I had to just assume I needed to remove the original apps from the Home Screen. -Literally over half of my apps weren’t auto paired so I had to manually go through the ones I wanted on my Home Screen and save the themed version. -I have had so many issues with applying the themed widgets to my Home Screen. Nothing seems to work. I save the widget in Themify, go to add it to my Home Screen and the themify widget is just black. I’ve done so many different troubleshooting techniques with no fix. So I end up having a widget on my Home Screen that doesn’t match my theme I put in place. Additionally, when I go to the specific widgets section in themify and save unique widgets, they literally do nothing and there isn’t a way to add them to my home screen at all. I have no idea where the saved widgets disappear to. Overall I love the concept of this app but there are gaps in the instructions and issues with the install of some of them content. Super annoying after spending so much time setting everything up.
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