WIS News 10 FirstAlert Weather

4.7 (8.4K)
76.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raycom Media Inc
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WIS News 10 FirstAlert Weather

4.7 out of 5
8.4K Ratings
3 months ago, Brittbrat123🩷
Great weather app
Just like news 10 news keep me up to date with the wis is the best news and weather app both are great always let’s you know what’s going on when it’s going on the weather app is the same way and gives great alerts when rain and thunderstorms or any bad weather is near you
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5 years ago, LAshleyB
Notifications and “ALERTS” have become ridiculous
While the forecasts are useful and the actual navigation of the app is simple, the notifications I get throughout the day are merely click bait. Like one of the other reviewers, this app has become a joke in our household. For instance today, in the a.m. I received “cool start but warming up” but this afternoon I received “mild now but a cool down is coming.” Really?! You mean that during the day it’s going to warm up and then get cooler in the evening? Wow! That’s most every normal day! Also, alerts consist of “Alert: showers today!” Alerts should be urgent, warning of severe weather like storms, tornadoes, snow, ice, etc. the app didn’t even send out a recent tornado warning until a full 5 minutes after the National Weather Service had sent one via my phone’s emergency response system. Please improve your daily notifications and make prompt Alerts for truly urgent announcements.
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2 years ago, cpoagsc
Too many notifications
I’ve enjoyed this app for many years, but the notifications have gotten out of control. It would appear that they’ve included a lot of control over what types of notifications you receive, but they started sending notifications that don’t fit into any of the categories that users are able to toggle off. For example, would “Prepare for warmer weather” fall under the “typhoon” category? There is no category for alerts of uneventful weather, so those alerts that are the most useless and annoying cannot be turned off unless you disable notifications altogether. If that one issue is fixed, I could change my rating from 2 stars to 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Yukka80
What is a "News Station Alert"?
We download the app to our phones and iPads. The purpose was to check the weather. We also got it for weather alerts, for example tornado warnings, hurricane tracking, flooding, severe thunder storms, and (every so often) snow. Over the last year, the push alerts have become ridiculous! Merriam-Webster defines "alert" as being "watchful and prompt to meet danger or emergency." Today's weather alert was "Traveling to NC or GA? Von has your forecast." What!?! This is what I open the app to learn. I do not want my phones an iPad having push notices stating "A News Station Alert has arrived" to tell me that it will be sunny or drizzling or that - shocker - it will be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Stop sending these type of alerts! It has become a joke in our house! An alert arrives and, instead of thinking it's a severe storm or tornado, we joke that it's an alert to the wonderful weather! This completely defeats the purpose and effectiveness of an ALERT!! The upsides of the app: layered radar, decent forecasting, and local weather when you travel out of state.
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3 years ago, Libon V
As a senior relying on walking or the Comet bus your weather app is most reliable. I always look out of the window (15th south facing floor) and check the WIS app before going to work. Ps: Still have been unable to figure out where to take shelter in Five Points at a bus stop in case of a tornado alert. Any advice for pedestrians would be helpful. Thank you
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5 years ago, J_1939
Worked great, but update is horrible.
I use the app frequently to check on weather updates in my area and never had a problem until the most recent 6/20 update. Now when I click the app, it just glitches and exits back to my phone’s main screen. Great app, needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, xPhantom309x
Too many unnecessary alerts!!
The app itself is a decent app. The issue is all the alerts that don’t warrant an alert. Especially at 4:30 to 7:30 am just to tell me it’s going to rain the weekend, or it’s going to be hot in the summer, or it’s going to be cold in the winter. This is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. Has anyone there ever heard the saying if you cry wolf enough times, no one will believe you? And I personally don’t think there should be anything political, including advertisements about impeachment of our President or any other politician. This has nothing to do with the weather. I am deleting the app, and will no longer watch anything on WIS or NBC. I invested about 45 years to your station/network, but have had enough of the one sided reporting that goes on, and all the unnecessary weather alerts. Hope Management is listening and happy they are running their watchers/listeners away.
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5 years ago, Stephen R.
Great App, But Ads are a pain
The information that is provided in the app as well as the functionality of it is awesome! However, it does get very frustrating when I’m trying to get the latest updates about hurricanes and serious weather that I have to watch one and sometimes two ads to even get to the meteorologists video. I respect the need for advertising however, I don’t think it should be on those kind of videos.
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3 years ago, JtotheTimLo
Over the moon pleased
Thank you WIS Weather Team for making the weather app so user-friendly. I look forward to reviewing the app before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning. Keep up the great work and for letting us know when to grab a sweater, umbrella or T-shirt!
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4 years ago, woodster9inch
No good
The radar works decently when it loads up. But the daily forecasts are horrible. It will show 0 percent chance of rain and sunny but when you click on it it shows 40 percent chance of rain and cloudy..... it’s almost like one of them has to be right so just put both up there. The hourly forecast changes hour to hour to reflect what’s happening at that moment. I can do the same thing by looking outside.... it’s useless as a forecasting app. It’s great if you don’t feel like looking out a window to see what it’s doing outside at that moment though. Lol.
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5 years ago, OKIRODEOCLOWN
Advertising covers current conditions
Today I open the app six times trying to see the current conditions it was completely blocked by advertisement. What’s the point of this weather app when you can’t even see the current conditions.
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3 years ago, Phil Dilly
WIS weather
I wish the word “alert” were not used so much. It seems silly and leaves room for misunderstanding. Alert, alert look out for rain. Then we have a few drops. I suggest using other words and leaving “ alert” for important events. Phil Dilly
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2 years ago, thoughtpond
Very good 👍
I’m a tween and this is very good for when I need to check the weather for clothes I’m not gonna leave a very long review but this app has weather forecasts and hourly and daily 👍.
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6 years ago, B3n1095
Ads before important alerts
I hated getting a breaking weather alert and then being forced to watch a 15 sec video ad before I could see the weather information. I can understand seeing video ads during normal viewing but not with a breaking weather alert. Hey a tornado is bearing down on your location but first let’s look at some carpet. I deleted the app from my device.
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2 years ago, Sunfun20
I downloaded this to get alerts and weather updates especially through the night but it’s so unreliable. I rarely get notifications although they are turned on and the forecast are very very wrong. Even throughout the day the weather is off pretty bad. It only changes when the weather changes. It’s never anything we can rely on to plan for outings. Don’t waste your time. Find another weather app.
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6 years ago, Cider zzz
Alerts are mostly for advertising cash in their pocket
Way to many alerts diminish the value of critical ones. These guys are putting out alerts now about things of virtually no value so advertisers can get more hits. I will be looking for others who care more about public safety than cash in their pockets. There appears to be no method of filtering useless alerts out on the settings page. I will further now make it a point to not shop at or use any of their advertisers
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3 years ago, NADD 1
WIS 10 Weather App
I am a South Carolina native that works in construction all over the South East and beyond. I am proud to say that regardless of my location the weather app hasn’t let me down yet!
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3 years ago, Ashleynichole1987
They could do better
The app has a lot of glitches and ad pop ups. I just know WIS can do better. But this is SC and they do everything as cheap as they can.
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3 years ago, Ansfield
Wind speed
I use this app every day and like it a lot. I wish that you would list the wind speed with the temperatures or maybe the “feels like” temperature. Thank you.
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7 months ago, Gmill474
Ok app but age rating way off
App does ok, semi accurate forecast, but can be buggy sometimes. But the rating for ages 4+ is highly inaccurate. Some the the ads in the app showing clothing ads of scantily clothed women and tshirts making reference to “licking, sucking, and swallowing”, the tshirt is intended as a gag, but certainly not appropriate for younger individuals.
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4 weeks ago, JanJan dodo
Love it
I really enjoy this app it sure helps me plan my day and I also like it because I can keep my daughter informed.
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3 years ago, Jim McDonad
Weather we live
We live in a place where people are 65 or much much older; not traveling much. Your specific detail about location of light, sunrise & sunset are the precise information that we, living here, appreciate very much.
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3 years ago, Steelhorse17
Daily Weather
Up to date weather and Right on Time advise for enjoying time Outside!
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2 years ago, kitty the meowing spie
Quick results!🌅
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2 years ago, McCaster$
Great way to stay informed daily
I depend on this app hourly to keep me informed about the weather conditions where ever I am….
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4 years ago, SydTheSmartKid
I like it!
This is a good app and I would recommend regardless of what the other reviews have mentioned!
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10 months ago, KmfHH123
Radar glitches
Radar has issues. Used to work great but not lately. Takes time to load and flashes on and off. Keep looking for updates to fix this issue
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2 years ago, valkmancarl
90% of this app is advertising
Way too many “fake” Alerts. This app should be on CNN. This is one of the most cluttered apps I’ve ever used. As a local weather app it should be more reliable and useful which it’s not. The ads are useless because there’s so cluttered and so many of them.
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2 years ago, Spanish SIU-C 76
Almost spam
It used to be good, only sending severe alerts. Now it sends things like “possible rain this weekend” on Monday and “warmer weather coming. “ We don’t need to be constantly interrupted by things like this. And there is no way to turn these notifications off.
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5 years ago, DCT102281
Would’ve been 5 stars but...
Alerts need to be more prompt. Of course I see heavy rain. It’s no good 10-15 min later.
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3 years ago, steve piva
Great hourly prediction
I love this app because it is very accurate on its hourly prediction in whatever town I’m in
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3 years ago, doctor pooh
confusing forecasts....
By the weather emojis posted for daily's, you never know what the weather will be. Whether 30% or 100% chance of rain the daily graphics are the same......
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4 years ago, GerryJ02
App Failing & Constantly Crashing
The week of 15 Dec 19, I had to delete and reload the app because it got stuck at the Rush’s advertisement. This week, 22 Dec 19, the app would ask to change location before opening and now today, 25 Dec 19, it won’t open again. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m deleting it and moving on to another app.
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11 months ago, sparky9044
I find that the WIS First Alert Weather brings us a feeling of security.
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4 years ago, JackRa66it
It’s ok?
This is a nice app & I use to like it. If there are “Weather Alerts” I’d like to see them without ads. It’s obviously not too much of an lAlert” if there’s a commercial going on before there alert is aired..? I’ve found another local weather app that’s more appealing to my my liking so I’ll stick to that.
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3 years ago, flyontime
Weather forecasting ok
Weather is fine. Don’t like so many commercials
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3 years ago, Victralynne
WIS Weather Team
Thanks to y’all, I feel safer you guys are on the job
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4 years ago, Grandpa-in-SC
Great app if you are looking for carpets, not do good if you want to know the weather.
99% advertisements, 1% information. The worst source for weather updates you could rely on. Plus, get ready to be awakened at 6 am to be told it’s is going to be a nice day.
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7 years ago, BeeJay378
Crashes and Glitches
I have used this app for several years and no problems. This new update is useless for me. It crashes all the time. I'm running iOS 9.35. I wish I had never updated. Please fix. Thanks for your attention to this problem.
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5 years ago, MinnieMacornibox
WIS News 10
Lovely app 100%. I check this app every morning and it helps me so much.
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11 months ago, WIS bad rating
Horrible Loading
Loading the weather radar sometimes takes for ever. You have to close and re-open the app a bunch.
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3 years ago, pongsom
Very good and useful information.🤙🏽
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3 months ago, BiNerd29729
music stops when opening this app
Why must my music stop when checking the weather???
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1 year ago, Lofey56
I am always informed of the weather.
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3 years ago, weathermans wrong
They never get the weather right. I had a roof replacement and was told no rain for the weekend and after shingles were removed and it started raining the whole weekend my ceiling was damaged because of it. Thanks so much for your future cast
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4 years ago, P. A. T.123
Quit working
I’ve had this app on my iPad for years and it suddenly says it’s not available for my Area. Yet I can get it on my iPhone. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it. I’ve shut my iPad down and restarted it. Nothing works. I’m very disappointed.
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2 years ago, hhhhhhhjjjjhhh
Leave me alone
Don’t want to
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3 months ago, Gochenor
Great report first thing in morning. Love the chilly weather ! 🤗
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12 months ago, Toyjoypet
Need radar pictures what directions are alerts coming from???
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3 years ago, uherbuherbcuwhd
Too many pop up ads
Always popping, always!
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