Yes / No Button Free

4.1 (154)
23.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lakeside Llama LLC
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yes / No Button Free

4.07 out of 5
154 Ratings
5 years ago, hethebd
We need darth Vader noo
It would be 10 better
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3 years ago, M.M. 8
Good app
This app is a fun app but can you make a maybe or don’t know button because that would make it better for me. Also can you put more sounds on the yes and no button and if you make a maybe or don’t know button can you please put very funny sounds on them like you put on the S and no button. Also can you make it more interesting like maybe put different colored buttons or maybe also put question so the other person can ask you the questions on the iPad or iPhone to. If you put these changes it would probably be a great game and everybody in the whole school would want it. It would be the most popular game of them all. So make those changes please please please please please please please!!!!!!
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1 year ago, KryztalK
I’m using this with my 15m old who doesn’t know yes or no yet. Hoping it helps his communication. It’s a good app, exactly what it needs to be.
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5 years ago, Frostheaves
Amazing app
I have yet to find a flaw to this app besides that there is a yes button. I never use that but the no is very helpful for talking to other people
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4 years ago, luvhasnowords
No Sound
I have tried to use it on my iPad Pro and can’t get the sound to work. I have checked to see if my device is muted and it’s not. I even reinstalled it about 4 times and nothing. I was really hoping to use this app but unfortunately it did not work out for me.
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6 years ago, papa ray
I want to give this many stars, if it would work on the iPad, works on my iPhone. Excited about the app, I’m using an iPad that is not muted and the speaker works on the other apps. I have reloaded 3x, checked sound level, any suggestions?
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3 years ago, tootgoblin
🛑 NO
I downloaded this app, hoping for a simple yes or no. It has all these goofy sayings that don’t fit the vibe, and you can’t even choose one that fits the vibe. This was not the app I needed, but feel free to download and try for yourself. I hope it works better for you.
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5 years ago, hgsjddf
For the people who complained about it being boring it’s just something to annoy people or do a funny yes/no
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4 years ago, A reiwer
Exactly what it claims to be
It is very brilliant! Now I can reject everything without saying no! I am going to be the coolest kid in school now!
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5 years ago, jugement calls
This app is extremely good and I extremely recommend it to anyone who has siblings
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5 years ago, 5 starness
Love it
My mom immediately regretted getting me this I recommend this to people who have siblings
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4 years ago, tiptontrio
This app is not good it’s just saying yes or no🤔
I hate this app in just saying yes or no I’m confused why did they make this it’s not entertaining at all like what the heck
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4 years ago, cashhjdjg
Nice play it in front of my mom when I dont wanna do what she said
5 stars
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1 year ago, Kirby Carson
Yes & no
You can press yes or no, I like it better than saying yes and no.
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7 years ago, K'ammo
Pretty fun I like it😽👍👍👍👍👍
Such a really good game I could print my brother with this it is I could ignore him a lot I love the skillet so rude
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11 months ago, Random Galaxy Guy
Ok but not the best
Theres no way to improve it that i can think of i just don't think its that good
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7 years ago, Gina+4
I love all the voices and all the ways it says yes and no but there should be more songs
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2 years ago, Johnnycashlove
So much fun
It is so much fun I use it on my step sister
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4 years ago, Madtowngal1006
No sounds!
Very disappointed with this app. Said no internet when sound doesn’t work which is wrong.
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3 years ago, Derin rohde
game is perfect! the only thing is that you should be able to pick if it’s a girl of boy voice.
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5 years ago, dnulregaf
I keep it to help me break bad habits. Hearing a, “No!” is good for me.
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9 years ago, Unknown random pers
Review by unknown person
Very simple and good. Suggestion you should add more languages.
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7 years ago, Nicki8814
Really not fun
This game makes sense . I press the button and they don't do anything
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4 years ago, generic nickname .
Use other apps
Didn’t work
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4 years ago, ljcool2006/Bebble
To papa ray
Turn on the ringer
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2 years ago, junior162007
good app
very uusefupyl
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3 years ago, Sab003
Yes daddy!
Mmmm daddy likes this
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7 years ago, lyss2316
dont waste ur time
doesnt even make a sound
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6 years ago, Jruizmat
This app is so stupid because your press a red button on yes and no WOW
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4 years ago, i need a name help
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7 years ago, LongTubesYT
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10 years ago, Solidsnake4444
I used this to effectively communicate with an autistic student. He liked the multiple variations in the sounds.
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11 years ago, Sprkjsvr
More no than yes
It was hard to swipe to yes. "No " button was centered on page by itself so no choice for yes was directly available. Both no and yes have the same color which is confusing for non-readers.
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8 years ago, Beaudy111111112131231
That's fun with no pop up ads.
As a parent this is fun to enormously enoy my kids. I settled it, GET THIS APP!! And forget those crappy reviews!!!!!!
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9 years ago, Star girl 3451273940
I love it I love buttens best game Eva
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9 years ago, Sofia DeBenedictis
This is useless, all you do is make it say yes or no. There is no fun, exciting, addicting things. All you do is press the button. Interesting idea but no one would really like this app.
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10 years ago, Cra cra girl!!
It is cool fun funny
It is fun it is not bad it works for questions I just wish it had more buttons
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9 years ago, Tigersrule864
I don't get this game it's completely useless i do not recommend it at all there is just a red button that has the words yes and no on it
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11 years ago, Doug8191
I didn't hear any sound at all
I didn't hear any sound at all. I immediately deleted
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10 years ago, OldSchool55
Lame - don't bother
It wasn't worth the time to download it
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11 years ago, Love Nate
It's ok
It's not so post to be a game its not bad but not grate
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11 years ago, Aghfhkjb
Don't download
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11 years ago, Lainey505
It's not even a game.
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11 years ago, Hfnfhvzs
Good 4lazy ppl
It says yes/no
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