App Analytics: Everything You Need to Know about Apple’s Latest Feature

Apple announced on its official developer blog that the company updated iTunes Connect with expanded App Analytics. All developer accounts were broadened with additional information on where an app was found by a user by adding App Store Sources and Referrers.

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ASO checklist

Improve your ASO with the World's Most Ultimatest App Store Optimization Guide!

World’s Most Ultimatest App Store Optimization Checklist


The word ASO (short for App Store Optimization) is sure to come up whenever people talk about mobile apps. With the enormous competition on the app stores, ASO has become an activity you can no longer afford not to do. Achieving sustainable growth is very hard unless your app page is properly optimized.

The topic of ASO is pretty well covered on the interwebz, with plenty of blogs and discussion groups sharing solid info, but who’s got the time to go through it all, and make sure you got everything covered…

With this in mind we at Splitmetrics have developed what we humbly believe to be the World’s Most Ultimatest App Store Optimization Checklist. It’s an easy-to-follow flowchart that will help you:

  • Learn App Store Optimization essentials and advanced tricks
  • Find out how to improve your app’s conversion rates
  • See how you can boost organic search traffic
  • Detect and eliminate bottlenecks that are hindering you app’s growth
  • Run comprehensive ASO audits like a pro

The checklist is a bit biased towards iOS and Apple App Store but most of the advice is also applicable for and Android apps on Google Play. Get your free copy now and see if your apps are up to scratch!

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P.S. By all means, do share your own ASO tips in the comments and let’s make an even Ultimate-st-er version 2.0 of this guide together!

How to Choose User Acquisition Channels for Soft Launch

21 mobile app soft launch splitmetrics clickky

This is a guest post by Galina Divakova, the CMO at Clickky, a full stack marketing platform for mobile publishers and advertisers. She is an experienced mobile marketing manager with great passion for all the things tech. Galina is always in search for new trends and solutions that might bring new opportunities in the rapidly evolving mobile industry.

If you are preparing to release an app, you face a number of risks. The competition is extreme and it is very easy to get lost among the hundreds of other offers. Instead of leaving everything to chance, you can optimize your app in the best possible way with the user acquisition. Run a soft-launch campaign before the official release, attract users first, observe their behavior, check the results and analyze them. In the end, your app will have much better chances to succeed.
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User Onboarding Process: Top Strategies, Tips and Tactics

16 mobile app user onboarding splitmetrics

Mobile user onboarding is like flirting with a girl, or a boy. Everyone’s doing it, everyone *thinks* they know how it’s done, but in reality, a lot of potentially awesome experiences are lost because of poor practices.

Just as a lot of “cool” people start boring conversations with ‘You know how much a polar bear weighs?’ and get a cold stare back – a lot of developers with cool apps just throw in a hint system or a short tutorial and think to themselves ‘that oughta do it’.

It’s not gonna cut it- especially in today’s mobile-first world. User onboarding is a pivotal process in terms of determining the success of your app, yet a lot of developers make the following mistakes:
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Why User Retention Metrics are Key and How to Improve Yours

This is a guest post by Gabe Kwakyi, our friend who runs a blog at

The world of mobile apps is quite a lucrative one, filled with zero to riches stories (Flappy Bird) and multi-billion dollar acquisitions (King Digital). Yet making it to the top of the charts requires diligence in not only acquiring users, but also retaining them for the long-haul.

Unlike websites, users must decide to not only download an app, but also keep that app on their home screen and allow it to continue hogging their phone’s internal memory. When combined with the fact that the App and Play stores consider retention as one of their ranking algorithm factors, it’s clear that spending time improving your app’s user retention is of paramount importance.
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Why do Facebook and SplitMetrics reports differ?

9 splitmetrics facebook ads analytics reports

A question that we often get from users driving traffic to their experiments from Facebook is:

  • Why do I see significantly more clicks in my Facebook ad reports that visitors to my experiments in SplitMetrics dashboard?

To answer this question we need to clarify how SplitMetrics measures experiment visitors and what Facebook reports as clicks.

At SplitMetrics we only count Unique Visitors to an experiment. If 5 users visit your experiment page 15 times, Splitmetrics will only report 5 Unique Visitors. This is done to ensure accurate results and avoid any errors or bias caused by duplicate events.

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App Viral Marketing: 5 Marketing Hacks Behind the MSQRD’s Viral Success

8 viral app marketing tactics splitmetrics
MSQRD App Screenshot

Making your mobile app go viral in a store and determining people to share it with their friends is a holy grail of every publisher. The importance of achieving viral success skyrocketed due to ever-increasing advertising cost. Moreover, people don’t find ads that trustworthy. Yet, when a friend shares a new mobile app, walls of prejudice fall down and downloads boost.

The MSQRD app experienced explosive growth thanks to impressive viral sharing with friends. As a result, Facebook acquired Masquerade (the company behind this viral photo and video filter app) for an undisclosed amount in March this year.

The 3D mask technology will be used in live video within Facebook app, which Mark Zuckerberg introduced at F8 conference. I caught up with Eugene Nevgen, the CEO of Masquerade and co-founder of SplitMetrics, an app store optimization platform, while he was in San Francisco for F8.

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App Conversion Rate: 10 Ways Marketers Use App Store Page Analytics To Increase It

What happens when people come to the store page of your mobile app? Specifically, what are visitors doing from the moment they arrive via a marketing campaign link to the moment they drop off or hit the “Install” button?

Knowing how visitors move through your app store page and interact with its content helps you optimize it to increase the conversion rate of your mobile app.

We launched advanced visitor behavior analytics for mobile AB testing which facilitates the increase of mobile app conversion rate. In this article, I’ll share how mobile app publishers and marketers have been using SplitMetrics features to run better a/b tests for their mobile apps, increase app product page conversion rate, improve their app store visual assets, and optimize marketing activities.

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What’s a Good App Conversion Rate for an App Store Page?

what's a good conversion rate app store PM

When clients call to talk about experiments they can run with our A/B testing platform, one of the questions that keeps coming up is what’s a good conversion rate. It makes sense, it’s mobile app analytics basics. Indeed, it doesn’t matter how pretty the icon looks unless it brings you more installs and makes your products the best apps to advertise.

But what’s good app store conversion? How do you measure your app store page performance? Aggregated mobile app analytics and conversion data from other apps will help you see where you stand so that you can set better, smarter, and more tangible goals.

This post summarizes the data we’ve gathered from hundreds of experiments with over 10 million users. It also breaks down the median app store page and app store ads conversion stats by category. You can use these benchmarks as a starting point to guide your ASO activities (or to break and set new records in conversion optimization). Game on!

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How to Grow App Organically on the App Store and Google Play

mobile app growth app store appmasters splitmetrics

SplitMetrics got a chance to speak with Steve P. Young, the host of AppMasters podcast and the founder of Pixel Happy. We discussed how developers can craft a perfect product page for their app on the Apple App Store and achieve organic downloads growth.  

SplitMetrics: What are the key factors developers should consider to trigger app downloads growth within their app store optimization activity?

Steve P. Young: App store optimization is tailoring your Apple App Store presence for downloads. Developers should have the right keywords in the app name, description, and your keyword field. App’s icon is to be really engaging and screenshots on your Apple app store page should tell the right story to iPhone users.

One of the biggest mistakes app developers make is not focusing on the Apple App Store presence. Normally, iPhone app developers get all the keywords right, but their icon and screenshots leave much to be desired. It makes sense to start with these two elements optimizing the entire Apple App Store presence. Run a mobile A/B test to understand which layouts trigger app’s conversion growth in the store.
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