How Empire City Casino Achieved 31% Conversion Lift with a Simple Screenshots Edit

12 app store screenshots conversion rate splitmetrics

A test recently run by EmpireCityCasino is a perfect example of how minor changes can result in major effects. For their first test, developers at Empire City Casino decided to check what screenshot background works better: an eye-catching one or calmer gradient.

It is no surprise that concentrating users’ attention on the app rather than on the background leads to more installs, but what is surprising is that this can be achieved through a simple yet thoughtful change in design of background image.

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ASO checklist

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App Viral Marketing: 5 Marketing Hacks Behind the MSQRD’s Viral Success

8 viral app marketing tactics splitmetrics
MSQRD App Screenshot

Making your mobile app go viral in a store and determining people to share it with their friends is a holy grail of every publisher. The importance of achieving viral success skyrocketed due to ever-increasing advertising cost. Moreover, people don’t find ads that trustworthy. Yet, when a friend shares a new mobile app, walls of prejudice fall down and downloads boost.

The MSQRD app experienced explosive growth thanks to impressive viral sharing with friends. As a result, Facebook acquired Masquerade (the company behind this viral photo and video filter app) for an undisclosed amount in March this year.

The 3D mask technology will be used in live video within Facebook app, which Mark Zuckerberg introduced at F8 conference. I caught up with Eugene Nevgen, the CEO of Masquerade and co-founder of SplitMetrics, an app store optimization platform, while he was in San Francisco for F8.

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Localize and Increase App Downloads Overseas: How to Find the “Share Trigger” + Other Expert Tips

From the Ed.: This is a guest post by Nathan Vander Heyden, our Belgian friend and partner who runs a blog at TranslateLab

How do you encourage foreign audiences to download your app?

It’s a real puzzle.

Every day, your app attracts thousands of downloads from the United States. You have a dedicated fan base that gives you rave reviews….

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The Icon Wars: How To Increase Conversion with 360° App Store Optimization

app icon app store optimization

Last week at the Game Developers Conference I talked to a number of UA folks from the mobile gaming industry. It seems like many of them have mastered search optimization. App page design, however, remains a pain point for marketing and design teams.

This post is about making data-driven decisions about your app page design and how you can avoid team arguments about app icons by a/b testing. I’ll cover some of the common questions I discussed with mobile marketers at the GDC’16 last week:

  • Isn’t search optimization enough?
  • Can I see some stats on actual icon conversion improvements?
  • How do I get my design team to agree with the marketing team?

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10 Tips On Designing Screenshots That Convert (Backed by 500+ A/B Tests)

7 mobile ab testing converting screenshots splitmetrics

Your app’s story starts with the first page…your app store page. One of the key things that make your story stand out in the overpopulated marketplace of apps is your screenshot design. After testing hundreds of screenshot sets for a variety of apps, we’ve observed that some design approaches tend to work better than others. This article will discuss common pitfalls and best practices in designing app store screenshots that convert.

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SongPop Success Story: Shorter Captions, Bolder Graphics, 10% Better CVR


SongPop2 – Music Quiz is a trivia game app from FreshPlanet that challenges players to guess songs in multiple-choice quizzes. Teamed up with SplitMetrics, FreshPlanet gave users a different kind of quiz – to identify the best creatives for their app page. They tested two app store page versions over 30 days to see which one performed better. After a simple experiment, the mobile game developer identified a screenshot variation that converted 10% better than the original set.

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Paper by FiftyThree: how to get 33% more installs with screenshots A/B testing

You’ve definitely heard about a beautiful device, the stylus Pencil by FiftyThree. The company also has an awesome app – Paper. It allows creating notes, photo annotation and sketches on the iPad and iPhone. To increase the number of downloads and get insights on the on-page user behaviour, the FiftyThree team turned to SplitMetrics.

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Case Study: How to double your app downloads just by changing the app icon, by Per Haglund


Per Haglund is an entrepreneur, expert product manager and independent developer of great apps for kids. Today he shares a story of how he does Google Play optimization and A/B tests icons. Per claims that adopting a culture of continuous experimentation and A/B testing will always surprise you with powerful results.

A while ago I built a jigsaw puzzle app – Super Puzzle. Designed for small children, it had sweet cartoon graphics and simple, yet intuitive interface. To polish the game I acquired professional translations for my App Store listing and crafted an appropriate promo image.

The game is free, and I did everything I could think of in terms of ASO. The conversion rate (the percentage of users who buy the IAP to unlock all the puzzles) was relatively high compared to some of my other applications. It is about 2.5% for the US in recent years, sometimes getting higher.

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Angry Birds 2 by Rovio: 2.5M more installs in just a week with ASO and A/B testing.


As you might have heard, Rovio Entertainment has just released a new version of its super popular title – ANGRY BIRDS 2. The app got more than 20 million downloads during the first week after releasing the game. SplitMetrics can be credited for at least 2.5 million downloads. For a game like that it is a huge cost cut. The Rovio team ran a series of experiments to discover which combination of icons, screenshots, description, video preview and cover maximizes the number of installs.

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Case study: iPad screenshots for Skoda app

4 mobile app ab testing skoda app splitmetrics

In a recent case study, we’ve partnered with Bamboo Apps studio to run an experiment for their respectful customer – Skoda Auto. The idea was to check what set of screenshots among those they had brings the biggest number of downloads. They already had a few sets and were not sure what to choose – like everyone these days Bamboo guys were about to the one that they like most. But we offered to test everything using real user data.

From our side, we added a new alternative by simply reordering the screenshots. Since in SplitMetrics we create that types of tests semi-automatically it took about 5 minutes to set everything up.

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