Advancing Mobile A/B Testing with Bayesian Multi-Armed Bandit

A/B Testing with Multi-Armed Bandit

In the course of an A/B experiment, the correct calculation of a sample size is one of the key success ingredients. Yet, sometimes the amounts of traffic necessary for statistical significance of tests put app publishers off. Indeed, a required sample size can be large that means a test lasts longer than you’d like.

However, this obstruction is not that dramatic if you run your A/B tests with help of SplitMetrics. The thing is the platform can apply an alternative approach called Bayesian Multi-armed Bandit (MAB), which can solve the above-mentioned drawback without even bothering you.

A Bayesian Multi-armed Bandit test allows choosing an optimal variation of the two or more. Unlike a classic A/B test, which is based on statistical hypotheses testing, a Bayesian MAB test proceeds from Bayesian statistics. In this post, we’ll learn more about the principles behind it.
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ASO checklist

Improve your ASO with the World's Most Ultimatest App Store Optimization Guide!

Getting the Word Out: 5 Ways to Increase Mobile App Promotion

mobile app promotion tips

This guest post was created by Chanell Alexander who writes about the latest technology and tools for TrustRadius –  a community of professionals sharing software reviews, and best practices.

We all know that people are enamored with their apps. Data shows this to be a fact: according to App Annie’s annual report, in 2017 app downloads exceeded 175 billion. It signifies 60% growth compared to the same index in 2015. So, we know that people love their apps, but how can businesses get their mobile app on the “most downloaded list”?

There is a lot of competition out there, but moving from last to top ten is not impossible. One of the most effective ways to get an app in front of a target is by reaching out to those who have a vested interest in promoting it. Check out these five ways to use the press and bloggers for mobile app promotion.  
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Creative Sets: Testing within Apple Search Ads and Limitations of This Method

Search Ads Creative Sets testing

The introduction of Creative Sets gives Apple Search Ads users a great opportunity to align various creatives to different keywords. On top of that, now app publishers can test Apple Search Ads assets. However, it doesn’t mean that Apple’s update made full-scale A/B tests possible within the App Store itself.

In this post, we will figure out how Creative Sets can be used for Apple Search Ads assets testing and what are the limitations of this experimental method.
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SearchAdsHQ Update: Automated CPA Bidder for Apple Search Ads

SearchAdsHQ CPT automated bidder

It is well-known that the top position of the App Store search is the sweetest spot for any app. The latest report proves it once again. According to Apple, 65% of downloads come from the Store search directly. This trend makes Apple Search Ads as relevant as possible. On top of that, Search Ads’ can boast really impressive average conversion rate of 50%.

To facilitate and empower your Apple Search Ads experience, the SearchAdsHQ team is happy to introduce our brand new feature – automated cost per action bidding. Ever wondered how to optimize your spend without any extra effort from your side? This smart auto-bidding feature is the answer!
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Apple Search Ads Update: Aligning Keywords to Screenshots and App Previews

Apple Search Ads latest Update

A brand new feature for Apple Search Ads was announced. The essence of the update is as follows: now app publishers that run Apple Search Ads can align various keywords with different screenshots and app previews.

The main novelty introduced in Apple Search Ads are so-called Creative Sets. A Creative Set will consist of screenshots and app previews of publisher’s choice. However, mind that you can select screenshots and app previews only from the ones you have on the App Store product page.
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SplitMetrics Latest Update: Advanced Video Analytics for App Preview A/B Tests

SplitMetrics app preview A/B tests

Video content is conquering the world. According to Hubspot, 90% of users state that product videos facilitate the decision-making process. However, when it comes to app previews in the App Store, one shouldn’t rush to pack their product pages with three 30-second long videos.

There are a lot of cases when a clumsy app preview doomed app’s conversion giving the impression that the publisher doesn’t really care. Nevertheless, smart app previews work their video magic and boost downloads. According to our study, optimization of video previews triggers the average conversion increase of around 16%.

A/B testing is one of the best ways to reduce the risk factor of app previews. To take your video experiments to the next level making them even more impactful, the SplitMetrics team prepared brand new advanced analytics for app previews in the App Store.
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App Store Search Benchmarks and Tips on Improving Ranking

SplitMetrics App Store search benchmarks

It’s no secret that if you want to hit organic traffic jackpot, you should pay closer attention to optimization of your app listing in the App Store Search. Indeed, Apple claims that 65% of App Store downloads come from search queries. Ignoring this fact is an act of folly which may cost your app thousands of lost users.

To fend off organic traffic losses, we collected the most important App Store Search benchmarks and tips on improving your ranking in this post.
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10 Insights into Creating Pitch-Perfect App Preview for Apple App Store

app preview optimization with SplitMetrics and Apptamin

Video app preview is considered a dark horse of store product pages. Some publishers are in the mistaken belief that uploading any video will favor conversion rate growth. The truth is app previews can skyrocket your conversion as well as drive potential users away.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that video quality is a major game changer when it comes to the efficiency of app previews. However, different types of video previews work for different kind of apps.

How to reduce a gambling factor of placing app preview on your store product page? A/B testing is the answer. Optimize your video assets properly, make sure they are able to boost conversions and only then update your App Store page.

SplitMetrics and Apptamin, the agency for app videos, prepared the list of insights based on the experiments launched within our A/B testing platform and Apptamin’s experience of creating app previews. These tips can help you get bearings and nail a perfect video preview for your product page.
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Determining Sample Size for Mobile A/B Testing: Method Based on Statistical Hypothesis Testing

Sample Size for mobile A/B testing

One of the most popular questions app publishers ask is how much traffic they need to run valid A/B tests. Unfortunately, there is no answer with a magic number that will fit every single experiment. An optimal traffic volume for mobile A/B testing is individual and depends on such factors as a traffic source, app’s conversion rate, and targeting.

However, we can get to the bottom of sample size calculations for mobile А/В testing. It’s really important to have a full understanding of it as sample size has a considerable effect on checking the significance of the observed difference in variations performance.

In this post, we’ll also review one of sample size measuring methods which is widely used and helps to make a statistically valid decision based on the results of your mobile A/B testing.
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Case Study: OLBG A/B Tests iOS Screenshots and Gets 61% Conversion Boost

ios screenshot tests with SplitMetrics

With ever increasing ad costs, harnessing organic traffic and achieving massive App Store presence should be publishers priority. OLBG, the company that creates apps with sports betting tips, is no exception.

OLBG decided to use A/B testing to improve their iOS screenshots, increase conversion rate and maximize presence in the App Store as it was their biggest source of free organic installsJess who looks after the marketing at OLBG agreed to share the story behind the optimization of their iOS screenshots.
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