Mobile A/B Testing Results Analysis: Statistical Significance, Confidence Level and Intervals

statistical principles of SplitMetrics mobile A/B testing

The aim of mobile A/B testing is to check if a modified version of an app page element is better compared to the control variation in terms of a certain KPI. In the context of app store pages A/B testing, conversion becomes a core KPI most of the times.

However, we all know that it’s not enough to create an experiment with 2 variations, fill it with a dozen of users and expect distinctive and trustworthy results. What turns any split-test into an A/B test you can trust then?

The main characteristic that defines a successful A/B experiment is a high statistical significance which presupposes you’ll actually get a conversion increase the test promised uploading a winning variation to the store.
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ASO checklist

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Apple Search Ads Cost: CPT, CPA and TTR Benchmarks by Categories

apple search ads cost searchadshq

What are the key challenges you face buying traffic with Apple?

This is the question we ask when app publishers register for our All Things Apple Search Ads online conference (April 11-12, 2018), so I bet that your answer is achieving a low cost per acquisition (CPA).

But, how low is low enough when it comes to this mobile app marketing metric?

What costs per tap and install should you expect when working with Apple Search Ads?
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Facebook Pixel Integration with SplitMetrics: Benefits, Detailed How-To Guides, Custom and Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Pixel guide a_b testing splitmetrics main

The latest report of Social Media Examiner states that Facebook is still in the lead of ad channels for both B2C and B2B marketers. 72% of B2C companies use Facebook Ads as their primary social advertising channel. With more than 2.2 billion monthly active users, this ad platform offers incredible targeting options.

The high quality of this ad channel makes it a perfect traffic source for A/B tests. SplitMetrics decided to help publishers to extend their Facebook Ads experience even further introducing  Facebook Pixel integration which helps to increase conversion rate and lower CPI.
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Apple Enhances Screenshots Limit and SplitMetrics Supports These Changes in A/B Tests

10 app store screenshots splitmetircs main

App publishers all over the world started February 22 with news from Apple – now store product pages can feature up to 10 app store screenshots. These screens limit increase is on a per-device basis which means you can upload sets of 10 different screenshots for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

SplitMetrics, in its turn, is excited to announce that now our platform supports product page A/B tests with 10 screenshots. This update gives marketers an opportunity to check whether it’s worth investing in the design of the 10-screenshot set.

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Quick Summary of App Annie’s App Industry Overview 2017

App Annie revealed their annual report on app economy 2017 Retrospective. As expected, the market keeps growing. Annual app downloads exceeded 175 billion which means 60% growth since 2015. Consumer spending upturn is even more impressive. Thanks to 105% growth from 2015, this metric reached 86 billion dollars in 2017.

You can download full App Annie report here.
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App Store A/B Testing Timeline: from Research to Follow-Up Experiments

app store ab testing timeline splitmetrics

Intelligent ASO is capable of increasing conversion without extra traffic expenses and app A/B testing is its core ingredient. Once you decided to optimize your product page, there’s no use applying random changes in the app stores and waiting for phenomenal results straight away.

The truth is, you never know what will work and what will deteriorate your app’s performance. That’s why app A/B testing is a must when it comes to ASO.

Basically, A/B testing is a method of hypothesis checking. You distribute traffic equally among two or more variants of your app store page element (icon, screenshots, etc.). Each group represents the whole audience and behaves like an average user would. Thus, you identify a variation with the best performance.
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Red Rock Apps Unlocks Apple Search Ads Potential Optimizing Campaigns with SearchAdsHQ

red rock apps apple search ads case study

According to Zenith’s latest ‘Advertising Expenditure Forecasts’, mobile app advertising will be the main driver of global ad spend growth. It is expected that mobile will contribute $70 billion in extra ad spend between 2017 and 2020. The continuing app market growth favors this trend to a large extent.

Increasing ad spend means that publishers have to optimize expenditures and be in constant search of new cost-efficient channels. Apple Search Ads proved its potency this year. More and more user acquisition managers opt for this traffic channel due to 30% higher ARPU and 40% lower price than other ad networks.

Ruslan Guzelevich, the Senior User Acquisition Manager at Red Rock Apps, agreed to share the experience of running first Apple Search Ads campaigns and optimizing them with help of SearchAdsHQ.

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Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your App Store Page for Holidays

splitmetrics holiday app store page

The winter holidays are knocking at your door and every publisher writes to Santa asking for skyrocketing conversions and unprecedented revenues. It is quite an option for those who want to rely on old man’s favor.

In fact,  you can become your own Santa and be on a roll this Christmas. Wonder how it can be done? The answer is simple – thorough preparation of your app and its store product page – from icons and promo texts to app store screenshots – for the holiday season.

Apple reports that the App Store visitors made $240 million in customer purchases on New Year’s day 2017. It became the busiest day in the history of the App Store. It is also expected that this record will be topped this year.

It’s a convincing reason to put aside all your tasks and engage in the festive optimization of your app. We, in our turn, will provide you with surefire tactics of boosting mobile growth this Christmas.

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How to Run Valid A/B Tests on the App Store: Hypothesis, Traffic and Results Interpretation

splitmetrics valid app ab tests

If you want your app conversions to boost overnight as if touched with a wand, you’ll be really disappointed. Anybody who is engaged in App Store Optimization will tell you that there’s no magic pill that will guarantee app’s stellar performance.

However, no matter how tempting it is to claim that the conversion rate is beyond your control, it’s vital to understand that a solid ASO strategy can help you get impressive results. Smart A/B testing should be an indispensable ingredient of such strategy.
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SearchAdsHQ Latest Update: Features Facilitating Work with Apple Search Ads

updates for apple search ads

According to the AppsFlyer Performance Index 2017, Apple Search Ads hit the #1 spot in the iOS ROI Index with a 30% higher ARPU and a 40% lower price than other networks. It’s yet another cogent argument in favor of Apple Search Ads.

SearchAdsHQ strives to elevate your Apple Search Ads experience offering amazing optimization and automation solution for this ad platform. Thanks to the latest SearchAdsHQ updates, the performance analysis has become even more smooth and powerful.
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