Early Search Ads Experiments Promise Great Performance for Apple’s New Advertising Platform

11 apple search ads experiments splitmetircs searchadshq

A month ago at the annual developers conference, Apple introduced Search Ads, which allows developers to get their apps discovered at the very moment users are searching for similar apps. Inspired by this announcement, we’ve started working on the idea of how we can help developers measure and improve the effectiveness of this type of advertising.
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ASO checklist

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SplitMetrics + Appsflyer Integration is Live

10 app attribution partner splitmetrics appsflyer

We’re happy to announce a technical partnership with our good friends at Appsflyer – a top mobile app tracking platform. Appsflyer and SplitMetrics are now fully integrated, which means that if you’re using Appsflyer for attribution you can see the stats on real store installs right in your SplitMetrics experiment reports.

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Why do Facebook and SplitMetrics reports differ?

9 splitmetrics facebook ads analytics reports

A question that we often get from users driving traffic to their experiments from Facebook is:

  • Why do I see significantly more clicks in my Facebook ad reports that visitors to my experiments in SplitMetrics dashboard?

To answer this question we need to clarify how SplitMetrics measures experiment visitors and what Facebook reports as clicks.

At SplitMetrics we only count Unique Visitors to an experiment. If 5 users visit your experiment page 15 times, Splitmetrics will only report 5 Unique Visitors. This is done to ensure accurate results and avoid any errors or bias caused by duplicate events.

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App Viral Marketing: 5 Marketing Hacks Behind the MSQRD’s Viral Success

8 viral app marketing tactics splitmetrics
MSQRD App Screenshot

Making your mobile app go viral in a store and determining people to share it with their friends is a holy grail of every publisher. The importance of achieving viral success skyrocketed due to ever-increasing advertising cost. Moreover, people don’t find ads that trustworthy. Yet, when a friend shares a new mobile app, walls of prejudice fall down and downloads boost.

The MSQRD app experienced explosive growth thanks to impressive viral sharing with friends. As a result, Facebook acquired Masquerade (the company behind this viral photo and video filter app) for an undisclosed amount in March this year.

The 3D mask technology will be used in live video within Facebook app, which Mark Zuckerberg introduced at F8 conference. I caught up with Eugene Nevgen, the CEO of Masquerade and co-founder of SplitMetrics, an app store optimization platform, while he was in San Francisco for F8.

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Localize and Increase App Downloads Overseas: How to Find the “Share Trigger” + Other Expert Tips

From the Ed.: This is a guest post by Nathan Vander Heyden, our Belgian friend and partner who runs a blog at TranslateLab

How do you encourage foreign audiences to download your app?

It’s a real puzzle.

Every day, your app attracts thousands of downloads from the United States. You have a dedicated fan base that gives you rave reviews….

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The Secret to Winning in Search: How To Run Category Split Tests

Ever thought about how category and search ranking affects your app’s conversion rate? ASO hackers are using a new type of split tests that can precisely tell you all about it.

Many mobile publishers are testing icons, screenshots and descriptions via Google Play experiments or with advanced tools like SplitMetrics. Screenshot tests lead the way here; icons come next. App page design matters – we’ve seen amazing results with Angry Birds, Paper by Fifty Three, Fresh Planet, and hundreds of other publishers.

However, before people get to your app store page, they first make a choice between dozens of similar apps. Category tests empower marketers to optimize conversion beyond the app store page, providing context to collect data on the whole visitor journey.

Interested to learn more? Let’s dive in.

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App Conversion Rate: 10 Ways Marketers Use App Store Page Analytics To Increase It

What happens when people come to the store page of your mobile app? Specifically, what are visitors doing from the moment they arrive via a marketing campaign link to the moment they drop off or hit the “Install” button?

Knowing how visitors move through your app store page and interact with its content helps you optimize it to increase the conversion rate of your mobile app.

We launched advanced visitor behavior analytics for mobile AB testing which facilitates the increase of mobile app conversion rate. In this article, I’ll share how mobile app publishers and marketers have been using SplitMetrics features to run better a/b tests for their mobile apps, increase app product page conversion rate, improve their app store visual assets, and optimize marketing activities.

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The Icon Wars: How To Increase Conversion with 360° App Store Optimization

app icon app store optimization

Last week at the Game Developers Conference I talked to a number of UA folks from the mobile gaming industry. It seems like many of them have mastered search optimization. App page design, however, remains a pain point for marketing and design teams.

This post is about making data-driven decisions about your app page design and how you can avoid team arguments about app icons by a/b testing. I’ll cover some of the common questions I discussed with mobile marketers at the GDC’16 last week:

  • Isn’t search optimization enough?
  • Can I see some stats on actual icon conversion improvements?
  • How do I get my design team to agree with the marketing team?

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Google Play Experiments vs. A/B Testing in SplitMetrics

main updated article google play experiments splitmetrics

The question I get very often from fellow mobile marketers is what’s the difference between app store pages tests in Google Play Experiments and SplitMetrics experiments? Let’s dwell on distinctions between these mobile AB testing platforms.

It’s clear that Apple App Store doesn’t allow A/B testing of app pages, so marketers have to bypass the App Store with custom coded landings or software like SplitMetrics. Google Play in its turn provides experiments within the store itself and these tests are free, so why go elsewhere?

Short answer: indeed, Google Play allows mobile publishers to run experiments on their app pages in the store, but these tests have significant limitations.

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How Not to Do Mobile A/B Testing: 7 Fails of Mobile App Marketers

mobile ab testing failures main splitmetrics

Split tests have become so mainstream that people are now launch A/B experiments for everything from educational videos to dating profiles (yes, this is happening). Yet, commoditization of the tactic means people too often fall into a trap of overlooking some basic rules A/B tests and experiments. Let’s look at some of the experiments fails in the context of mobile app store optimization.

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