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Why do Facebook and SplitMetrics reports differ?

A question that we often get from users driving traffic to their experiments from Facebook is:

Why do I see significantly more clicks in my Facebook ad reports that visitors to my experiments in SplitMetrics dashboard?

To answer this question we need to clarify how SplitMetrics measures experiment visitors and what Facebook reports as clicks.

At SplitMetrics we only count Unique Visitors to an experiment. If 5 users visit your experiment page 15 times, Splitmetrics will only report 5 Unique Visitors. This is done to ensure accurate results and avoid any errors or bias caused by duplicate events.

SplitMetrics Unique Visitors Report

Facebook, on the other hand, by default reports all clicks and interactions with your ad, even those that don’t result in users visiting your page including actions like:

  • Expanding description or comments section
  • Ad likes, comments and shares
  • Page likes, comments and shares

So when you’re looking at the default ‘Clicks’ column in your Facebook report, you should keep in mind two things:

  1. It includes duplicate events: if 5 users interact with your ad 15 times, Facebook will report 15 ‘Clicks’
  2. This number doesn’t equal users that actually left Facebook to visit your link

To see how many people actually clicked on the link that leads from Facebook to your website (in this case Experiment page) you need to look at ‘Unique Clicks to Link’. Here’s how you find this metrics in Facebook Ad Manager:

1. Click ‘Columns’ -> ‘Customize Columns’

Facebook Ad Manager Customize Columns

2. Go to ‘Engagement Section’ or type ‘unique’ into search box

Unique Clicks to Link from Facebook Ads

3. Check the box next to ‘Unique Clicks to Link’

This is the number of unique users that actually clicked through to your website link. This number can be drastically smaller than the ‘Clicks All’ measurement that Facebook reports by default.

When you compare Unique Visitors in Splitmetrics dashboard to your Facebook campaign reports you should always look at the Unique Clicks to Link parameter.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other issue, don’t hesitate to contact us