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Fortify your UA strategy with creatives testing: value in KPIs, pro tips & tricks

On November 3 at 4pm CET SplitMetrics & AppAgent will share advice on how to enhance your user acquisition strategy with creatives testing: best practices, advice on hypotheses & winning even without a winner

Join us on November 3 at 4pm CET to get some revenue-generating notion

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Learn how to optimize your UA strategy with creatives testing:

  • Importance of creative testing in UA & some real success stories with KPIs boost
  • How to test: golden rules of creative testing today
  • Connecting the dots throughout the acquisition journey
  • How to build hypotheses that provide valuable insights
  • Where to test: most optimal platforms and formats
  • How not to test: mistakes to avoid
  • How to win without a winner: value of A/B tests without a winning varian
  • What changes to expect with iOS 14 & IDFA deprecation
  • Collaboration between the UA and creative teams

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Get pro tips on how to fortify your UA strategy with creatives testing

Free online webinar by SplitMetrics and AppAgent - November 3, 4pm CET

Learn from UA and app growth experts

Maria Shestakova
CMO & App Growth Evangelist at SplitMetrics
Maria is a marketing expert launching and promoting IT products and services for above 9 years. Being an app growth evangelist she provides mobile marketers and UA managers with best practices and tips on app growth, ASO and user acquisition.
Mobile Marketing Solutions Company
SplitMetrics provides products and services to help brands increase app visibility, scale ad campaigns and boost ROAS - ASO optimization platform SplitMetrics and Apple Search Ads optimization tool SplitMetrics Acquire (formerly SearchAdsHQ). SplitMetrics is the ultimate mobile A/B testing platform enabling validation of ideas, concepts and features via fully transparent A/B tests for iOS and Android.
Lucia Mrvov√°
Head of User Acquisition at AppAgent
Lucia is always looking for new channels and growth opportunities from both the acquisition and product sides. Prior to heading UA at AppAgent she built and led UA teams for successful startups in the mobile space, such as Lingokids, 8fit and fortunica.
Integrated Mobile Marketing Agency
AppAgent is an integrated mobile marketing agency that effectively connects data, creativity and user-acquisition into a functional growth strategy. A strong analytical and personal approach makes AppAgent the ideal long-term partner for clients who want to scale their user-base and maximize revenue such as Glu Mobile, Babbel, Kiwi.com and Small Giant Games.

Get pro tips on how to fortify your UA strategy with creatives testing

Free online webinar by SplitMetrics and AppAgent - November 3, 4pm CET