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Advanced A/B testing platform that wins you more conversions

Validate ideas, concepts, and features with 30K+ experiments available for iOS & Android apps at any stage of the development lifecycle

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Cut risks with pre-launch A/B testing

Test app elements, visuals, and messages in a live or isolated environment on the App Store and Google Play to focus on the winning idea and reduce expenses for launching and growing your app

Grow with a holistic ASO and UA ecosystem

Improve your app store visibility and conversion with an ecosystem of products and services from an Apple Search Ads Partner trusted by top app and mobile game publishers

Rank #1 with a team of app growth experts

Access 100M+ users benchmarks across multiple categories and regions, and collaborate on your integrated ASO and UA strategy with a team of highly skilled mobile marketing experts

Get to the top 1% of most downloaded apps with SplitMetrics

Advanced mobile optimization platform for data-driven decision making

Unified space for A/B testing experiments

Manage all your tests in one place, easily analyze results from multiple experiments on any platform and custom product page, determine the next steps, and prioritize tasks

3 testing methodologies at hand

Choose from Bayesian, Thompson Multi-Armed Bandit, and Sequential methodologies and run a test fitting your goal on product, search, and category pages

Built-in benchmarks and insights inbox

Track 50+ deep behavioral metrics, benchmark your results against category trends without leaving the platform, and get smart suggestions based on multi-source data

Pre-built integration with your MMP to see the full funnel


100% focus on the success of our customers

“We discovered that the SplitMetrics Optimize platform is the best possible option. This is an important tool for out-of-store A/B testing experiments that help us optimize our app listing without risking to drop the conversion rate.”

Stas Levshin
Growth Product Manager, Prequel

“We found SplitMetrics to be the most reliable tool to do the A/B test for the app store optimization. SplitMetrics is always up to date with the app store changes.”

Uri Pearl
Head of Marketing, Papaya Gaming

“SplitMetrics provides a fantastic way to improve our app store landing page conversion which eventually improves our organic traffic and reduces acquisition costs.”

Rajeev Girdhar
ASO expert, Rovio

Launch and grow successful mobile apps with SplitMetrics Optimize

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