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Cut risks, 6+ months of work, and 6-digit budgets with the SplitMetrics prelaunch validation on your way to join 1% of successful games and apps.
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Validate before developing
Tests on prelaunch and get instant feedback and all the metrics from real users in one experiment.
Fast start
Save time and budget
Start launching new mobile games and apps without a need to grow your team and budgets.
Safe testing
Secure your rank
Don’t risk your current app store positions. Test in an isolated environment and keep your results invisible.
Multiple experiments
Eliminate guesswork
Run 30K+ experiments powered by the same technology stack and make no-debates data-driven decisions.
Prequel gets 75% improvement with A/B testing of video
“We discovered that the SplitMetrics platform is the best possible option. This is an important tool for out-of-store A/B testing experiments that helps us optimize our app listing without risking to drop the conversion rate”
Stas Levshin
Growth Product Manager at Prequel
Papaya Gaming Case Study: 31% Increase in Installs with A/B Testing
“We found SplitMetrics as the most reliable tool to do the A/B test for the app store optimization. SplitMetrics is always up to date with the app store changes.”
Uri Pearl
Head of Marketing at Papaya Gaming
Research ideas

Validate game concepts

Developing a mobile game may take 6 months and ≈$500,000 but only 1% of apps become successful. Validate your mobile game concepts to make a data-driven decision on investing.

Conversion Rate
Winning Variation
Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate
Test without developing
Test game concepts, meta, core mechanics, gameplay, or plot. Validate app elements, visuals, and go-to-market messages.
Know users reaction
Get early feedback based on qualitative and quantitative metrics of real users.
Invest profitably
Make early decisions on the game concepts and focus on your future best-sellers.
Introduce improvements

Test product hypothesis

Decide on costly improvements for your existing app without gambling with your app store positions. Find new ideas and cut risks before scaling your app budget.
  • Test before launching
    Validate ideas and make data-driven decisions knowing CPI, reach, conversions, and real users feedback.
  • Reduce expenses
    Test with a minimal asset of design, visuals, and go-to-market messages before deciding on costly rebranding.
  • Eliminate risks
    Test new app features or pricing, find profitable audience and track behavior without a risk of churning users.
Grow conversions

Optimize user acquisition

90% of your energy might be wasted managing a no-converting app page. Improve every element, drive installs, reduce CPI and save on budget for app growth.
  • Get early insights
    Evaluate CPI and conversion rates on every stage of the acquisition funnel, even before the app launch.
  • Grow conversions
    Test different combinations of creative sets, CTAs, and audiences to find the most converting ones.
  • Know your users
    Track user behavior and reveal patterns to improve your user acquisition strategy.
Bring new traffic

Run web-to-app campaigns

Scaling within your current acquisition channels in IDFA reality may be a tough fight. Break the limits of your UA and boost installs with a cost-effective web-to-app solution by SplitMetrics.
  • Reach new audience
    Create hosted landing pages or emulated app pages and bring cost-effective and less competitive web traffic.
  • Onboard and engage Coming soon
    Create a survey, quiz, game, promo video, or email form with a simple builder to drive loyalty & installs.
  • See the full funnel
    Overcome tracking limitations, see behavior metrics and MMP data transparently in the SplitMetrics dashboard.
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Grow with a dedicated team

Anxious about making it all alone? Our expert team will impart knowledge and skills and support you on every step of your journey from finding the idea of your next app to topping it up in the app stores.

  • Get 24/7 support with onboarding, app page audit, test setup, and strategic planning.
  • Get help from CS with result analysis and hypothesis development of your current and future tests.
  • Grow your own expertise accessing our set of category benchmarks and ASO best practices.
  • Take extra advantage of A/B testing and UA services provided by SplitMetrics Agency.
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