Acquire Facebook users to custom product pages

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Facebook to CPP

  • 3 apps (unlimited locales per each)
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Change user acquisition strategy

Cut customer acquisition costs

Web is an alternative cost-effective traffic source in a competitive user acquisition environment. Redirect Facebook web traffic, attribute data, track analytics and efficiently optimize costs in real-time.

Grow app revenue

Test visual assets, messages, and value propositions with up to 35 custom product pages per app. Find the best-performing variations and get more conversions at a lower price.

Get users with a higher lifetime value

Match specific audience needs and increase retention and loyalty by redirecting every segment of users from Facebook ads to a specific custom product page that showcases the most relevant product value.
The main formula looks as follows: lower CAC from Facebook Ads + higher CVR from CPP = Higher LTV and Revenue.

Lower CAC from Facebook Ads

Updated iOS 14 privacy policies brought more challenges to running ads efficiently. Aggregated Event Measurement from Facebook and Apple’s SKAdNetwork preserves user privacy and helps run effective campaigns for any iOS version with real-time attribution. Increase reach and ad relevance testing different Facebook ad groups and creatives while landing on custom product pages.

Higher CVR from custom product pages

Test different custom product pages to bring more installs for the best price. Improve your conversion rate by setting more precise targeted options and customizing product pages for different audience groups.

Higher LTV and Revenue

Test hypothesis and tailor offers to get the most relevant and convertible audience with a higher lifetime value.

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