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SplitMetrics provide fantastic way to improve our app store landing page conversion. Which improves our organic traffic and reduces acquisition costs.
Rajeev Girdhar, Head of ASO department
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SplitMetrics is addictive!
Andrew Allen, Co-Founder, Head of Design
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The best solution for app store landing page A/B testing and conversion optimization.
Yuri Gurski, VP of new projects
SplitMetrics allowed us to cut out unnecessary office debates. Now we can use our resources smarter and make informed decisions backed by data.
Roman Bui, Head of Mobile marketing
Intuitive and convenient instrument for different test types. SplitMetrics keeps improving itself offering new ways of conducting experiments.
Maria Nevoisa, UA Manager

Optimize App Pages with A/B Testing

Our platform replicates app store pages so that you can test and see what’s working and what’s not. Why guess, when you can rely on scientific data to choose the most converting look of your app page?

Icons and Screenshots

Test icons and screenshots to choose designs that make users click “Install”. Portrait or landscape? Bolds or neutrals? Shuffle your screenshot order. What graphics and content gets you more users? Test and find out.

App Store Search

See how your position in search impacts conversion rate. What are the chances people will click on your icon if you’re ranked fourth versus first? At what point do users stop scrolling search results? Test how screenshot orientation in search impacts conversion. Collect the data you need to make informed decisions.


Compare your app’s performance when it is displayed next to your competitors in the category. Use industry benchmarks that we have collected from hundreds of mobile app publishers to guide your app store optimization. Understand what’s working, and quickly iterate to beat competition.

You can also A/B test video preview, name, description, ratings, reviews, and pricing. The tool works on both App Store and Google Play.

Powerful Analytics

Track visitor behavior on iOS store and Google Play. Compare conversion and other metrics to industry benchmarks we collect from hundreds of mobile app publishers. Understand what's working, and quickly iterate to drive more installs.
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