Lifestyle Apps:
ASO and UA Trends

The latest benchmarks and mobile trends for Lifestyle apps. Get actionable tips to enhance your ASO and paid UA strategy.
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Lifestyle Apps: ASO and UA Trends
Maksim Kasyanik, User Acquisition Team Lead at SplitMetrics
Lifestyle apps cover a lot of ground, from helping users pick a vacation rental to finding a partner or even fortune telling. Their versatility is their biggest advantage as well as the toughest challenge for mobile marketers. This report aims at helping you navigate both ASO and UA trends for the category and equipping you with tips that will help your app rise above your competition.
Maksim Kasyanik
User Acquisition Team Lead at SplitMetrics

What’s Inside?

We’ve analyzed the top 200 apps in the Lifestyle category and put together all the key insights for subcategories and best practices designed to help you reinforce your mobile marketing strategy. Download the report and get:

  • Latest benchmarks for Lifestyle apps
  • ASO Trends & recommendations
  • Effective UA strategies for Lifestyle apps
  • Apple Search Ads tips for Lifestyle apps
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Ciliz improved the conversion rate by 19% with icon optimization
“SplitMetrics Agency helped us systematize the ASO hypotheses testing process, generate ideas and apply some of the hypotheses after testing to our real app store product page, with subsequent conversion improvement.”
Anton Belyaev
Anton Belyaev
CEO at Ciliz
Spark Networks reduces CPA & increases ROAS with SplitMetrics
“Automated rules saved us a great amount of time for the optimization of our Apple Search Ads campaigns. Thanks to the rules, we were able to decrease the CPAs, have an uplift of ROAS and increase the volume. SplitMetrics Acquire made our lives easier when it comes to pushing for more volume and optimizing the ROAS and CPAs.”
Ceyhun Kilinc
Ceyhun Kilinc
Performance Marketing Manager at Spark Networks
Prequel gets 75% improvement with A/B testing of video
“We discovered that the SplitMetrics Optimize is the best possible option. This is an important tool for out-of-store A/B testing experiments that helps us optimize our app listing without risking to drop the conversion rate.”
Stas Levshin
Stas Levshin
Growth Product Manager at Prequel
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