ASO Benchmarks and Mobile Trends 2022 Report

Equip yourself with practical insights into ASO for Puzzle games and Lifestyle & Social Networking apps, discover key benchmarks for these categories on the App Store & Google Play, and get a deeper understanding of the emerging mobile market trends.

Based on 2000+ A/B tests via SplitMetrics Optimize
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2000+ A/B tests
via SplitMetrics Optimize
run in H1 2022
3 app categories
Puzzle games
Lifestyle apps
Social networking apps
2 app stores
App Store
Google Play

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Get the latest ASO benchmarks for app stores

Make use of the benchmarks for key app store optimization metrics in 2022 based on the aggregated behavior of thousands of users tracked during A/B testing on SplitMetrics Optimize for data-driven decision making.

Understand where the mobile market is going

Gain insights into the mobile market state and future for these three app categories: Puzzle games, Lifestyle apps, Social networking apps, including their market volume, growth forecast, and actionable marketing tips.

See examples of trendy design elements

Explore best-performing examples of product page graphic elements, such as icons, screenshots, and video previews to get inspiration for your next design hypotheses, and obtain our recommendations for usage of the latest mobile trends.

SplitMetrics Optimize: Validate concepts and ideas

Skyrocket conversions with SplitMetrics Optimize, an advanced mobile optimization platform for data-driven decision making, validation of ideas, concepts, and features via A/B tests for iOS and Android on the product, search and category pages.

Unlock new levels of app growth

Take advantage of SplitMetrics’ ecosystem of products and services designed to simplify your way to business success.