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Boost your KPIs with data-driven decisions and automation via SplitMetrics for mobile a/b testing and SearchAdsHQ for Apple Search Ads optimization. 6000 mobile publishers optimize their apps and boost conversion rates with our tools.

SplitMetrics provides a fantastic way to improve our app store landing page conversion which eventually improves our organic traffic and reduces acquisition costs.

Rajeev Girdhar
Former Head of ASO department
Complex approach
to A/B testing
Apple Search Ads

Icons optimization

The refinement of an icon normally results in 13% conversion increase so be careful selecting it when app optimizing. After all, an app’s icon is one of the the first things potential users see and it acts like some sort of a logo.

A good icon should not only grab the attention of app store visitors instantly, it should also convey the essence of your app or genre of your game. Simplicity and lack of excess elements are to become your guiding principles in the process of icon app optimizing.

Complex approach to A/B testing

When it comes to app optimizing for the stores each and every detail matters. To seize all opportunities A/B testing offers it’s highly important to look into the matters of pre-launch testing, localization for other markets, negative results interpretation, mastering description, etc.

In the course of app optimizing, individual changes may result in considerable app conversion growth. Nevertheless, complex approach to A/B testing of store product pages is a must if you aspire to become a real high-flyer.

Apple Search Ads optimization

Apple Search Ads has proven its cost-efficiency and potency since launch. This traffic sources can boast 30% higher ARPU and 40% lower price if you compare it to other ad channels.

More and more user acquisition managers decide to give Apple Search Ads a shot. Yet, some of them are not ready to face peculiarities of this ad network which is based on keywords and match types. SearchAdsHQ helps mobile publishers to optimize Apple Search Ads workflow and automate a lot of activities.

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SplitMetrics provide fantastic way to improve our app store landing page conversion. Which improves our organic traffic and reduces acquisition costs.
Rajeev Girdhar Head of ASO department
Intuitive and convenient instrument for different test types. SplitMetrics keeps improving itself offering new ways of conducting experiments.
Maria Nevoisa UA Manager
The best solution for app store landing page A/B testing and conversion optimization.
Yuri Gurski VP of new projects
SearchAdsHQ provides me with the tools to run ASA at scale most efficiently. It offers the solutions and usability you are missing in the Apple Search Ads UI. Only with SearchAdsHQ we were able to create and maintain an elaborate campaign structure that delivers the results we’re looking for.
Marcus Burke Senior Marketing Manager

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