Livintis: Cut CPG in half & get 4x conversions in Apple Search Ads

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With the help of SplitMetrics Agency, in less than two months, Livintis managed to cut the cost per subscription in half and get four times more conversions.
Livintis is a successful mobile app studio that develops and publishes iOS apps, most of which are in the photo & video, and utility categories.
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An app from the Photo & Video category – one of the new projects of Livintis, a mobile app development studio, showed pretty good results: high organic conversion rate on the App Store.  But the competition grew, and the company needed to start with Apple Search Ads and optimize campaigns for this project. Livintis set a goal to scale with this channel.


SplitMetrics Agency took over this challenging task. The team set up an Apple Search Ads account, identified a semantic core and started to run campaigns. 

Then SplitMetrics Agency analyzed the traffic and revenue indicators of some app’s competitors and revealed that most of the traffic comes from the U.S., so similar apps focus on this active and profitable market. The team decided to therefore start with the United States storefront in Apple Search Ads, and it paid off. The Livintis’ app quickly demonstrated results that topped the performance of other similar apps in the Photo & Video category.

This good start brought a lot of insights useful for entering new markets and scaling rapidly. Based on those insights, the SplitMetrics Agency team developed a strategy built around identifying the most profitable keywords that showed stable good performance in the U.S. market – and  using only those keywords for new storefronts.


The strategy worked, and the app was able to quickly scale and get solid results in other Apple Search Ads storefronts from the start. Overall, the strategy developed by SplitMetrics Agency, brought a number of benefits:

  • Saved time on keyword mining 
  • Fast campaigns launch & quick positive results in new storefronts
  • Proven profitable keywords & prevention of wasting the budget on low-performing keywords
  • Rapid scaling
  • Easy and convenient campaign management & tracking of key metrics.

What is more, SplitMetrics Agency focused on the Client’s goals – conversions, or in-app subscriptions. The objective was to get as many conversions / subscriptions as possible at the lowest cost. The target KPI was no more than $13 per conversion.

Cost per conversion

 Image source: SearchAdsHQ dashboard

As you may see on the graph below, we started in the first week with a cost per conversion of about $ 18-20. By the end of the next month, we began to generate a sustainable cost per conversion of about $ 12-13 on average, and on some days, even less than $10. So SplitMetrics managed to reduce the cost per conversion by 50%.

The number of conversions

And the number of conversions has grown from 200+ ones per week at the start to 800 conversions.

“SplitMetrics have done a great job in helping us scale Apple Search Ads for our Photo & Video app in the USA and new markets. Their deep understanding about ASA, and constant campaign optimization techniques helped us achieve excellent results. Their communication skills are also fantastic – we are in constant contact and this allows us to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.”

Ritvik Menon, Managing Director at Livintis.

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