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“The SOV and Top competitor's features greatly help our marketing efforts. They allow us to spot keyword-level opportunities, knowing where we have a margin for improvement. This makes us much smarter in our keyword strategy, while the automated rules help us save time and react quickly to current trends”.
Gymondo Alexandra VAN DER DEURE
Performance Marketing Manager at Gymondo
“We found an opportunity to see Share of Voice in the SplitMetrics Acquire platform extremely useful. We can instantly see our position and understand what we shall do with the bids at that exact moment without the need to download any CSV reports! That’s amazing! We are planning to set up the automation using these metrics in the future. Thanks for the new release!”
Fjor Mikhail Sterlikov
Performance Marketing Manager at Fjor Nutrition
We offer an intelligent solution to identify your app's place in the market, define your top competitors and help you develop the most efficient scaling strategy. Allocate your budget based on data-driven insights and comprehensively enforce your Apple Search Ads potential.
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Share of voice

  • Control the number of impressions your keywords receive.
  • Know your SoV for each keyword and control bidding.
  • Protect the share of voice and keep leading positions for branded keywords.
  • Understand the SoV your app can raise by increasing bids.
Share of voice

Top-10 competitors by Share of Voice

  • Monitor who is bidding on your keywords and how frequently.
  • Bid on top-performing days based on competitors' positions.
  • Protect the share of voice and keep leading positions for branded keywords.
  • Make profitable market-informed decisions on managing your bids.
Top-10 competitors by Share of Voice

Search popularity

  • Know the search terms' growth potential based on Discovery campaigns ranking.
  • Add new words to your account to drive more revenue.
  • Protect the share of voice and keep leading positions for branded keywords.
  • Protect your brand and high-volume keywords.
Search popularity

Organic ranking

  • Protect your brand by keeping your Share of Voice and Organic Ranking positions under control.
  • See all the essential metrics in one dashboard and evaluate the impact of reach expanding into your organic positions to open the new ways for app growth.
  • Control overspending and boost keywords with the highest potential, preventing cannibalization for the top-2 keywords in organic.
  • Boost your organic rank by increasing conversion rate and driving more relevant traffic.
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Organic ranking

Insights and Automation Rule

  • Get alerts to spot opportunities for scaling with well-performing keywords in your brand campaigns.
  • Automatically increase keyword bid if there’s room left in a highly competitive market for growing keyword’s Share of Voice.
  • Automatically control bids by setting the upper SoV limit to stay within your target budget.
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Insights and Automation Rule
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Which countries and regions for targeting are available?

Share of Voice, Top-10 competitors by Share of Voice, Search Popularity, Organic Ranking: USA, Spain, Germany, Australia, France, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, India, and Thailand

Search Popularity, Organic Ranking only: Vietnam, Sweden, and Belgium

Are more countries and regions expected to come up?

Share of Voice: Vietnam, Sweden, Belgium.

Share of Voice, Top-10 competitors by Share of Voice, Search Popularity, Organic Ranking: Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, China, Mexico, Chile, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, and Portugal.

Which campaigns are the insights available for?
Insights are available for single-geo campaigns.
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