App Growth Talks: Thomas Petit

Thomas Petit_App Growth Talks

This is the first episode of App Growth Talks, a series of interviews with ASO, User Acquisition, Mobile Analytics and App Growth experts. We’re starting with an interview with Thomas Petit, a world-renowned Mobile Marketing Expert and independent App Growth Consultant.

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How to Use Apple Search Ads Creative Sets to Improve Your Ads Performance

Apple Search Ads Creative Sets

To customize ads from the visual perspective and improve their performance, Apple Search Ads suggests app marketers leveraging Creative Sets, which is available within Advanced campaigns. 

When you make a set, you basically create a custom pack of assets out of the screenshots and app previews from your App Store product page. 

Creative Sets is set up at the ad group level, where you also add keywords and refine your audience. By using Apple Search Ads Creative Sets, you play around with various asset combinations and align them to a specific ad group keyword theme and audience refinements by age, gender and location. 
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Apple Search Ads: All You Need to Know for Successful Start

Apple Search Ads channel

There are about 2 million apps published on the App Store and the number is growing, and it’s getting harder to become visible there. Still, if you promote your iOS app via Apple Search Ads, your chances of being discovered by users are so much higher as your ads are placed above the organic search results. 

However, we know that fewer than 20% of app marketers run ads on the App Store. As of today, Apple Search Ads is less competitive than Facebook and Google Ads, but more and more publishers are adopting it as they see it pay off.   

If you are also thinking of adding Apple Search Ads to your user acquisition mix (before your competitors did), we’ve gathered everything you need to know before setting up your first successful ad campaign.
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App Overview: DoorDash on the App Store & Google Play Store

DoorDash app on the App Store and Play Store

Delivery companies are gaining momentum due to the coronavirus outbreak. As people keep staying at home, they are more likely to purchase restaurant food delivery online. Unsurprisingly, as per the end of April 2020, the sales of meal delivery companies in the U.S. have almost doubled year-over-year.

DoorDash is one of the key industry players, offering door-to-door delivery in more than 4,000 cities across the US, Canada and Australia. 

We’ve decided to look at its app on both stores and give an overview of each app page element to identify ASO best practices.  
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How to Improve Marketability of a Game with Concept Testing

game concept testing

Game publishers may have no idea that they have weak marketability until they soft launch their product, and at this point they have already invested huge resources into the development. Yet, there’s a way to make sure that the game can hit its business goals before writing a single line of code. I’m referring to game concept testing

Concept testing happens on emulated pages of the App Store and Google Play. Basically, you show the product page of a game that you intend to develop to your target audience to see how many of them click the “Get” button. 

The numeric results of such tests, or metrics, provide insights into whether your app has a good chance of success whatsoever. Overall, game concept testing is a data-driven approach to launching games and a viable instrument to continuously improve your marketing message.

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Pixum: Spends x3 less time on Apple Search Ads management with automation

Pixum, Apple Search Ads

Pixum is an online photo service provider with three ways to order: Pixum Photo World Software, their website and mobile app. With the Pixum app, the team was among the pioneers in the usage of Apple Search Ads.

Since ad performance in Germany was strong and the company operates throughout Europe, their mobile marketing manager decided to use Apple Search Ads for other countries as well. Pixum’s campaign structure follows Apple Search Ads’ best practice – Brand, Generic, Competitor and Discovery campaigns, hence they soon had a large array of campaigns that needed to be managed. In order to save time and optimize this process, Pixum turned to SearchAdsHQ whose automation rules and bulk management guarantee all-empowering automation.

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5 Indicators That You Should Move on from Google Play Experiments

google play experiments vs. splitmetrics

Google Play Store Listing Experiments is a prominent tool for mobile A/B testing. It has a number of advantages: it is free, it supports simultaneous testing of app description in five languages and allows you to run tests with the help of both paid & organic traffic or with just organic traffic.

However, at some point mobile publishers that have successfully been growing their apps or mobile games with the help of app store A/B testing, face a challenge: Google Play Store Listing Experiments become insufficient for the conversion rate optimization. They need to test more, need more insights for data-driven decisions, but they hit a wall since Google Play has a number of limitations when it comes to A/B testing experiments.

To help you stay alert, we share a number of bottlenecks that indicate that it is time for you to move on and opt for another app store A/B testing platform that would fit your business needs.

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NEW: Multiple Conversions & Charts 2.0 in SearchAdsHQ. 2x Faster SplitMetrics

SearchAdsHQ and SplitMetrics features April 2020

This is a three-month wrap-up of updates in the two products that we make – SearchAdsHQ, platform to automate and optimize Apple Search Ads, and the SplitMetrics A/B testing platform. 

From February to April, we rolled out a lot of handy features that improve user experience. Use the navigation above to jump to the platform and functionality that interests you.  
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How to Create Value-Based Apple Search Ads Account Structure

Apple Search Ads Value-Based Account Structure

By structuring your Apple Search Ads account you can improve ad relevance, assess performance more accurately and lay the foundation for scaling. 

We’ve already explained high-level ideas of how to build your Apple Search Ads account structure. In this article, we’re going to cover one of the two specific approaches that we offer – value-based structuring. The other one, the semantics-based Apple Search Ads account structure, is covered in Lesson 6 of The Complete Apple Search Ads Course.
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7 Reasons for Drops in Conversion on the App Stores

reasons for drops in conversion

You might have already read dozens of articles on 101 ways to improve your app conversion rate. We at SplitMetrics also work on such publications to support you in your endeavors to grow a mobile game or app. But what about a decline in conversion rate? Even big brands face unexpected drops in conversion rates once in a while. You may wonder why it happens and what you can do about that. To help you be prepared for a situation where you suddenly experience a sharp decline in conversions and respond quickly if possible, we share the 7 reasons for conversion drops on the app stores.
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