The Impact of COVID-19 on Apple Search Ads

COVID-19 & Apple Search Ads

Since the beginning of 2020, the whole world has been all about the outbreak of the coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19. Labeled a pandemic on March 11, the epidemic affects practically every country and every individual, changing the way we interact, work, study, entertain ourselves, shop, work out, etc.  

The mobile marketing industry has also experienced the effects of COVID-19. Social distancing policies and other restrictive measures imposed by governments globally make people isolate and look for ways to pass their time under quarantine. It’s not surprising that there’s been an uplift in daily hours spent in mobile across multiple countries:
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ASO Starter Pack

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Mobile A/B Testing for App Idea Validation: Best Practices and Tips by SplitMetrics & Phiture

mobile A/B testing

During our webinar dedicated to the best practices in mobile A/B testing, we have spoken to Maggie Ngai, ASO Expert from Phiture, and discussed how mobile publishers can benefit from validating app ideas with the help of app store A/B testing and pretotyping.

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Game Hive: Doubles install rates and scales by 15% with optimization and automation via SearchAdsHQ

Game Hive: Doubles install rates

Like most ASA users, our strategy more or less focused on adjusting bids reactively as we saw performance, however, this strategy has to be updated constantly and needs to take into account both pre- and post-install KPIs.

Brett Jones, User Acquisition Manager at Game Hive Corp shares their experience with SearchAdsHQ resulting doubled install rates and scaling by by 15%.

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3 Effective Apple Search Ads Automation Strategies

How to Manage Bids Using Automated Rules

It comes as no surprise that both in brick-and-mortar stores and on the app stores, customers tend to behave differently on Mondays and Fridays, on workdays and on holidays. So, when running your Apple Search Ads (ASA), you should take into account these differences and constantly tweak your campaigns to make sure they are as efficient as possible at each time point. 

You can say that you have a lot on your plate, while constant monitoring and tweaking Apple Search Ads takes loads of time. That’s true but, fortunately, there are tools that automatically increase and decrease bids, pause and enable keywords depending on the conditions you specify.

In this post, we will look into the most effective Apple Search Ads strategies for managing bids through custom rules and actionable tips that will enable you to automate your campaign and bid management.

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SearchAdsHQ Releases Comprehensive Course and Exam on Apple Search Ads

We did it. We put our expertise, lessons learned and effort into creating a first of its kind comprehensive Apple Search Ads Course & Exam for mobile marketers and user acquisition managers.
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Case Study: Flyin Reduces Cost per Acquisition by 15%

Apple Search Ads experience of Flyin

Flyin were looking for an Apple Search Ads optimization tool enabling keywords performance analysis and bids optimization. Also, they needed to track conversion events and measure advertising ROI in order to optimize advertising costs.

Mohammed Al-ismail, Marketing Director at Flyin shares their experience with SearchAdsHQ resulting in reduction of Cost per Acquisition by 15%.

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SplitMetrics CEO’s Take on the Current App Store Trends

splitmetrics CEO

Max Kamenkov, CEO and co-founder at SplitMetrics, shares exclusive insights that might help you succeed in today’s highly competitive App Store environment.

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SearchAdsHQ Updates: Rules for Search Terms & Custom Columns Improvements

Apple Search Ads December features

Our team keeps upgrading automation inside SearchAdsHQ, our platform for Apple Search Ads optimization and management. 

In December, we got beyond keywords to build the first two automated rules for search terms (STs), and another rule for STs was rolled out in January.  
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How to Automate Apple Search Ads: All You Need to Know

Apple Search Ads automation guidelines

Apple Search Ads accounts of any scale require regular health checks, management and optimization actions. Think about the things you have to routinely perform. Do you:     

  • Monitor your keywords for important changes?
  • Transfer keywords from one ad group to another? 
  • Pause or add to negatives poorly performing keywords? 
  • Gradually raise bids for keywords that work? 

Doing such things manually on a regular basis can be time-consuming. Things get even more complicated when you have to manage a few accounts with thousands of keywords in hundreds of ad groups and campaigns. 
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Apple Search Ads Best Practices: Interview with Michael Shubin

Apple Search Ads Expert

In our new SearchAdsHQ ASA Talk, we spoke to Michael Shubin, an independent consultant on Apple Search Ads. In the interview, Michael shares how to promote apps and mobile games on the App Store with the help of Apple Search Ads.
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