Prisma: How We A/B tested and Optimized 2016’s App of the Year

App Store and Google Play don’t always agree on things, but this time they unanimously picked Prisma as the app of 2016. MSQRD was named runner up for best app of the year for iPhone and a top trending app of 2016 for Android.


What do Prisma and MSQRD have in common (apart from both being photo/video apps, obviously)? …They both used Splitmetrics to A/B test and optimize their store pages and improve conversion rates. Now of course we’re not saying that we’re the reason behind the immense success (because we’re too modest and humble :). But we’re happy and proud to have been part of these great stories and would like to share our chapter with you.

In case you missed it, catch up on how MSQRD used Splitmetrics for their ASO efforts. And today let’s take a behind-the-scenes peek at… … Read more

Should devices be added on screenshots or not? — A/B Tested!

One of the questions we’ve been frequently asked is whether it’s worth using Apple device images on screenshots or not. The short answer is simple: if it applies to you and helps in your attempts to give a better idea of what your app has to offer, then do it. Actually, this approach should be applied to any significant change you are going to make, whether you are thinking of adding images of hands holding devices, grouping screenshots, or uploading plain, unedited screenshots, etc. Today’s case study from ZiMAD is a good example of where it helped, and along with other changes, resulted in a 15% conversion raise.


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Relying on Trends or Creating an Easy to Understand Icon? Find out Which is Better


Can you guess the winning icon?

Although the app icon might be physically small, optimizing the icon will have a positive effect on each step of the user’s journey in the App Store, as it’s the only graphic asset that’s shown in the search results, on the product page, and on the category page. While 65% of App Store downloads come directly from searches, one of the best ways to find out how well your app icon stands out from the crowd is by testing your variations on the category page. This is because category pages are the only pages where you can minimize the impact of other factors (e.g. the impact of screenshots when testing icons in the search results) on your conversion rates. That’s what the developers from Darby did with their How To Videos app. The main objective of the experiment was to test two competing approaches: relying on trends and popular styles or creating an easy to understand icon.

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Investigate The Mystery Of Why The Pumpkin Variation Won


Each year, more and more developers take note of the annual Halloween tradition. Some even dress up their app icons and screenshots in “Halloween costume” to draw additional attention to their apps. However, the pumpkin winner of our current case study has nothing to do with the Halloween craze. This A/B test finished several months ago and it showed good results simply because it had a clear concept and thoughtfully prepared variations.

As we know, the main purpose of placing a character in the game app icon is to try and promote a sense of action which intensifies the user’s desire to start playing right nowDevelopers from MyTona in their test for Seekers Notes: Hidden Mistery app decided to test which character serves this purpose the best.Read more

Designing Screenshots: A Guide On How To Achieve a 32% Conversion Lift

With our case study from Bubble Birds 4, we tried to show what exact things you can change in your efforts in designing screenshots that will convert and engage users in the best possible way.

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Hobnob Growth Engineer: SplitMetrics Completely Altered our Company’s Trajectory

Over the course of 5 months, Hobnob (an app that helps people create professional-looking event invitations and distribute them via text message) used SplitMetrics to restore and improve their app store conversion rate, which was declining due to a recent rebrand. Hobnob was then able to apply these learnings across their inbound traffic channels which lead to an increase in top-level app growth.

Furthermore, Hobnob used SplitMetrics’ email collection feature to test each portion of their Android listing while the app was still in development. This ensured an optimized Android listing on launch day and an email list of extremely qualified users, which translated into a 60% conversion rate to download in the Android app’s first month on the app store.

Ashwin Kiran, Growth Engineer at Hobnob is sharing these and other insights with us in our interview.Read more

How Empire City Casino Achieved 31% Conversion Lift with a Simple Screenshots Edit

A test recently run by EmpireCityCasino is a perfect example of how minor changes can result in major effects. For their first test, developers at Empire City Casino decided to check what screenshot background works better: an eye-catching one or calmer gradient.

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Early Search Ads Experiments Promise Great Performance for Apple’s New Advertising Platform

A month ago at the annual developers conference, Apple introduced Search Ads, which allows developers to get their apps discovered at the very moment users are searching for similar apps. Inspired by this announcement, we’ve started working on the idea of how we can help developers measure and improve the effectiveness of this type of advertising. Read more

MSQRD CEO Shares 5 Marketing Hacks Behind the App’s Viral Success

by Anna Pratskevich
MSQRD App Screenshot

Facebook acquired MSQRD (Masquerade), the company behind a viral photo and video filter app, for an undisclosed amount in March this year.

The 3D mask technology will be used in Facebook live video, which Mark Zuckerberg introduced at F8 conference. I caught up with Eugene Nevgen, the CEO of Masquerade and co-founder of SplitMetrics, an app store optimization platform, while he was in San Francisco for F8.

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SongPop Success Story: Shorter Captions, Bolder Graphics, 10% Better CVR


SongPop2 – Music Quiz is a trivia game app from FreshPlanet that challenges players to guess songs in multiple-choice quizzes. Teamed up with SplitMetrics, FreshPlanet gave users a different kind of quiz – to identify the best creatives for their app page. They tested two app store page versions over 30 days to see which one performed better. After a simple experiment, the mobile game developer identified a screenshot variation that converted 10% better than the original set.

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