How Burner Optimized Apple Search Ads with SplitMetrics Acquire

Ad Hoc Labs
Burner by Ad Hoc Labs is a mobile app and service that enables users to obtain temporary, disposable numbers for voice and SMS communication in the U.S. and Canada.
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Burner by Ad Hoc Labs is a mobile app and service that enables users to obtain temporary, disposable numbers for voice and SMS communication in the U.S. and Canada.

The team is actively using Apple Search Ads as part of their user acquisition mix.

We use Apple Search Ads because it boosts our app’s visibility and drives more installs and user events. It helps us get noticed in the busy app marketplace and brings in users who are likely to stick around and engage with our app beyond just installing it. It’s a key part of our strategy for getting our app out there and making sure it’s a hit with users.

Aurore Dupont
UA Manager at Ad Hoc Labs

At some point, Burner faced increased competition and the necessity for actionable intelligence. So the team started looking for a solution to automate Apple Search Ads campaigns, analyze post-install performance, automate bidding, and visualize the data.


The company experts opted for the SplitMetrics Acquire platform because they were seeking a solution that could meet their business needs. Their decision was informed by valuable feedback and recommendations from industry experts, highlighting SplitMetrics’ effectiveness in delivering the insights the Burner’s team needed.

SplitMetrics Acquire offers insights into competitors’ performance, recommends keywords beyond competitors’ usage, and provides advanced analytics to identify campaign bottlenecks. It helps quickly analyze campaign performance, compare against industry benchmarks, and optimize bidding strategies and budget allocation. Integration with MMPs enables optimization towards specific post-install goals, beyond mere installs, ensuring campaigns are graded on performance metrics that matter.

Aurore Dupont
UA Manager at Ad Hoc Labs

Burner by Ad Hoc Labs uses SplitMetrics Acquire to:

  • Manage the bids with auto rules
  • Run ad variations using custom product pages
  • Find new keywords
  • Compare their metrics against the industry benchmarks
  • Get insights on custom product pages.

Ad Variations Using Custom Product Pages

In addition, the team aimed to optimize campaign performance and determine what messaging and keywords resonated most with Burner’s different audiences.

While producing custom product pages, we tried to consider what users searching for different terms are actually seeking. After analyzing our top spending keywords closely, we noticed different patterns and interests in specific app features.

This research informed our choice of themes and messaging, which we then tailored to align with specific, high-performing keywords.

We ran each ad variation using a custom product page for a week and then used before/after analysis to come up with initial results and ideas for the next iterations. Within one week, we were able to figure out which custom product pages were definitely not the right fit, which had room for improvement, and which ones were perfect for specific keyword groups.

Aurore Dupont
UA Manager at Ad Hoc Labs


With the help of CPP Intelligence in SplitMetrics Acquire, the team of Burner by Ad Hoc Labs was able to get valuable insights.

To validate the concepts of custom product pages, the growth experts leveraged SplitMetrics Acquire, which offers detailed insights into down-funnel metrics – exactly what they were looking for. This approach enabled the Customer to rigorously test and refine their strategies to ensure optimal performance.

By testing custom product pages with the help of SplitMetrics Acquire, Burner managed to make some significant improvements.

TTR ↑7%

CPR ↓10%

We tested several custom product pages, which allowed us to observe an increase in TTR of up to 7% and a decrease in Cost per Registration of up to 10%. SplitMetrics Acquire also enabled us to analyze other post-install metrics and prove that ad variations using custom product pages helped us get closer to achieving our main KPIs.

Aurore Dupont
UA Manager at Ad Hoc Labs

Moreover, the team of Burner by Ad Hoc Labs were impressed with the professionalism of the SplitMetrics’ team and happy with the product’s performance and features.

Our cooperation with the SplitMetrics team has been excellent. They have been responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout our partnership. Their platform has provided valuable insights and tools for testing and optimizing our custom product pages. Based on our experience, we would definitely recommend SplitMetrics to other publishers looking to improve their mobile app’s performance and user experience.

UA Manager at Ad Hoc Labs

Burner by Ad Hoc Labs was able to successfully optimize their Apple Search Ads campaigns, test and refine their strategies, thus improving their KPIs with the help of SplitMetrics Acquire.

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