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SplitMetrics is a platform for mobile marketers to A/B test and optimize app store pages for maximum conversion. We believe in design that simply works, and our mission is to empower marketers and designers to create design that converts. We bring mobile marketers solutions that are as easy and delightful to use as they are powerful in the data they provide.

The world’s largest mobile publishers like Rovio, Rakuten, Wargaming, and hundreds of other companies use SplitMetrics to test their app store pages and optimize conversion. We’ve helped Rovio’s Angry Birds 2 increase their downloads by 5M in the first two weeks of the app’s release. Our team of mobile marketing and ASO experts can help you achieve great results too.

Max Kamenkov
Eugene Nevgen
Ivan Artsimovich
Yuri Gursky
Mentor & Advisor
Mikhail Tokarev
Backend Team
Alex Moiseenko
Backend Team
Sergey Kolesnik
Backend Team
Vasily Zernin
Backend Team
Alex Pasynkau
Frontend Team
Andrew Kuchuk
Frontend Team
Vadim Sanko
Frontend Team
Ann Kotovskaya
UX/UI designer
Tanya Fernandes
Head of Customer Success
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Customer Success
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Customer Success
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Customer Success
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Support Team
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Lead Generator


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