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SplitMetrics is a team of 37 super talented and wonderful people. Each of us passionately contributes to 2 platforms we’re proud of – SearchAdsHQ and SplitMetrics. Our mission is to empower mobile marketers with an ecosystem of easy-to-use tools and powerful services for mobile growth.

With SearchAdsHQ, you easily manage and optimize Apple Search Ads, an acquisition channel that reaches 50% in average conversion rate. With SplitMetrics, you run A/B tests to validate your ideas at the pre-launch stage or to optimize your App Store pages for the topmost conversion. The world’s largest mobile publishers like Rovio, InnoGames, Rakuten, Wargaming, and hundreds of other companies use SplitMetrics and SearchAdsHQ to conquer the App Store.

Meet our team leaders

Max Kamenkov, Co-Founder & CEO
Max Kamenkov
Co‑Founder & CEO
Tanya Fernandes, Head of Sales and Partnerships
Tanya Fernandes
Head of Sales and Partnerships
Anton Tatarinovich, Head of Marketing
Anton Tatarinovich
Head of Marketing
Tanya Volkova, Head of Customer Success
Tanya Volkova
Head of Customer Success
Natalie Ostapovich, Senior Customer Success Manager
Natalie Ostapovich
Senior Customer Success Manager
Pavel Veinik, Head of Engineering
Pavel Veinik
Head of Engineering
Valeria Shytikova, Head of App Store Optimization Services
Valeria Shytikova
Head of App Store Optimization Services
Tanya Asheychik, Human Resource Manager
Tanya Asheychik
Head of HR


Email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you're a customer, and you want to talk to someone smart and helpful, contact us via Intercom livechat.

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