iSharing Automated Apple Search Ads with SplitMetrics Acquire to Manage It in 17 Markets

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iSharing is a real-time location sharing app built for families and friends.
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iSharing is a real-time location sharing app built for families and friends. It allows family members or close friends to share their location with each other and communicate. Having a strong foothold in the USA, the app is also growing spectacularly in certain East Asian countries – like Japan, Thailand and South Korea.

Overall, the app is available in 17 markets and managing Apple Search Ads and keeping tabs on keywords for them was proving more and more challenging for the internal User Acquisition team.

Because we have so many target markets, Apple Search Ads quickly became unmanageable. Keeping tabs on keywords became very difficult.

Dana Kim, Marketing Manager at Isharingsoft

iSharing turned to SplitMetrics for a comprehensive Apple Search Ads management solution that would enable the current team to achieve their goals without involving any additional workforce.


iSharing chose SplitMetrics Acquire, a platform for Apple Search Ads optimization and automated management at scale, to control campaigns and achieve significant growth in all of its target markets.

The first goal was to have our campaigns organized and manageable. The second goal was to have a great automation system that would improve our Apple Search Ads performance.

Dana Kim, Marketing Manager at Isharingsoft

SplitMetrics Acquire allows for automation of all processes related to Apple Search Ads management, like performance based adjustments to bids, moving of keywords between ad groups or even changes to CPA goals. SplitMetrics Acquire also offers a lot of smart alerts to be configured, only requiring occasional attention and supervision. Share of Voice (SOV) can serve as an additional condition for scaling rules.

In total, more than 130 rules were implemented by iSharing, to fully automate all Apple Search Ads activities for all markets the app is present on. This allowed the entire platform to be managed by one person!


SplitMetrics Acquire helped to save time on the manual workflow thanks to a variety of automated rules as well as to save budget optimizing keyword by keyword. Without the platform, we wouldn’t get insights into the real performance of our keywords throughout the full funnel.

Dana Kim, Marketing Manager at Isharingsoft

The two aforementioned goals were met. Campaigns were organized and became easy to manage by a single person doing no more than 2-3 weekly checkups.

Our Customer Success Managers have always been wonderful in checking in on us, monitoring our campaigns, and giving us updates on new features on the platform. It was great having their expert guidance, especially since some of our team members were relatively new to Apple Search Ads.

Dana Kim, Marketing Manager at Isharingsoft

Just like good account structure, setting up automation rules for Apple Search Ads calls for foresight. Indirectly, it puts users on a path of adherence to strategy and data-driven, scrupulous optimization, which greatly improves performance overall. This was the case for iSharing in all key markets. For example, in one year Isharingsoft Inc. accomplished following results:

  • A 52% increase in engagement in Japan and 45% in installs;
  • An 81% increase in engagement in Thailand and 65% in installs;

Even in the USA where the app already had an established presence the user engagement (registrations) increased by over 18% in the same period. Overall, the app maintained a steady growth of subscribers throughout the entire year:

New monthly, global engagement for iSharing. Source: SplitMetrics Acquire dashboard.

…and all with a single manager. Once set in motion, SplitMetrics Acquire can pilot itself and fly its user straight into success. SplitMetrics Customer Success Managers are always ready to assist customers in accomplishing this goal.

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