Flyin: Reducing Cost per Acquisition by 15% with SearchAdsHQ

Flyin shares their experience with SearchAdsHQ resulting in reduction of Cost per Acquisition by 15%. They were looking for an Apple Search Ads optimization tool enabling keywords performance analysis and bids optimization. Also, they needed to track conversion events and measure advertising ROI in order to optimize advertising costs. - first and only “Online Travel Agency” in Middle East that offers an integrated travel services and helps create the best possible trip for over 50,000 travelers daily.
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Keywords are a crucial element to the success of Apple Search Ads campaigns.

We focus on the keywords that align with the objectives of the campaign to generate the highest conversion rate possible. We needed a solution that would enable us to determine high-performance keywords in each campaign, as well as automate this process.

Mohammed Al-ismail, Marketing Director at Flyin

Another key focus of ours are conversion events. They are interpreted differently depending on the app: some aim only to increase the number of installs, while others aim for app installs as well as purchases and tracking clients’ searches for a specific product which enables them to understand their client base better.

Flyin experience with Apple Search Ads

Anyhow, these conversion events help advertisers to focus on the basic aspects of customer interests and help them discover customers’ behavior within the app. Therefore not being able to track them would limit our ability to conduct research on our clients’ interests and behavior. And this is where SearchAdsHQ came in handy yet again.

The thing is, advertisers are faced with these limitations on the Search Ads dashboard, as they do not contain conversion events that help them to understand user behavior and analyze campaigns more accurately. Whilst with SearchAdsHQ you get access to this and other useful data in a very user-friendly format.

Mohammed Al-ismail, Marketing Director


SearchAdsHQ allowed us to access important metrics helping us thoroughly analyze our mobile user acquisition campaigns and track the behavior of our customers.

SearchAdsHQ dashboard features many measures that are not present in the Search Ads dashboard such as Revenues, ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend), ARPU (Average revenue per user), CPI (Cost per Install) that helped us measure the advertising revenue and achieve the goals of the campaigns more precisely and on a larger scale.

Flyin experience with Apple Search Ads

Moreover, SearchAdsHQ enabled us to track and monitor the main keywords with high conversion rates and focus on them. In addition to this, this app store optimization platform allowed us to adjust the bids for the keywords with ease. That way it became easy for us to track conversion events that matter to us through their very customizable dashboard and conversion events are an essential part of measuring the performance of our campaigns.


For us, one of the main advantages of having SearchAdsHQ is the ease of management, analysis, and control of campaigns and keywords performance, in addition to the ability to adjust the keywords bids easily and quickly.

We are now able to define the appropriate conversion events for each campaign on a daily basis, we can measure and improve campaign performance while at the same time control the budget. After we started using SearchAdsHQ our Cost Per Acquisition dropped by 15%.

The SearchAdsHQ support team has immensely helped us with advice on the optimization of our campaigns.

Mohammed Al-ismail, Marketing Director at Flyin

We appreciate their constant professional support – they were always there for us for any problem quickly ready with the solution or answer.

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