FxPro cuts CPA for conversions by half with SplitMetrics Acquire (formerly SearchAdsHQ)

FxPro is a leading online broker offering financial services in more than 170 countries worldwide.
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FxPro is a financial services firm regulated in multiple jurisdictions. Being one of the market leaders, the FxPro Team was looking for an effective tool to manage and automate Apple Search Ads, reduce manual work, get analytics and track all metrics in one place. 


SplitMetrics Acquire met all the requirements. According to Victoria Rodkina, Marketing PPC Team Lead at FxPro Group, what drew the Team’s attention to SplitMetrics Acquire, was the opportunity to connect Apple Search Ads data with the AppsFlyer data, which enabled FxPro to get transparent analytics on app/campaign/keyword level. 

“Eventually, we use the Apple Search Ads console very rarely, because we have everything we need in SplitMetrics Acquire – all statistics, including conversions / CPA. We can manage bids and budgets, we can create the rules for automatisation, which really helps and saves a lot of time.”

Victoria Rodkina, Marketing PPC Team Lead at FxPro Group

 Image source: SplitMetrics Acquire dashboard
 Image source: SplitMetrics Acquire dashboard


“What is even more important is that along with buying access to a platform, we received not only a solution we needed, but also excellent customer service and a dedicated Customer Success Manager.  

Together with our personal manager from SplitMetrics, we dive deeper into analytics, Share of Voice (SOV) reports, and completely rebuild the campaigns structure. It helps us to manage the budget more efficiently and remove all ineffective keywords.

Also, SplitMetrics has a great educational section that really helps to improve your knowledge of Apple Search Ads campaigns,” says Victoria.

With SplitMetrics Acquire, FxPro managed to achieve the following results:

  • 2-3 times less time spent on Apple Search Ads management, while FxPro claims to manage campaigns much more efficiently thanks to transparent analytics, Customer Success Manager from SplitMetrics and automation.
  • Also, FxPro gained a decrease in CPA for the conversions. FxPro have reduced CPA for all these events:
    • Conversion 1 – 2 times lower;
    • Conversion 2 – 20% lower;
    • Main conversion- 55% lower.

In addition to that, FxPro Team take advantage of SplitMetrics Acquire automation rules.

“We have rules for bid adjustments, for spend and traffic daily monitoring, for performing search terms and keywords.”

Victoria Rodkina, Marketing PPC Team Lead at FxPro Group

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