Etermax is an international technology company with a gaming division that has exceeded 800 million downloads. Etermax turned to SplitMetrics to test the target audience of their mobile game – Trivia Deluxe – before launching it on the App Store.

Gisela Carrera,
ASO Principal Artist at Etermax

When we started using an A/B testing solution by SplitMetrics, the team demonstrated all the features of SplitMetrics Optimize. Something that caught our attention was the possibility of testing before the product was launched. We found it super interesting to be able to have early information for our game.

We had a new Trivia game in development, aimed at a more senior audience. The characters from Trivia Crack were not used. A board was used instead of the roulette wheel to move forward and answer questions. The game design was very different from the Trivia Crack family. A TV show/Casino type.

We wanted to know before the release of the game what type of users we were targeting. 

With the product team, we set up 2 user archetypes:

  • People aged 40-50: with motivations of challenge, competition, ostentation, and overcoming obstacles.
  • People over 50 years old: Self-improvement – Sharpen the mind – Daily challenge – Be better every day.


Etermax chose SplitMetrics Optimize to run A/B testing experiments and validate concepts before launching the game and understand how to market an app.

The ASO Team of Etermax created a generic ad campaign and sent traffic to the experiment. The Client developed two sets of well-differentiated screenshots focusing each one on the motivations of each user archetype.

We emphasized each variant through images and captions of each concept. We even used 2 different base colors to separate them even more. We focused on the first screenshot so that the user understood the concept of the game from the first moment. Two weeks after running our first concept test we had results. And we reached a winner.

Gisela Carrera, ASO Principal Artist at Etermax


As a result, we had an improvement of 32.7% in variation B (+50 – Knowledge motivation). It was the version with fewer views but more clicks.

Gisela Carrera, ASO Principal Artist at Etermax

The first screenshot had most of the installs, which confirmed that the caption and image the Client used were targeting people looking to learn through gaming. Their priority was to sharpen their mind over competition and ostentation.

Having early information about these concepts allows us to focus on offering a more closed product for our audience. And also consolidate the strategy between ASO and UA. This allows for a better decision process and a more profitable acquisition strategy, with a much lower CPI.

Gisela Carrera, ASO Principal Artist at Etermax

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