OctaFX: Optimizing Apple Search Ads Campaigns to Expand User Acquisition

OctaFX is a mobile app focused on investment tools, catering to the needs of users across multiple markets globally.
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The Client recognized the need for managing, automating, and optimizing their Apple Search Ads campaigns to ensure efficient customer acquisition. Without automation and optimization, the cost of acquiring customers would increase, impacting the growth potential of OctaFX.

With the goal of expanding their presence across user acquisition channels, attracting new customers, and reducing dependence on Google Ads, the Client sought to leverage Apple Search Ads as a new paid traffic channel.


OctaFX turned to SplitMetrics seeking to grow the customer base while balancing target acquisition costs with the growth objectives.

To address their challenge, the Сlient started using SplitMetrics Acquire, a comprehensive platform for management, automation, and optimization of Apple Search Ads campaigns at scale. SplitMetrics Acquire offers a range of tools and features to enhance the customers’ advertising performance and streamline their acquisition efforts.

OctaFX integrated SplitMetrics Acquire into their standard workflow. They use the solution on a daily basis to monitor the growth of activations, changes in spend, and share of voice (SOV) to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns. The following solutions in SplitMetrics Acquire played a crucial role in achieving the Client’s goals:

  • Keyword Discovery tools: SplitMetrics Acquire provided the Client with valuable insights and suggestions for new relevant keywords, allowing them to enhance the reach and visibility of their Apple Search Ads.
  • CPP Intelligence: OctaFX makes the most of CPP Intelligence – the in-built tool in SplitMetrics Acquire enabling mobile developers to monitor the custom product pages of competitors on the App Store. Tonestro maximized user engagement with custom product pages.
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  • Automation rules: The Client also benefited from the automation capabilities of SplitMetrics Acquire. By utilizing automation rules, they were able to reduce manual work and streamline their campaign management process.


The collaboration with SplitMetrics yielded significant results for the Сlient.

  • Customer base growth: with the help of SplitMetrics Acquire, OctaFX experienced substantial growth in their customer base across a few Asian markets.
  • Streamlined decision-making process: the ability to quickly analyze campaign performance and leverage SplitMetrics’ insights enabled the Client to make informed decisions promptly, resulting in optimized customer acquisition strategies.

The collaboration with SplitMetrics has been extremely fruitful. By leveraging SplitMetrics Acquire’s robust tools and features, we successfully optimized our Apple Search Ads campaigns, and as a result, acquired new customers. The platform’s keyword discovery capabilities, tools for ad variations using custom product pages, and automation features helped us streamline the workflow and optimize the campaign performance. The ability to make data-driven decisions with SplitMetrics has been instrumental to our customer growth.

With the continuous support and collaboration of the SplitMetrics Team, the Client achieved remarkable success in expanding their user base and reducing acquisition costs, thus establishing a solid foundation for their long-term growth.

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