Psychic Txt: How to Increase the Number of First Purchases and Decrease Their Cost 

Product Used
SplitMetrics Agency
Liquid Software Mobile
Psychic Txt - Live Readings is a lifestyle app developed and published by Liquid Software Mobile where users can chat with real and trusted psychics and get advice on their personal and professional life.
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Apple Search Ads has been an important channel for the company, and the Client was running search results campaigns in US, CA, UK, AU, NZ, SG, SA. With the competition getting tighter in their category, Liquid Software Mobile turned to SplitMetrics Agency experts with the request to increase the number of first purchases, as well as reduce their cost, and maintain 100% ROAS.


As a first step, SplitMetrics Agency conducted the analysis of Client’s Apple Search Ads search results campaigns and identified the following issues:

  1. Branded keywords had low search volume. 
  2. Most of the traffic was coming from the generic campaign with exact match keywords, and a considerable amount of traffic from broad match keywords. 
  3. Identifying the best-performing search queries was challenging, since most of the traffic was coming from low volume terms. 
  4. The cost per first purchase was higher than the target KPI.

To solve these issues and achieve the above mentioned goals, our team of experts decided to create and configure separate brand, generic, competitor, and discovery campaigns with all possible relevant keywords for better campaign management, analysis, and optimization. 

Also, as a part of the strategy, the negative keyword “txt” with the exact match type was added to the generic and competitor campaigns to avoid overlap with brand keyword “Psychic Txt.”


We had a challenge to increase the number of first purchases, while decreasing their cost, that’s why we turned to SplitMetrics Agency. The team of experts helped us systematize Apple Search Ads campaigns, and achieve excellent results. They provided us with detailed reporting along the way, and their constant support allowed us to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Bharat Walia, Director of Operations at Liquid Software Mobile

SplitMetrics started working on the project in November, and within a few months, Liquid Software Mobile’s team was able to achieve dramatic increase in their KPIs: 

  • Advertising budget increased by 136.33%
  • The number of events (first purchases) increased by 368.33%
  • The cost per event (first purchases) decreased by 49.54%
  • ROAS of 100%+ maintained.
The number of first purchases from August 2022 to February 2023
The cost per first purchase from August 2022 to February 2023
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