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Delta Investment Tracker is a multi-asset investment tracking app owned by eToro.

Delta Investment Tracker turned to SplitMetrics to update and optimize the app store product page, including keywords and visuals, and consequently increase the conversion rate for Delta Investment Tracker.


SplitMetrics Agency’s Team examined the app: carried out the market and competitive research, analyzed the target audience, benchmarks for the category, and performed the detailed audit of the app store product page. Based on the data gained, the Team decided to start with keyword optimization in the US market.

The key idea was to identify and target the most relevant and solvent users. After the analysis of the Delta app’s text metadata, SplitMetrics’ experts discovered keywords that had low volume, the ones with high traffic volume, as well as those keywords for which the app was not ranked in the top 20 – so they did not bring any organic installs. 

These keywords were replaced with less competitive ones – having medium/high volume. The Agency’s specialists also used MX geo, which allowed them to expand the semantic core into the US (additional US keywords were used in MX geo).


The US

The optimized text metadata for the Delta app was updated on March 31, 2022 for the US market. As a result, the visibility score for the app was increased by an impressive 70,1%. The higher the ranking of an app for the keywords with the highest volume is, the higher is the Visibility Score. 

Before text & keyword optimization, the app was ranked #2 for a search term. After a keyword under consideration to the keyword field in the US and updating the metadata (green vertical bar on the chart above) the app started to grow and, as the graph below shows, by April 9 Delta was ranking in the #1 position for this mid-frequency query, which resulted in the increase of the number of organic installs.

By adding low-competitive, relevant keywords with medium volume from the MX locale to the US text metadata, SplitMetrics Agency’s experts achieved app ranking in the top 20 for medium volume search terms.It also helped to improve existing keyword positions, which resulted in an increase in organic installs.


SplitMetrics’ Team took a similar approach to the French market. 

As a result, the Agency was able to increase the visibility score for the Delta app by 58% in France.  

Positive impact on paid metrics

Apart from increasing the number of impressions and installs, with the help of keyword and text metadata optimization in the US, SplitMetrics Agency managed to improve paid metrics as well. Thus, the number of in-app purchases increased. On the charts below, you can also see how the increase in paying users number (+52%) and sales (+49.6%) followed the optimization process.

Similar success was achieved for France. Keyword optimization resulted in paid metrics improvement and revenue growth. 

“SplitMetrics’ expertise helped us increase the discoverability of our app as well as leverage some unique ASO tactics. Due to our partnership, we are better positioned to make the most of the organic traffic that Delta Investment Tracker attracts.”

Matei Banfi, Head of Growth at Delta Investment Tracker

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