Nanobit is a global mobile game development company with a worldwide reach of millions of players. Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is a role-playing game with over 20 million downloads.

The Nanobit team wanted to make sure that they test marketing materials (icons, screenshots, store video etc.) on iOS users and not only Android (via Google Play Console), because user behaviour can differ on different app stores.

We were looking for a tool that offers user behaviour insights along with the possibility to test icons, screenshots and store videos on iOS,” says Daniel Jajetic, User Acquisition Manager at Nanobit.

SplitMetrics out-of-store A/B testing platform, which is widely used by mobile publishers for testing hypotheses and validation of concepts, met the requirements of Nanobit.

SplitMetrics team helped us with constant support and they are eager to explain all the possibilities of their tool so very quickly we were familiar with the platform features,” says Nanobit. 

With SplitMetrics, we have the possibility to track metrics related to user behaviour, such as: time users spend on a page, scroll depth, engagement etc. and that gives us the opportunity to analyze each creative element on the store and how it is impacting user attention.

Daniel Jajetic, User Acquisition Manager at Nanobit

One of the challenges that the Nanobit team who work on the marketing of Tabou Stories: Love Episodes faced, was icon optimization. All of the variants that the team tested for months couldn’t outperform the control variation. 


With the suggestion of the SplitMetrics team, Nanobit created new variations of the Tabou Stories: Love Episodes icon, and one of them immediately outperformed the control variation. 

SplitMetrics dashboard


After applying the new icon, we had an 18% conversion rate uplift for organic users, and increased the total number of organic installs by 22% in 40 days.

Daniel Jajetic, User Acquisition Manager at Nanobit

Having an updated and appealing App store page with best performing screenshots, icon, store video and description is very important because if your App store page is not optimized and it does not appeal to the users who want to play your games – churn rate might be very high. Nanobit use SplitMetrics to validate and test marketing materials on iOS so the team is sure that users will only get the best variations because decisions are based on facts.

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