Why A/B Test: Experiments for Apps & Games at Different App’s Lifecycle Stages

Why A:B test_strategic a:b testing

This is the first episode of “The Strategic Part of A/B Testing.” In this video, we explain why mobile app marketers should A/B test overall, and cover the A/B testing application cases specific to games versus apps. Moreover, we’ll break down the use cases of A/B testing at each stage of the  app’s lifecycle – pre-launch, launch and post-launch. 

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Lab Cave case study: 314% increase in installs with SplitMetrics A/B testing

September of 2019 Lab Cave undertook an analysis of its title My High School Summer Party in an effort to increase installs and engagement for Google Play, after the pre-registration period did not bring the title a large enough volume of installs.

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App Growth Talks: Peter Fodor

Peter Fodor

This is a new season of App Growth Talks, series of interviews with ASO, user acquisition, mobile analytics and app growth experts. This episode’s special guest is Peter Fodor, a prominent expert on mobile marketing, user acquisition, strategy and growth. Peter is a founder & CEO at AppAgent – Strategic & Creative Mobile Marketing Agency based in Prague.
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App Growth Experts Take on the Post-IDFA World

App Growth Panel on the post-IDFA change

As you might already know, Apple is introducing the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework and starting from iOS 14, mobile publishers, namely advertisers won’t be able to target users unless they explicitly consent. iOS 14 is already there, but IDFA deprecation was delayed and should be enforced in early 2021.

We’ve held an AppGrowth Panel #1 where the leading app industry experts – Thomas Petit, Andrea Raggi, Johannes von Cramon and Ryan Goeden – shared their thoughts and valuable advice on the topic. Read this post to learn what some of the most talented, competent and knowledgeable guys in the app industry think of the IDFA deprecation and what strategies they recommend in order to adjust to a new app marketing reality.
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Sequential A/B Testing vs Multi-Armed Bandit Testing: When to Use Each One

sequential A/B testing and multi-armed bandit testing

About a year ago SplitMetrics App Store A/B Testing Platform switched from classic A/B testing to the sequential approach. But even earlier we offered, and still do, an option: multi-armed bandit (MAB) testing. And we often hear a question: so, what is better, multi-armed bandit or sequential A/B testing? Well, that’s a tough question, since both MAB and the sequential A/B testing have their pros and cons, so every mobile publisher answers for themselves and chooses according to their business needs. However, to help you answer this question, we’ve created this post where you will find the key differences between the two methods embodied in the SplitMetrics platform, along with their strengths and use cases of each one, so that you could choose the approach that suits you best.

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Facing IDFA Challenges with A/B Testing & ASO

IDFA deprecation and A_B testing

In June 2020, Apple announced by far the biggest news for the mobile marketing industry – IDFA deprecation to come with iOS 14. The changes have been put off until early 2021, and app marketers and publishers took advantage of that postponement to adjust their strategies. 
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App Store Optimization: Experts Take on ASO Tips and Trends for 2021

The topic of app store optimization never gets old: app store rules are changing at the speed of light, and what worked on the App Store and Google Play yesterday doesn’t always work today, while publishers have to cater to both app store requirements and user needs.

To help you stay on top of the latest ASO trends and have a greater understanding of what we should expect from 2021, we’ve brought together app store optimization tips and strategies by the leading mobile industry experts who shared their thoughts and insights during App Growth Talks.
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How App Store A/B Testing Helps to Increase ROI

All mobile publishers are seeking to optimize the conversion rate and increase the return on investment (ROI) from user acquisition campaigns and app store optimization.

Optimizing visual elements of your app store listing can positively affect the decision of users and induce them to download your app, which will bring you more conversions. But how to optimize app store visual assets in order to achieve the desired results?

The easiest way to optimize the conversion rate and improve ROI is app store A/B testing.

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App Growth Talks: Daniel Peris Molina

Daniel Peris

This is the episode #7 of App Growth Talks, a series of interviews with ASO, user acquisition and mobile growth experts. Today’s special guest is Daniel Peris Molina, startup enthusiast, entrepreneur, Growth Engineer, CEO and co-founder of TheTool, performance-based ASO tool and PickASO, app marketing agency based in Barcelona.

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App Growth News Monthly: iOS 14 Release & IDFA Deprecation

App Growth Monthly News September 2020

In this blog post, we are going to reflect on the recent industry changes that might be important to you as you do App Store Optimization and make app growth decisions. Read mobile marketing news for September 2020. 
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