,  — 31 Mar 2022

New in SplitMetrics Acquire: Share of Voice in Automation Rules

Lesia Polivod

Expand your app reach, and grow your market share with the automated and insightful scaling tool. 

The SplitMetrics team is excited to announce a powerful update in automation rules as we’ve added the Share of Voice metric. 

Free two birds with one key! With Share of Voice in automation rules, UA managers can protect the top-priority keywords and brand, boost reach and brand awareness, and beat the competition cost- and time-effective.

Enhance Apple Search Ads Campaigns with Insights and Automation Rules

Get alerts to spot opportunities for scaling with well-performing keywords in your brand campaigns.

A UA manager’s big challenge is using 100% scaling potential. With the new SplitMetrics Acquire update, you’ll never miss changes in your market share. Set Share of Voice as your goal, and get notified or automatically change the bid when reaching the target.

New in SplitMetrics Acquire: Share of Voice in Automation Rules
SplitMetrics Acquire

Automatically increase keyword bids if there’s room left in a highly competitive market for growing keyword’s Share of Voice.

With this new update, managers can control any changes in their Share of Voice automatically to ensure an efficient optimization strategy and reach leading positions of their app for certain keywords.

Automatically control bids by setting the upper SoV limit to stay within your target budget.

By adding this new rule to the Apple Search Ads optimization strategy, UA managers can monitor the Share of Voice, keep costs within the target and prevent self-competition by taking the optimum of the Share of Voice for the mid-range keywords or other keyword groups.

New features are coming soon!

The SplitMetrics team is preparing a lot of great updates! Get ready for Organic Ranking Insights, SoV dynamics monitoring with Charts, and enhanced Reporting.

Want to know more? Discuss your Apple Search Ads growth plans and needs with our expert!

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