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Apple Search Ads Strategies for Small Teams with A Bootstrap Budget

Watch the recording of an exclusive live App Growth Point, where the SplitMetrics experts peeled back the curtain on how growing businesses can run profitable Apple Search Ads with proven strategies, best-in-class market data, and AI-powered automation solutions.

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Prepare for Takeoff: A Game-Changing Update for Growing Companies

Get ready to redefine your app’s growth strategy at the App Growth Point, where the SplitMetrics team unveiled groundbreaking updates to the industry. Discover the news and revamp your app success blueprint. Join us and stay ahead of the curve!

Watch the recording for:

Cost-Effective Apple Search Ads Strategies

Learn how to effectively compete in Apple Search Ads auctions against players of all sizes.

Campaign Optimization and Automation Best Practices

Uncover high-ROI Apple Search Ads optimization tips and watch automation solutions in action.

Real-Life Success Stories and Expert Advice

Hear success stories of businesses like yours and get actionable insights from leading experts.

Our Speakers

Anastasia Borisova
Anastasia Borisova
Lead Product Manager

Anastasia, a Product Manager at SplitMetrics, working mostly with campaign optimisation and all types of automations including ML driven bidding optimisation. She has over 8 years of experience in building products for AdTech, digital and mobile market.

Grete Ling
Grete Ling
Head of Product Marketing

Grete is a mobile growth enthuthiast with a background in international marketing and business development spanning since 2011. She advocates for collaborative teamwork and adopts a strategic approach to user acquisition. Grete is committed to assisting app developers and marketers in achieving global success, no matter their budget.

Matt Tatarinow
Matt Tatarinow
App Growth Consultant

Matt helped app publishers of various sizes from $1m+ to ~$2k montly Apple Search Ads spend automate, optimize and scale campaigns of 1m$+ and 2k+ monthy budget alike profitably with SplitMetrics’ ecosystem of products and services for mobile marketing. In the last years, he helped progress 80+ appsʼ9-digit worth of budget with SplitMetrics Acquire.

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