App Growth Point

8-Step Framework to Successfully Validate Mobile App and Game Ideas

5.4M+ app and game ideas are published on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, but merely 1% are actually successful. This complimentary digital event investigates how enterprise-level app and game publishers test new ideas before development, and will help you launch top-notch mobile products. 

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60 min
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Idea Validation Framework

Get a step-by-step guide to validate new mobile app and game ideas, features, or functionality and build successful solutions users actually love.

Real-world Case Studies

Learn from real-life case studies how leading app and game publishers find product/market fit before investing time and resources in development.

Validation Tech Stack

Explore innovative solutions for validating ideas, concepts, and hypotheses allowing app and game developers to make data-driven decisions, not gut-based guesses.

Our Speakers

Hagar Seri
Hagar Seri
Head of ASO & Mobile CRO

Hagar developed the agency’s CRO service and implemented new, cross-team methodologies to boost clients’ organic performance. She has worked with dozens of apps in various categories to maximize their visibility and conversion rates in the app stores.

Nadia Nazarova
Nadia Nazarova
Head of Product

Nadia has 12+ years of experience in digital marketing, product marketing, and product management. In her current role she helps top app and game publishers improve their ASO, validate app concepts and hypotheses via A/B tests from pre-launch to hypergrowth stage.

Mari Trypolskaya
Mari Trypolskaya
Team Lead, Account Executive

Mari has 7+ years of experience in the sales and business development sphere. At SplitMetrics, she helps large- and mid-size developers boost app store optimization, run A/B tests to validate app and game ideas, concepts, and hypotheses.  

Lina Danilchik
Lina Danilchik
Marketing & Communications Lead

Lina is a Marketing & Communications Lead at SplitMetrics. She provides mobile marketers with best practices and tips on app growth, ASO, user acquisition and Apple Search Ads.

Save your seat to learn how you can find product/market fit, mitigate development risks, and create mobile apps with real-world value