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  • 4-months subcription
  • 1 mobile app slot
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  • Onboarding guide
  • Technical support

Basic Plan

Start with a basic plan with 3 experiments included
$ 1.500 package / $374 monthly

Advanced Plan

Get more advanced testing options with 6 experiments included
$3.000 package / $749 monthly

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Test concepts, validate ideas and cut costs to speed up your way to mobile app business success. 


Upload icons, screenshots and descriptions and choose 1 of 3 testing methodologies.


Run your first A/B/n test and get full-funnel behavioural metrics from real users.


Implement results into your current app product page, grow CTR and conversions.

SplitMetrics Optimize - your intelligent solution for mobile app experiments

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We discovered that SplitMetrics platform is the best possible option. This is an important tool for out-of-store A/B testing experiments that helps us optimize our app listing without risking to drop the conversion rate.

Stas Levshin
Growth Product Manager

We found SplitMetrics as the most reliable tool to do the A/B test for the app store optimization. SplitMetrics is always up to date with the app store changes.

Uri Pearl
Head of Marketing

Having early information about these concepts allows us to focus on offering a more closed product for our audience. It enables a better decision process and a more profitable acquisition strategy, with a much lower CPI.

Gisela Carrera
ASO Principal Artist
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