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Maximize and Enhance

Improve your campaign performance and drive ROI with multiple testing methodologies: Bayesian, Multi-armed bandit, Sequential.

Identify and Analyze

Gain actionable insights on your best-performing campaign assets and competitive insights through testing in 3 environments of Product, Search and Category page.

Own and Control

Make impactful decisions at each stage of your campaign from testing methodologies to in app environments and with transparent access to full-funnel analytics.

Customized Platform for Enterprise

From pre-launch to in-app event testing, our platform provides unique and tailored features to ensure you meet your app growth.

Proactive Approach and Expertise

From commercial consultation to technical problem solving, our support team provides actionable feedback to help you implement the best solutions for your app growth.

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SplitMetrics Optimize - your intelligent solution for mobile app experiments

30K experiments
to find and validate ideas on any stage of app's lifecycle
50+ metrics
to track user behavior real and reveal patterns
Optimize your product page creatives to get more installs